A look back to 2022 - part 2

Hi there again! I hope you're back from yesterday, eager to see my favorite card makes of 2022! If you are not sure what I'm referring to, please see this post (link) where I go though my favorite "anything but cards" projects of 2022.

It's funny how the style of the cards I picked for this post differs so much from the other projects I chose! Where it comes to cards, it seems that the style that really got my eye was influenced by CAS - clean and simple. With canvases and altered I like the approach "more is more" but it seems that in cards I'm now drawn to "less is more" solution! 

You might notice that there's ATCs in both posts. I chose the ATC sets for this post based on the clean look where as the more messy mixed media ones I added to the previous post. Because I don't quite know how to treat ATCs. Sometimes they are like mini cards, but sometimes they fall more into art journaling category. Maybe that's also the division between the cards - the ones here are more mini cards where as the other sets are more art journal pages! 

Like I said yesterday, one big thing of 2022 was PaperArtsy. Funnily enough, I chose this card, which was an extra project for a post about a canvas and not the canvas itself. I guess it's the way how this card concentrates the canvas in a smaller area, kind of picking the cherries out of a cake. I also like the color combo of the greyish green, grey and brown.

And another PaperArtsy project to follow! This pushed me as it was something I don't normally do. Or when I was doing the cards I thought so but now looking back my favorite cards, maybe I in fact I do make... It also was a project I had a strong vision from the start. Sometimes that means then that I cant make the project how I envision it, but this time I managed to fulfill my vision!

I enjoyed the look of the black brush stroke so much that I used it on these mushroom ATCs as well. It creates a great, contrasting background to the colorful mushrooms. The other elements I really like are the vintage details and those funny closing mechanism discs without the use! Such a funny detail!

Then something completely different! This tags might have suited better to the company of yesterday's projects, but may it be a reminder of the more heavy medium side of me. This is another FB live project, done in the beginning of 2022. Why I chose it here and why I added it to the list in the first place is the relatively easy construction with few elements but yet a striking look. 

If I picked the set of ATCs yesterday because of the backstory, this card is another one. It was amazing how fast the Ukraine Card Drive was established and how many took part. I had the honor to be one of the makers to make cards for the auction and this was one of them. I made three cards for the auction, all in blue and yellow.

While I made the sploshes cards with the paint stroke, I thought that I don't often make such CAS styled cards. I should have remembered this card then - a really simple one with a stamped focal point and some layers in the background. Funnily enough, this one even is a video project! 

While these cards have a little bit more going on than the previous one, there's not that many layeres in them, either. What I really love about them is the color palette inspired by the A.B.Studio papers. I hardly ever combine opposite colors to a project, fearing that strong contrast, but in here I did just that and I love how the backgrounds look! I should try it more often. 

Many of the projects I shared yesterday had something I decided to start calling "color palette of 2022", combination of brown and blue. Here that combo is again, this time done using then new Uncharted Mariner. I really like how the card turned out but I also really like that color!

The last project in this cards edition is a set of ATCs, like yesterday. And again, they have a back story. This time it's not as much about the focal point materials than the extras as I combined some workshop items in them but also received something from a fellow crafter. Maija was my "neighbor" during Craftaamo and challenged me to use some cutie embellishments. And they were so perfect for these cards I was just making! It was just about that magical timing, about the fact that I got to craft together with fellow makers. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have enjoyed these two "looking back" posts! Stay safe and I'll see you again on Friday with a new process video project. 

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