Sweet Halloween card

Hi there and beautiful Monday! How was your weekend? We had a lovely, sunny weekend here in Helsinki! It's been quite cloudy and grey lately so two days of sunshine were a most welcome change! The light makes the yellow trees shine like golden and lift the spirits up. Although I read in the news that there's over 50 cm snow in the northern parts of the country!

Even though we don't celebrate Halloween here that much, I couldn't resist the "Happy Halloween" collection from P13 Paper Products (link). It has such cool cats, bats and pumpkins! But this simple card doesn't have one of them. It's just a sweet vile as the focal point and some stars with matching color palette. The tape strips in the back are tape transfers from one of the patterned papers in the pad! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a magical week!

PS. Finnabair is launching a new website AND an online course! I couldn't be more excited about this! She and Tusia, her DT coordinator, have created a beautiful site and the first segment of a new series called "Creativity Whispering" is about finding your artistic voice, getting back on track with creating and creating a tool kit for those moments when inspiration seems to be lost. You can find more info about the workshop here (link).

Materials: P13 Paper Products, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Tim Holtz


Sun, Moon and Stars - Nathalie's Creative Squad

Hi there! Today I'm sharing my October Nathalie's Creative Squad project. You can see the original post here (link). As you can see, I took quite a literal approach to the “Masquerade Party” theme and decorated some small paper maché masks with acrylic paints and self-made decoupage paper.

My inspiration for these masks were the Venetian carnival masks. Maybe it was the shape of the paper maché masks that lead me there as they echo the shapes of the Venetian masks. The one I decided to make the sun has a little bit of harlequin in it whereas the one I decorated with stars has the “Dottore della Peste”, the plague doctor shape in it. With the carnival masks in mind I used bright colors and gold touches in the masks even though they are maybe a more modern addition to the whole thing. The traditional commedia del’arte masks where some of the masks have their origin were much simpler.

To get some pattern to my masks I used tissue paper as wrapping a stencil around such a dimensional shape can be quite challenging. Patterning tissue paper is an easier way to get pattern wrapped around the shape. Depending the tissue paper, the color you’re laying it on top and the medium you use, you might get the paper completely disappear. Here I used a soft body gel medium to adhere the pieces I first patterned using a golden acrylic paint and black gesso. For the patterns I used two Nathalie’s stencils – “Art Deco Empire” and “Batik”. I used golden acrylic with the “Art Deco Empire” as the pattern reminds me of a sunburst and black with the “Batik” to have some contrasting pieces for the masks. I used those just as accents, adding just a tiny detail to each mask.

As you can see, the tissue paper doesn’t completely disappear in my masks. On top of the lighter surfaces of yellow and turquoise it’s a bit more faded to the background than with the lilac. If you are trying to hide the tissue paper completely, one way to help is to have a frayed edge rather than a straight cut one. An easy way to do it is to use a wet brush. Trace the desired shape onto the tissue paper with a wet brush and then you can tear the piece loose. Paper is most brittle and soft when it’s wet and you’ll be able to get exactly the shape you want, to control the place where the paper tears.

To keep with the Venetian theme, I decorated my masks with some crystals and feathers. I chose to cut out the part with the feathers from the video as they were giving me a hard time. Or rather, I couldn’t decide how to put them to the mask. I added some several times to the Moon mask before getting the idea of attaching the feathers to the back of the masks, which worked nicely. I should have taken a peek at the modern-day Venetian masks for inspiration at that point!

As I had three masks, I wanted something to combine them into a series. Inspired by the sun like appearance of one, I decided to make a celestial triplet of the Sun, the Moon and stars. I made the focal embellishments to each using a silicone mould and casted the decoration using hot glue. There’s a quick Reels in my Instagram account showing that, if you wish to see (link). But it’s really easy! You just need to remember that the embellishment is out of hot glue so it will melt for example in case you dry the project with a heat tool!

Thank you for stopping by today! I’ll be seeing you again next month!


CC Hobby: Paper maché masks
CC Hobby acrylic paint: Turquoise, Yellow Sun, Violet
Prima Marketing: Art Basics Heavy Gesso Black
Prima Marketing: Art Alchemy Sparks acrylic paint Dragon’s Eye
Prima Marketing: Art Basics Soft Matte Gel
Prima Marketing: Art Alchemy Metallique wax Vintage Gold
Prima Marketing: Finnabair mould Stars and Moons
White tissue paper
Hot glue gun

Materials: StencilGirl, Prima Marketing, Sinelli


Halloween cards with Cricut

Frightful Thursday! Or, are these cards so frightful? When going through some free designs on Cricut Design Space, I came across this adorable skeleton cat and then decided to make a set of Halloween cards. Although, the "labels" could have been candy bag decorations as well!

I first made a master sheet using a gel printing plate. I added several paints and layers and stamped on top. Then I placed the sheet to the cutting mat, made my design and let the Maker cut the parts. I was able to get all these four cards from one A4-sizes sheet! All of the images are from the Space's "Free" Images-category. I then sized them to fit to the square I had drawn. 

After peeling the parts from the cutting mat, I then mounted them on top of black cardstock. I used Maker to cut those, too, so they would be perfectly correct size. I used a black Archival Ink to add some darker tones to the edges of the pieces and also around the cut design. Then I just mounted my center pieces on top of a slightly large orange piece and lastly to black card base. Some paint marker lines and a text sticker were the only embellishments these cards needed!

Which one of the four is your favorite? The curious cat, the celebration car, the crow or the skull?

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a ghoulish day!

Materials: Cricut, GelliArts, Sinelli, Posca, Tim Holtz, Ranger, Prima Marketing


Child of Fear - Art Daily Cafe

”Censorship is the child of fear. Father of ignorance. And the desperate weapon of fascists everywhere.” – Laurie Halse Anderson

Hello. Today I'm sharing my take on the Art Daily Cafe's this month’s theme. You can see the theme post here (link) and my original blog post here (link)

Somehow the “Read between the lines” made me think of black lines of censorship. Instead of adjusting back to the true meaning, I decided to go with my initial idea as it sparked a strong mental image initially. So, I started this page by using a black marker to “censor” words from an old book page.

I remember seeing censored newspapers from the 1900s, before Finnish independence, in a museum in my childhood. They were horrid and captivating at the same time. The pure visual part of them was quite intriguing, smaller and bigger black strikes on the pages covering parts of the text so it became kind of a puzzle. I remember thinking how much time it took to add the marks to all papers in an edition, would the news be outdated by the time the issues were released.

I used that mental image of black out words to make my background. Although, I must say that my version wouldn’t be approved as the words still shine through the permanent marker ink. To echo the censorship, I also added a cross on top of the mouth of the gentleman.

Using this month’s color palette didn’t cause any trouble – kraft and tea tones are dear to me. I also try to add something black and something white to most of my projects as they bring contrast and light to the piece. Here I used black Impasto paint with a stencil to make a dimensional pattern. I also added some splashes in black as well as a sticker with a black frame. There’s also black patterned washi tape and black snap fasteners in the page.

Lastly, I added the title to the page. I used a snippet out of a quote by Laurie Halse Anderson. It felt suitable to the page inspired by censored newspapers.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tim Holtz, Tape Garden, Apteekkimuseo, Craft O'Clock


Fragrant autumn box - an altered tin

Hiya! I'm continuing with the autumn theme and also with a box theme of sorts. Yesterday I shared some matchboxes decorated with leaves and bugs, today an altered tin with some mushrooms. 

Maybe you've seen that I've done several of these altered tins. They are a labor of love in a way as I always return them. I think it's got to do with the surprise element when you open the tin. The first one I aged using patina pastes, but the three following have been just as they are, not giving away that something else than mints will be inside.

This time I was inspired by the current season and toadstools. They are so beautiful! For this little tin I made the fly agarics out of air-drying modeling clay (Silk Clay). It's super soft and dries fast and the elements are really light. They are not durable, though, but luckily these mushrooms are quite safe inside the tin. 

When choosing the tin for the autumn scene, I picked a red tin. When I opened the tin, the scent was unbelievable - they were cinnamon spiced mints! So, I just had to include the cinnamon in the scenery and I cut one cinnamon stick into a small stump. First I had another one on the lid side as well, but then the box wouldn't close so I had to remove it. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely autumn day!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli, Tim Holtz


Bug boxes

Moikka and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Crafty and creative, I hope! I kept a Facebook live on Saturday and on Sunday we took a quick trip to my parents. I also crafted several projects and we took a long walk on Saturday. It's great to see all the trees turning golden yellow or flaming red! Here in the south there hasn't been any frost yet, but it's only a matter of days now before the sweater weather really starts! 

To celebrate the autumn and it's colors, here's a couple of little boxes. The boxes are made using a Bigz die called "Matchbox" and the embellishments include those wonderful leaves cut using  the "Leaf Fragments" die. I cut two of the boxes out of red cardstock and one out of kraft. The leaves are cut from a Distress Ink colored cream cardstock. 

These would make fun Halloween candy boxes, if you change the texts on them and tweak the colors a little! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful week!

Materials: Sizzix, Tim Holtz, Ranger 

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