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Hiya! It's soon summer and I still haven't shared all the Creativation projects! I guess maybe half of them are already blogged, but the other half is hanging in my drafts. So, better change the situation and get those projects blogged! I'm sharing three projects with "Midnight Garden" over the next days. Today a layout and two following days some cards.

This layout is made about something "red as blood and black as night" - that is my favorite heavy metal band Turisas (link). The tones of the "Midnight Garden" collection made me think about them as the collection has luscious reds and dark greys that are almost black. 

I used different mediums while doing the background. There's some Metallique acrylic paint, some Icing Paste and even some watercolors. The more the merrier! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Thursday! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Lookin' Sharp - A Flair for Buttons

Moikka! Today I'm sharing my last project for A Flair for Buttons as a part of the design team. It's a strange feeling as I've been a part of the design team over three years as I started in September 2015. Boy what a ride it has been! I hope you have been inspired by the projects I've done! 

A long the years I've done mixed media projects using the beautiful flair, I've done cards and layouts, but I guess these last cacti cards are the most clean ones I've done! But they are all about the flairs! Just a few other elements to support the fun buttons. All the flairs are from the "Cacti Love" set.

I started the cards by inserting my card bases into my typing machine and typed the greetings on them. I love using my mom's old typewriter! I usually try to add some "errors" into the mix so that the look is less like printed, more like actually typed. Then I added some watercolor and ink to the opposite corner, added a touch of stamping and finally layered the die cuts, stickers and twine underneath the focal point, the flair. 

With these cards I want to thank Shelley for this wonderful time here and all the inspiration her fantastic flairs have given me along the years and still continue to give! Big hugs to you all!

Sets used: 

image 0

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, Sizzix, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Prima Marketing


Baby Animal ATCs - Sizzix

Hi there and sweet Tuesday! After all Easter things, here's some sweet and cuddly ATCs I created using Sizzix dies and supplies (link). I found the animals on the "Baby Jungle Animals" set so adorable I just had to get the die set and use it to something. My first idea was to make a set of ATCs so I could add each animal to a card. If you want to see more ideas using this set, click to the Sizzix website, find the right die and then press "Ideas" on the left side bar. Or then just click here (link)!

I took some step pictures while working with them, so if you want to re-create them or something similar, have a look underneath! Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great week everyone! 

Step 1. Cut you ATC bases out of Sizzix cardstock. I used a neutral, almost kraft tone, but you can naturally go with any color. The size is 2½" x 3½". Round the corners with a punch or just by scissors.

Step 2. Adhere a slightly smaller piece of patterned paper on top of the background. If you are all out of patterned papers, you can always print you own using the designs at "Free Content Archive" (link). Check out the Stripes and Spots, for example.

Step 3. Cut the baby animals out of different colors of the cardstock. Brown for the lion's mane and the bottom layer of giraffe, darker teal for the elephant ear and lighter for the body and so forth. You can use white cardstock as well and color the pieces with markers, ink or paint. 

Step 4. Assemble the animals. Either cut the eyes or use a thin marker to add them.

Step 5. Start working with the background layers. First add some watercolor or watersoluable crayons to each and blend with water. I went with sort of primary colors in my take.

Step 6. Using "Borders" die set and stencil film, make yourself a stencil. Apply inks through it to the background. I matched the color of the inks to the colors I used in the previous layer. This gives a subtle layered look. If you want more contrast, choose a different color than you used before.

Step 7. Add a touch of stamping into the mix as well. I used a stamp with tiny text and black ink concentrating the pattern to the center of the cards.

Step 8. Start to layer the main elements in. First up, cut some leaves using "Meadow Leaf Mini " die out of white cardstock. Adhere in place.

Step 9. Add a couple of swirls of twine around each card. Again, I matched the colors to the backgrounds - yellow to yellow, red to orange, teal to teal. 

Step 10. Adhere the baby animals in place using foam dots. I guess you can see the pattern by now? Again - I matched the colors of the animals with the backgrounds.

Step 11. Finish each card with an alphabet cut from the same color as you used in the animal. I went with their English names. Adhere the alphabets in place. Done! 

Materials from Sizzix: 

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Ranger


Humpty Dumpty eggs - Prima Marketing

Rejoice! It's Easter Monday! I made some pearly and light eggs for my Facebook live (link) so I wanted to make something completely different for an Easter themed post at Prima blog (link). So instead of going with white pearl paint, I painted the eggs first using black gesso and then started to add orange and pink hues on them. 

The moon faces that I used as decorations in these made me think about Humpty Dumpty. Luckily these eggs are of strong built so even if they would happen to have a great fall, no harm would come to them. So no king’s men or horses needed!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a sunny and beautiful Easter Monday!


Primary cards for friends - GDT AALL & Create

Sweet Easter Sunday! Today I'm showing some bright cards I created as a guest designer to AALL & Create.

I'm a tea lover so these cups from #179 "Flower Pots" spoke to me. Instead of going with tea tones, I made the cards using primary colors. One red, one yellow and one blue. Well, the tones aren't exactly primaries but that was my inspiration in the three.

I used some masking while making the background and added a beautiful rose using #183 Bouquet Small in the empty space left by the masking. On top I then added the actual tea cup and finished the cards with a greeting banner.

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Stamps and stencils used: #179 Flower Pots ; #183 Bouquet Small ; #54 Strings n' Scripts

Materials: AALL & Create, Prima Marketing, Posca, Ranger, Sinelli


We are all connected - 7 Dots Studio

Happy Saturday! Today I share my monthly project for 7 Dots Studio with you! I made some cards for this post with yellow tones with thought of maybe using them to Easter greetings.

While we send out great many Christmas cards each year, no other holiday comes close to that. I used to send Valentines, Easter cards and so forth, but nowadays almost the only big patch of cards I send out are the Xmas greetings. But I still make cards to various occasions and if we happen to visit a friend clear the holiday, I shall pick one of those to take with us.

Yellow is the color for Easter for me. Each spring I also have an urge to get something yellow around me – like cushions, curtains, candles or something! I usually eye some yellow clothes, too, but have learned that even though I’m really drawn to them during spring time, I don’t use them as I stick to my regular wardrobe of black, black and black. 

I first created some mixed media flowers for these yellow cards using a die cut flower. I then treated the shape with different mediums like gesso, acrylic paint and embossing powders. I then layered some beautiful 7 Dots Studio papers from different collections to the back the flower up and added some mixed media touches in the background as well. If you want to see how I made the cards, please see the video I recorded while working with the cards! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant Easter time!


Thoughts Keeper – Clear Stamps 
Paint Chips – Word Stickers 6x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder, Sizzix

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