A rust harvest card - Prima Facebook live recording

Hi there! It's again start of a new week and new posts! Today I'm sharing the card I made last week during the Prima Marketing Facebook live. I did the card using harvest inspired materials and rust paste for soil. You can see the materials list and detail shots of the sample card here (link) in the announcement post.

I always enjoy keeping the live shows so much! What I don't enjoy is the technical issues. This time it was the auto focus, which caused some confusion, but hopefully that don't bother too much. If you weren't able to attend the live version, underneath is the recording of the show!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing you a beautiful week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Houses on a hill - Sizzix

Hi and hello! Today I'm sharing a couple of cards I did using the new Sizzix dies from chapter 3, mixing in some oldies but goodies. You can see all the new dies here (link) and if you'd like to participate to a giveaway of the dies, you can do it here (link)!

I made a video while working on these cards. In the beginning you can see the dies  got from the chapter 3 collection. I made some party decorations earlier using the mask dies (link), but wanted to create something not seasonal using some of the holiday dies I got. The houses inspired me to make some house warming styled cards. Just by using a fresh color palette and greens I think I managed to turn the haunted houses into something else! 

If you want to see how I made the cars, please see the video below!

As you can see, I used the "Ghost Town" die set to make the houses and the trunks of the trees. The brick fence and gate on the other hand were cut using "Fireside" die set. The hills and the leaves for the trees I made using "Circle" Framelits die set

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope I have inspired you to use holiday dies in different ways! To see another take with Halloween dies, please see this previous post (link)

Materials used from Sizzix: 


Just Create - Prima Marketing

Moikka! Today I'm sharing a journal project with you I created for Prima Marketing. My goal with this project was to play with inks, stamps and the 3x4 pad, kind of to show that you don’t always need a bunch of embellishments and big sheets of paper to make a layered project. 

When I’m asked my crafting basics, I usually incorporate at least one ink in the list. Because if you have an ink pad and some stamps, you have access to a great multitude of things. You can create backgrounds, embellishments, pattern paper and write titles and text. I highly recommend building up a stash of supplies you can use over and over again – like stamps and stencils.  

I started with just the mini pad and the stamps, but in the end, I felt like adding some other touches, too. But I took a photo of the project with just the stamped details, nothing more added. While the gesso splashes add light and the Mechanicals bring contrast to the piece, it was looking OK with just the stamped embellishments. A few doodles with a dark pencil might have done the same effect than the Mechanicals, without the dimensional part, of course. You can see the "just stamped" version on top of the post and the one with the embellishments after the video.

So, it’s not always having a multitude of embellishments but more like going around creating them yourself! Hopefully I inspired you! Have a great day stamping, thank you for stopping by today!

There's some tips underneath the next photo! 

Tip 1. Layers, layers, layers! Repeating the same element can be highly effective. In this journal page I created a rose bush out of single roses, just adding a bunch of them on top of each other in an angle. Also varying the color of the flowers gives a nice touch, creating an illusion of light and shadow. 

Tip 2. Know your inks. Ideally you need two types of inks - others for creating backgrounds with a watercolor effect and others that won’t bleed when you color the stamped images with watercolors. That is inks that react with water and inks that are permanent. If you are just starting your creative journey, I’d go for the permanent ink and actual watercolors, because then you can make backgrounds and color. 

Tip 3. If you are going for a vintage look, old book pages might be an obvious solution. But try kraft colored cardstock as well! The neutral, warm tone fits the palette and solid color might just add the desired contrast to the piece. It’s also perfect for stamping some embellishments!

Materials: 596781 Color Philosophy permanent ink Chat Noir , 589318 Color Philosophy ink Midnight Blue , 589486 Color Philosophy ink Chocolat , 967031 Finnabair stamp set Old Paper Work , 967048 Finnabair stamp set Wild and Free , 964900 Art Daily planner stamp set Carte Postale , 634155 Georgia Blues 3x4” journaling cards pad , 599423 Finnabair Altered Card set Kraft , 961442 Art Basics Heavy Gesso White , 963385 Finnabair Mechanicals Mini Knobs , 961046 Finnabair Mechanicals Leaves 2 , 962319 Finnabair Grungy Grid stencil 


Craftaamo challenge #4

Moikka! Today is again a post with two languages as the cards shown here are created for a challenge for a craft event happening here in Finland. I'm teaching two workshops there and they both are fully booked! Wow. 

Craftaamo tulee, oletko valmis? Craftaamon blogissa on nyt julkaistu neljäs haaste ennen tapahtumaa! Siihen pääset tutustumaan täältä (linkki). Teemana siis ylläolevan kuvankin mukaan ystävyys. 

Heinäkuussa eräässä toisessa tiimissä, jossa olen, oli haasteena "mail art". Se innosti minut laittamaan kortteja matkaan tavallista enemmän ja jatkoin teemaa tähän haasteeseen. Kaksi kaveria sai kortin kumpainenkin! Liian harvoin tulee laitettua jotain näin fyysistä matkaan, useimmiten vaan WhatsAppia tai Messengeriä käyttäen jotain. Kortti kuitenkin on kouriintuntuvampi ja varmasti ilostuttaa tänä sähköisen viestinnän aikakautena!

Molemmat kortit on tehty Gummiapanin leimoilla - toiseen raidallinen kissa ja toiseen erikoisempi nalle. Molemmat kuvat on väritetty vesiväreillä, joita roiskin tuonne taustaankin. Molemmissa korteissa on myös akryylimaalia, kuviopapereita, leimattua ja tarrattua tekstiä, tarroja... Kunnon sekamelskat kaikkea kivaa siis! 

Kiitos kun kävit tänään täällä! 

Materials: Gummiapan, Sizzix, Piatek Trzynastego, Prima Marketing, Doodlebug, Sakura, Sinelli


Hello autumn - Prima Marketing Facebook live

Hi there and colorful Monday! It's again a new week and new crafts to be shared! I start the week with a live Facebook class announcement. It's happening already tomorrow, hope you can join in!

It’s soon harvest season so for this Facebook Live I decided to do a card mixing and matching. The earthy feel to the piece comes from the “Rust Paste” set, which I treated with a trick to get the look even more natural looking. For the papers I chose “Amber Moon” with the lovely autumn feel but also “Fruit Paradise” because what would harvest be like without fruits and cornucopia? 

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope to see you online tomorrow! 

Materials from Prima Marketing: 

963576 – Rust Paste set
638382 – Fruit Paradise 6x6 pad
993115 – Amber Moon 12x12 pad
961466 – Art Basics Clear Gesso
596781 – Color Philosophy permanent ink Chat Noir 
584269 – Watercolor Confections Tropicals 
962043 – Finnabair stamp set Tea on the Deck
816544 – Sweet Springs stamp set
576998 – Wire Thread Auburn

Materials: Prima Marketing


Landscape of the mind - Art Daily Cafe

Hi there! I'm sharing my project for Art Daily Cafe today. You can visit the blog here (link) and see the topic and color of the month here (link).

I have to admit, the theme in this month got me off guard. Although I love certain landscapes, like the sea or the forest, the theme color threw a curve ball and really got me pondering. Lavender landscape? If I’d have any memory connected to lavender fields, I could have painted that picture, but no, I’ve never even seen a lavender field. 

The inspiration came when I was flipping through the inspiration cards and saw one about maps, making a map of an imaginary land, of your heart, dreams or – your head. That lead my thoughts to mind maps. Do you know what mind maps are? We used to do those a lot in high school as our Finnish teacher really liked them. A mind map is a visual diagram that organizes information hierarchically. A mind map is usually organized like a branching tree or nervous system, with a main concept or emphasis in the middle and all the other thoughts clustering around it. You can read more about mind maps here (link) at Wikipedia’s site

I feel that a mind map is a highly personal tool. The connections between things in the map don’t have to make sense to anyone else than to its creator. I find mind mapping a useful tool to brainstorm, to gather those first impressions and organize thoughts. I haven’t drawn a mind map since high school, though, so it was fun to make one again. 

The spread is a picture of my mind at the moment I was doing it. It’s kind of a landscape of my mind. As Finnish is my mother tongue, I typed most of the words in Finnish using my mom’s old typewriter. I also used some of the stamped phrases in the mind map and handwrote a couple for the sake of variety. I typed and stamped the words on top of an adhesive paper sheet so after cutting the words into tiny pieces, I got word stickers. 

To add the lavender in the page I added some “Heather” Impasto paint to the page and mixed it a little with white gesso. I found similar tones of lavender also in the “Spread Your Wings” washi tape and added a pale purple frame to my photo sticker as well. I didn’t want to use my actual photo in the spread, but chose a vintage one from the “Vintage Photobooth” sticker album and added my name across her eyes.

The right page of the spread I filled with words and it depicts the cluster inside my head. The left page I left almost completely empty and just added one “thought” there. “Hengitä”, which means breathe. The spread gives an advice to me when things seem hectic – concentrate on one thing at the time, starting with just breathing. Like the mind map, put things into hierarchy order and just start to cross things of the list, one branch at a time. 

I wrote in the beginning that I didn’t have many ideas with landscapes, the theme threw me off guard. I did have two ideas before going with the mind map, in fact. I love sea and staring to the horizon, so I toyed with the idea of a lavender sea at first.

The other idea was connected to a piece I did inspired by a movie of a painter. It was a stylized pastel painting of my current hometown and it has a lavender tone in it. You can see the piece here (link) if you wish. The painter, on the other hand, was J. M. W. Turner, an English painter, who’s known, among other things, for marine landscapes. He was an eccentric and a person of controversy of his time, but it’s considered that he elevated landscape painting back to its glory. “The Fighting Temeraire” (link) might be one of his most known paintings. Although he was a painter of the Romantic style, I see a lot of Impressionism in his cloudy and foggy use of color. 

So, it all goes around and branches out like in the mind map. You start with something which then leads to another idea or thing. If you haven’t tried mind mapping as a creative tool, I urge you to try it out!

Thank you for your visit today!


Art Daily album 
Art Daily Carte Postale stamps
Art Daily Sentiments stickers 
Art Daily Vintage Photobooth stickers

Finnabair Art Basics Heavy Gesso white
Finnabair Art Alchemy Impasto acrylic paint Heather 
Finnabair Spread Your Wings washi tape
Finnabair Dare to Dream stamp set

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Piatek Trzynastego, 

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