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It's Friday again! Yay! And you know what Friday means? A new process video on my YouTube channel! This time it's an art journal spread done for A.B.Studio.

This spread is a bit inspired by Halloween in a way as I combined black and white with orange. That wasn't my original intention, but when it came time to choose the color for the page, a sunny, warm orange seemed like a good solution. If you want to see how I made the spread, please see the video below.

Like with the colors, I wanted to create contrast also with the elements. So there's the delicate flowers and butterfly, but also the barbered wire wreath creating juxtaposition. Do you like this idea and look? Or would you have gone with a softer chipboard wreath? 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great, sunny weekend!

Materials from A.B.Studio:


Confirmation card

Moikka moi! It's a little card with fall colors here today. I actually made this card way back in July or even June, but have postponed to blog it several times. But now it's time to show it! 

I made this card for a confirmation party. It was my second cousin's confirmation and I've seen him last as a toddler but really wanted to go as I haven't seen that side of my extended family for years and years. As I didn't know the receivers favorite colors, I chose a warm color palette with black and white and brown. Kind of trying to show those warm thoughts but in a neutral way. 

I was first going for a simple card but then ended up adding elements, as I often do. Layering is fun, you know? But in the end I think the card was ok. I hope the party boy also liked it! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a nice Thursday!

Materials: Ranger, Sizzix, Korttipaja, A.B.Studio, PaperArtsy


Growing rust - an altered book cover

Heippa! Some weeks back I had the opportunity to teach online in an exclusive group. This was the project I created during that workshop. You can see the sample project here (link)

Like I said when I was posting the sample project, I can't say much about the process of the project. The idea behind the class was to work with what you got. I talked about composition, gave tips and we made our own grungy paste. 

If this is something you'd want to learn, too, please send me an email and let's see what we can arrange! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a splendid day!

Materials: PaperArtsy, Prima Marketing, Posca


Dreamer of Dreams - Art Daily Cafe

Hello there! Today I'm sharing my take on this month’s Art Daily Cafe theme and colors. You can see the theme announcement post here (link). The theme is "at night moth lulls us to sleep with flapping wings" and the colors deep black and gold.

As you can see, I used white as my main background color and accented that with the black and gold. At first I thought doing the page on top of black cardstock, but that would have limited the options a little bit. With the white background I had more options for mediums and could do more layers. Although, as you can see, the background isn’t totally black. It’s in fact a letter from my great aunt to me several decades ago. My parents are moving so we’re shifting through a lot of stuff. I took some items from the piles to be used in art journaling and this letter was one of them.

I used a piece of the journal packaging on top of the letter and then added a thin layer of white gesso to prime the paper. On top I then added black acrylic paints, mimicking an ink stain. To add some texture to the piece, I also added some stitching.

The focal point of the page is a rub-on moth. That and the phrase “Dreamer of dreams” both refer to the month’s topic: ”At night moth lulls us to sleep with flapping wings”. I rubbed the moth on top a piece of black cardstock and then mounted the creature using foam tape. The screws on the side of the page are from the same rub-on sheet.

The black is present in the “ink stain” but also in the text sticker and the moth. For the gold I used some golden acrylic splashes in the background but also added golden foil to the background and the moth. I really like the metallic shine of the flakes!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a lulling day!

Materials: Prima Marketing


The whole world is a garden - Nathalie's Creative Squad

Heippa! Today I'm sharing my take on the “Favourite art – my way” theme of Nathalie's Creative Squad. Like I say in the video, I again struggled a bit in the beginning. This time the trouble was to narrow down the options! If you want to see the original post, you can find it here (link) at Nathalie's blog.

Choosing a Finnish artist was a must for me. At first, I thought about a female artist, but didn’t want to go with Helene Schjerfbeck. For one, I wanted to highlight someone maybe not as known and secondly, I’ve already used her art to inspire me a couple of times. (project 1, project 2, project 3) My second choice was a lady, who’s photo is always on my craft table, Ellen Thesleff. I love her work, but none of the pieces really jumped up to me this time and was like “me, redo me!”. The reason for this might also be that I’ve used her art before as well (link). Back to the drawing board it was!

I then decided to take a totally different approach to the subject and let a tool to do the deciding for me. Like I say in the video, since I got the “Fairview Fan” foam stamp set, I’ve seen the other stamp as a skull. I have been eyeing it before, thinking about a Halloween card, but not yet jumped to the idea. So, now was the perfect time! After deciding the skull, it was then easy to pick up the artist and artwork.

Death, as a personification, is a re-occurring character in the works of Hugo Simberg. He’s not a scary character but more a bit lost and an outsider. In some ways he reminds be of the Death in the Discworld series, not quite getting the ways of men. My favorite piece with Simberg’s death character is a painting called “Kuoleman puutarha”. The subject was so dear to the artist himself that he did several versions of the piece. What I used as my reference here, is made in 1896, a small gouache and watercolor work. You can read more about the piece here (link) and about the artist here (link).

In the painting, there’s three death characters caring for the plants in their garden. While my favorite of the three is the one on the left, leaning to the workbench, watering the plants, I chose to make a version of the second character, the one in the center. He’s the one who usually gets pointed out as the posture of the character is so tender, almost fragile. My character doesn’t have the same fineness of the posture, but I hope the atmosphere still comes across!

If you’d like to see, how I made the page, please see the video below. If you want to jump directly to the making process and avoid the introduction, the process starts at 1:08.

What I used in my piece, besides the obvious character, was the warm honey toned color scheme. Like I said earlier, Hugo Simberg did several versions of the subject, but as they are mostly black and white, they are missing the warmth of the watercolor piece that inspired me. Another colored version of the “Kuoleman puutarha” is at Tampere Cathedral. The colors are a bit different in it as well, as it’s a fresco, painted to the cathedral wall.

While the original artwork has an abundance of strange plants, I depicted those in my take more uniformly. The background flowers represent the other plants in the garden, while I highlighted the bluebell-styled flora as it’s the one the character is holding.

I hope you don’t get frightened by this character but rather find him endearing! Thank you for stopping by today, have a great weekend!

Ps. For more bones, please join the Facebook live tomorrow! More about that here (link), in my Wednesday post.


Fairview Fan foam stamp set
Love knots rubber stamp
Mesa Verde stencil
ATC Mixup stencil

GelliArts – Gel plate 5x7”
PaperArtsy – Fresco Finish acrylic paint Butternut, Gold Rush, Buff, Vintage Lacem Steel Grey, China
Ranger - Archival Ink Sepia
A.B.Studio – Pure collection, “Don’t Give Up” 12x12
A.B.Studio – Rustical Times die cut pack
Posca – PC-3M Light Blue

Black cardstock
Aquarelle pen white, black


Predicting the future - a set of cards

I'm seeing something, it's coming clearer... Yes, it's two cards with a crystal ball on them! 

I've had these shaker bases for some time now and thought at last to make them into cards. I constructed the other shaker as suggested in the packaging and the other the other way around. I'm not totally sure which version I like the best! 

I made the cardbases quite simple. Just some ink through a stencil and water splashes. Some doodles on top to guide the eye in and add some extra magical feel to the shakers. I used more mediums in the pieces showing inside the shakers. For those I layered inks, waxes and paints to get a space styled look. I might have overdone it, though, as the end result looks visually quite flat.

Thank you for stopping by today! May your wishes come true! 

Ranger, Prima Marketing, Tim Holtz, Um Wow Studio, Sinelli, Posca


World of Lost Souls - Finnabair Brand Ambassador

Hi there! I'm here to announce a new Facebook live this coming Saturday! This time I'm going with a Halloween feeling and re-creating this ghoulish card with full moon, bones and cobwebs. As the add below states, during the live I'm going to make a black dimensional paste and turn a piece of thick cardboard into a wooden plank. 

Hope you can join me this Saturday for some Halloween spell! In case you want to create along side me, or check the materials otherwise in advance, underneath is a list of the supplies I'm going to use.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a bright day!

(Links to Mixed Media Place, Finnabair's own shop)

Vintage Vanity Book stamp
Art Daily Dream without fear stamp set

Prima Marketing - Wood Texture stencil
A.B.Studio - Pure - Let it be 12x12 sheet
Archival Ink Jet Black
Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween Tokens
black cardstock
white cardstock
thick cardboard
white sewing thread
word stickers
a stapler
foam tape
double sided tape

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