Spook house - Prima Marketing

Boo! Welcome to a haunted house! This project is done using a wooden house from Michaels as the base (link) and decorated with Finnabair mediums and a few other details. Here you can find all the Finnabair mediums (link) that are in Michaels stock. 

The picture above is taken in daylight and the one below is taken after dark, with a led tealight inside the house. It looked really cool and spooky! If you want to find out how the spook house was made, please see a written step by step below!

Step 1. Start by painting the whole "Church Birdhouse" black with black gesso. Let the paint dry or use a heat tool to speed the drying. Although gesso dries very quickly so when you are done with the painting, the layer should be more or less dry already.

Step 2. Use an aluminium tape to coat the roof and make it look like metal. Cut little pieces of the tape and adhere to the roof. Remember the tower's roof also! The other option is to use a double sided adhesive and kitchen foil - adhere the adhesive to foil, cut into pieces and then remove the packing and add the foil pieces to the roof. Be careful, though, as metal can be sharp! 

Step 3. Paint a layer of black gesso to the roof. Let dry for a while and then rub with a baby wipe to get a stained, weathered look. Remove part of the paint, not totally. Dabbing with the wipe usually does the trick! 

Step 4. Use your finger and dab some Rust Paste to the bottom of the house. Use the two darker colors. Build like a stone foundation to the building. Let dry. 

Step 5. Take some cheesecloth and cut pieces out of it. Rip the pieces so they start to resemble cobweb. Add the cloth and also some white thread to the roof of the building and also the the peg in the front of the house. Adhere using 3D Gloss Gel if needed. 

Step 6. Use dry brush technique and add some "dust" to the project. Take just a little of white gesso to your paintbrush and brush to the house. Concentrate to the edges and textured areas - like the door, the stone foundation and the edge of the roof. 

Step 7. Find a couple of branches and adhere them to the back of the house using 3D Gloss Gel. The gel is gel medium, an art medium, that's fantastic for adhering. The medium takes an overnight to dry but is a bit flexible and very durable after drying - very different from hot glue! Let dry overnight.

Step 8. Finish the project with a led tealight inside the house and start the party! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the weekend! Let the preparations for Halloween start! 

Materials: Michaels, Prima Marketing


Gel medium flowers - Mixed Up magazine

Morjens! I'm continuing with the projects for publications theme I started yesterday with a project for the Finnish magazine Ihana. Today I'm sharing some gel medium blooms that I made together with a tutorial to Mixed Up magazine's April/May 2017 issue. You can see little sneak inside the magazine here (link) at Pocket Mag's site where you can buy the issue. And if you are yet not familiar with Mixed Up magazine, please visit the magazine's site here (link).

As the issue was a spring one, I thought flowers were a good thing to do and made these blooms using gel medium skins. Like I mentioned in the beginning, there's a tutorial for these inside the magazine. The stamps I used in the makes are from Carabelle Studio. The colors are from the Prima Metallique Acrylic paints so that's why the blooms have a pearly shine on them. 

Have a great day! Thank you for visiting my blog today! 

Materials: Carabelle Studio, Prima Marketing, Tsukineko


Summer - Ihana magazine

Hello there! I thought to blog this page before it gets too autumn or even winter. Although it's wonderful to reminiscent the warmth and the sun when the weather is anything but that. This page was made for and published in a Finnish craft magazine Ihana during the summer. The article was about different inks and a technique I used to create that background. 

The page is about a longing for summer. I made the layout before the summer started and was thinking about the occasion where the photo is taken - a couple of years ago when we visited an amusement park in Tampere. I took the color scheme I used in the page from the hat my daughter is wearing in the picture. The white background and the bright colors seemed appropriate for a summer layout!

Have a lovely day! Thanks for coming! 

Materials: Carabelle Studio, Lawn Fawn, Ranger, A Flair for Buttons, Elizabeth Craft Designs


Me now - Prima Marketing

Hiya! Yesterday I shared some Julie Nutting ATCs and today I share my other project for the Julie Nutting week that was happening in Prima blog last week. This page was made for a paper craft post (link) with a bunch of different projects.

I turned 35 this year. I guess it’s latest then when you should know what you’d like to do when you grow up, but I still don’t have an idea! Don’t get me wrong, I work full time and like my job but I still don’t know if that’s THE one for me. I occasionally dream about winning the lottery, not because of the money but that way I could try different things and see what truly interests me.

In this page I used the Julie Nutting stamp as a part of my background as well as a design element. Abby is stamped to the background and then colored with watercolors. If you look closely, you see how I cut the corner of the skirt loose from the background so that I could tuck the paper layers underneath to lock the design even better.

Sweet Tuesday to you and thank you for the visit! Have a great day! 

Materials from Prima Marketing:

910143 - Mixed Media Doll Stamp Abby 
847777 - 12x12 Rossibelle - Vintage Memories 
847159 - 12x12 Debutante - Lovely Flowers 
584382 - 6x6 Collection Kit-Vintage Emporium 
991418 - 6x6 Collection Kit - Sweet Peppermint 
587048 - Ephemera – Rossibelle 
594428 – Love Clippings Flowers - 2 The Moon & Back 
590338 – Prima Flowers- Guava 
963385 - Mechanicals: Mini Knobs 33pc. 
569617 - School Memories- Wood Buttons 
579562 - Wood Icons - Garden Fable 
583767 - Wood Variety - Vintage Emporium 
961893 - 2.5x3 Clear Stamps-Messy 
584269 – Watercolor Confections Tropicals 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Julie Nutting ATCs - Prima Marketing

Hello there and great Monday to you all! Last week was a Julie Nutting one in the Prima blog so if you are a fan of the JN Dolls, you really should check all the inspiration! Here's a link to the blog (link). These little ATCs were a part of the watercolor post and here's a link to that post as well (link) in case you want to see all the beauties in there! 

The planner sized Julie Nutting stamps are also perfect for other small projects like ATCs! In these cards I stamped the girl on top of Paintable Pad which has the resist pattern so when I colored the designs, the scripts stayed white. I used the Tropicals set from the Watercolor Confections series as it had a lovely autumn styled color palette. Perfect pumpkin orange, maple leaf red and moss green.

The cards are embellished with just a few items. A flower there, a little butterfly there and a couple of snap fasteners here and there. 

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a lovely week! 

Materials from Prima Marketing: 

911713 – Julie Nutting Planner Clear Stamp - "Holiday Bliss" 
584269 – Watercolor Confections Tropicals 
584153 - 6x6 Paintable Pad - Vintage Emporium 
583682 - 3x4 Journaling Cards-Vintage Emporium 
963385 - Mechanicals: Mini Knobs 33pc. 
963408 - Mechanicals: Grungy Butterflies 9pc. 
594473 - Love Clippings Flowers - U Are My World 
962043 - 6x7.5 Cling Stamp-Tea on the Deck

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Duo - layout using Daniel Smith watercolor ground

Hi there! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that some weeks ago I had a little time to play (link)

I got some fun products from Frankfurt in the beginning of the year from Daniel Smith representative. I'm ashamed to say it took me this long to get some playtime with them but I'm so happy that I got! The watercolor dots were lovely, but what I really got excited about was the little jar of the Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground. The one I got was a Pearlescent White. What attracted me about the medium was not the shine, though, but how it was making the watercolors to react.

I'm definitely not an artist so I usually use gesso in my layouts and crafts even when I'm working with watercolors. It's not ideal, I know, but I think it's good to have more open time, more play time with the colors as the paper absorbs the colors quite fast. But this medium, wowsers! It gives the open time, time to manipulate the colors but at the same time gives tooth to the base for the colors to grab. It's actually hard to explain but it's really intriguing medium, really eye-opening one. I'm really looking forward to play more with the stuff! 

As my first play project I just stamped an image, colored it and tested the ground and the watercolors. But as my second project I created something that I can actually share - a layout. The background in this page is done with the Watercolor Ground medium and the watercolor dots. On top of the shimmery surface I layered some papers, flowers and other embellishments and did a page about my two girls. They are almost inseparable! 99% of the time they get along swell and really good, only every now and then they can't be in the same room without a brawl but usually after they have done something on their own, they are again like two peas in a pod. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have you experiences in the Watercolor Ground? I would love to hear about them! Have a swell Sunday! Ta ta for now! 

Materials: Daniel Smith, Prima Marketing, American Crafts, Doodlebug Design, Scrap FX, Wow Embossing Powder, Teippitarha, A Flair for Buttons


Star - GDT Elizabeth Craft Design

Hello again! Like I said yesterday, today I'm sharing a card made using the same idea and steps that I used to make a layout I blogged yesterday. If you want to see the steps, please visit the original guest post in Elizabeth Craft Designs's blog here (link). The eight easy steps take you through creating the layout, but as you can see, the same steps can be used to make a card, too. Naturally they may need some editing, like adding a photo or writing the journaling, but you can still make similar background, the same clothes line and decorate with sequins.

The background in this card is made the same way although I used patterned pattern instead of the solid one. There's the gesso, the mist and the stenciled layers. There's also the stamped texture using the sayings stamp and the splashes and sequins. Naturally the smaller surface means a bit less space to work with the background layers, but you can still use the same ideas. You can also add the personal part in the card as you can write the greeting to the card yourself.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely Saturday! 

Materials from Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Prima Marketing - White Heavy Gesso
Prima Marketing - Sugar Plum mist
Ranger - Distress Ink Seedless Preserves
Prima Marketing - Modeling Paste
Ranger - Archival Ink Jet Black
Prima Marketing - Art Alchemy Metallique Crocus Fields
American Crafts - Sketchbook Foam Thickers Journal White

Materials: Elizabeth Craft Design, Prima Marketing, Ranger
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