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Heippa! Today I'm sharing a layout I made for A.B.Studio. It's made mixing "Follow the Rabbit" collection with "Around the World" collection.

The photo in the page is taken in Norway. It's a stone fence near a tiny church facing the mighty sea. If I'm correct the place is called Varhaug Gamle Gravlund. I've been there twice and I'm mesmerized by the place. The church is so small that only a couple of people fit inside. But outside is a field of green and then the vast horizon. Such a beautiful place! 

I wanted to highlight the greenery so I picked up a green paper from the "Follow the Rabbit" collection and paired it with a neutral one. To add some grandeur to the page I painted the chipboards with a bronze tone. If you want to see how the page came into being, please see the video underneath!

As you could see from the video, I was mixing green with bronze throughout the page. While I concentrated most of the mixed media touches on top of the green paper, you can see those layers better on the white as the final composition covered most of the background! But, that's how I work. It's not totally about the finished piece, but about the journey. That's how I've ended up in the place where the photo is taken, too. On a journey from Egersund to Stavanger. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant weekend! 

Materials from A.B.Studio: 

Materials: A.B.Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger


Less Perfection - Art Daily Cafe

Moikka! Today I'm sharing my take on this month’s Art Daily Cafe theme of “Mistakes v. Perfection” and colour combo of pink and green. You can see the theme post here (link).

My first thought about the colour combo was beach. Somehow the turquoise-like minty green combined with the pitaya pink made me think about soft sands, sunshine and exotic drinks. I even rummaged some seashell shaped die cuts from my stash to be added to the page, but in the end, they didn’t fit to the composition after all. But you can still see the echo of the beach theme in the focal image I chose from the Art Daily sticker pad!

The technique in this one was to highlight the mistakes and not hide them. This made me think how to cause mistakes or guarantee them. I thought that drawing something might cause a mistake or something I’d normally either re-do or hide, so I took a mist, added pink colour to a baby pink cardstock and after drying started drawing leaves on top. And yes, I absolutely loathed what I got! Perfect for this project! Instead of cutting the leaves out and using them as embellishments, I tore the cardstock and used the pieces to back the focal points of the composition. In that they worked marvellously – I really love the black markings on top of the candy coloured background.

I painted the background with my fingers and then added a dimensional pattern on top using Modelling Paste. No actual mistakes there. But I did leave the self-made stencil uncleaned and then cut it into pieces and used as layering material. Not that I would ever cut a bought stencil but this little self-made version out of transparency worked nicely like that.

There’re no more mistakes in the spread to share but I did add elements with stories to it. The main cluster has found ephemera in it. A clothing tag with the twine and two little check-up tickets from products are hiding among patterned papers. The big squares lining the way from the bigger cluster to the other are from another project, left overs given a new life. Maybe you could think it would have been a mistake to throw those items away?

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a nice, warm day! Stay safe everyone!

Materials: Prima Marketing, PaperArtsy, Ranger, Cricut, Lawn Fawn


Book Poetry - FB live recording

Moikka moi! Last Saturday I kept a FB live at Finnabair and Friends Facebook group. During it I created this art journal page. The background is an old book page, which then sparks the whole story. 

If you were unable to attend the live, please see the recording underneath! 

Here's the two pages side by side. Similar, yet different as I changed the composition to fit the vintage photo characters better. If you want to see more details of the page on the right, please see the announcement post (link). In it you'll also find the materials list.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! Stay safe, everyone!

Materials: Prima Marketing, GelliArts, Tim Holtz


Roses and Rags - a set of ATCs

Hello there! I'm kind of continuing with the rose theme today! Yesterday it was cards and today it's ATCs. Well, they are cards, too, but for a different purpose. 

The roses in these cards have similar origin than the ones I shared yesterday. These too are cut from A.B.Studio paper, but from a different collection. These white and red roses are from "Follow the Rabbit" collection. Underneath them is a little fabric piece. These are left overs from a tag project I made for PaperArtsy. I did a bunch of them on purpose as these little details are so fun to add to different projects to bring in a little bit of different texture. The bottom layer, the background is done using first some pink acrylic and then on top texture paste through a stencil.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday! Stay safe everyone! 

Materials: PaperArtsy, A.B.Studio, Prima Marketing


Taffy roses - a pair of cards

Moikka and happy Monday and new week!Today I'm sharing a couple of sweet cards using similar elements in both but with a little bit different composition. 

The background to both cards is made using Saltwater Taffy Distress color. There's Distress Ink version in the background, the one that looks like watercolor, and then Distress Oxide pattern on top through a Kuusade rose patterned stencil. I also added some loose, golden scribbles to the background to guide the eye in. 

The focal points in both are made using A.B.Studio flowers, cut from "So Much Love" collection. To back them I used some medical tape and also some fabric tape I've gotten in an ATC swap. To finish the cards I used some sequins here and there. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful week!

Materials: Ranger, A.B.Studio, Kuusade


Those, who imagine - Nathalie's Creative Squad

Hello there! Today I'm sharing my monthly project for Nathalie's Creative Squad. You can see the original post here (link). This month the theme of the posts is colours, a pair of them actually. My current favourite was an easy task, but the other colour took me by surprise!

My “go-to” colour scheme is and has probably always been blues, teals, and turquoises. Those warmer blue tones, like summer sea. When I’m taking a class, I usually tend to use those colours as they are my safe zone. I used to dislike pink a lot but since my two girls were born, it started appearing to my projects and has stayed since then. Well, I did dress them in pale blue or other colours as babies, but when they were old enough to make their own choices, the colour started to please my eyes, too. Teals and turquoises are my usual “go-to”, like I said earlier, but lately I’ve been using more and more of a sapphire blue colour. Partly because of that, and partly to give myself a bit more challenge, I picked that as my current favourite.

When I was thinking about what colour I don’t use, I would have normally said bright red or yellow, but this year has been a bit strange as I’ve done projects using both! So, to see what colour I haven’t been using lately, I took to Instagram. By skimming through my profile, I realized that at least a yellow green, a lime colour was missing. So, I picked that for the other colour and like that I had my combo chosen!

I’m not actually totally sure how the idea of the pair of cards was born. Probably I was pondering what to do with the colour combo and foam stamps. But I actually draw a little sketch of the card for myself at some point. At that stage I was thinking of using an old button as the focal point, picked from my inherited stash, but when I then pulled the other materials to the work table, I realized I could make my own buttons!

This project was so much fun as I’d never have picked this colour combo otherwise! I did use quite a lot of white to make the end project airy as the colour combo is quite intensive. I also wanted to use the stamps on different surfaces, to bring extra interest to the project with just two colours, so that’s why I picked not only paper for this project but also white cotton fabric. For the buttons I used the shrink plastic as I could then use the foam stamp in two sizes in a way. If you want to see how I made the cards, please see the video below.

I had more materials made but ended up doing just two cards – kind of mirrored images of each other. The “left-overs” I then put to my stash and can use those later for a journal or another card project. So, don’t be surprised if you see a button like this in another project or a piece of that green and blue patterned piece I created as the first step! I often make more collage material than I use in the project I created it for. That makes creating another project then faster as I have the mixed media papers and embellishments already done!


As you could see from the video, I finished the cards with lines from an old book. This does bring a new color to the mix, but I thought it to be so neutral and such a small detail, that it’s ok. And it goes nicely to the warm green. I often do my projects in English, but I’ve been using more of my mother tongue lately. The other card reads “What’s the reason for this cause” or “Why such a goal” and the other “Those, who imagine”. I picked the latter also for the title of the video, because we all need to imagine to create.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great weekend!


ArtFoamies: Groove Street foam stamps
Fabriano 160 g cardstock
PaperArtsy: Infusions dye stain Emerald Isle, Golden Sands
GelliArts: gel printing plate 5x7”
Creative Company: Plus Color Navy Blue
PaperArtsy: Fresco Finish acrylic paint Key Lime
We R Memory Keepers: Crop-a-dile

White cotton
White cotton twine
Matte transparent shrink plastic
Pages from an old book
Heat tool
Water mister
Double sided tape
Foam tape
Craft glue
Acrylic stamping blocks

Materials: ArtFoamies, Fabriano, PaperArtsy, GelliArts, We R Memory Keepers, Sinelli


Book poetry - FB live announcement

Moikka moi! Today it's time to announce a new Facebook live happening this Saturday in Finnabair and Friends group (link)! I'm doing this art journal page with a vintage touch. In it I use acrylic paints a couple of ways like for stamping. I'm also talking about how to keep the page cohesive and share a one way to start a page, getting over that dread of white page! Hope you can join me!

I've included a materials list below should you want to create along side me. Or if you want to check any particular supply after or during the live. Medium colors I can name easily during the live, but sometimes my mind fails me with the design and stamp names, so this is also partly for me to reference to, too. 

But yes, hope to see you in a couple of days in the virtual world! If you'd like to join the live, please make a request to join the group early enough so the admins can let you in to the group. Unfortunately I don't have that possibility but I can always forward the request.

Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from Finnabair line: 
(links go to Mixed Media Place, Finnabair's own store)

Finnabair journal

an old book page
a double sided adhesive sheet
white cardstock
a gel printing plate
dried tea bags
office stapler
craft glue
vintage photo die cut
foam tape
old buttons
sewing needle
double sided tape

Materials: Prima Marketing, GelliArts, Tim Holtz, Fabriano

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