Building blocks for Creative Jumpstart

Hello you all! It's now been February over a week. You know what that means? It means that the last daily video in Creative JumpStart 2019 was published a week ago. But you know what it also means? I can now share my project with you and the best part - you can still enroll! If you are impatient crafter like me, now you don't even have to wait for the daily dose of inspiration but you can just watch video after video if you feel like it! You can enroll here (link).

But what is JumpStart, you may ask. To explain it shortly, it's an unique online workshop/event created and managed by Nathalie Kalbach. It's purpose is to get you inspired and into a creative mode first thing in the new year. There's a daily video posted each day of January by a group of "JumpStarters" so in the end you'll get 31 downloadable video tutorials by different creative people! You can find more information and a promo video from this earlier post (link). And if you want to see an interview Nathalie did with me, please see this earlier post (link).

Each year the Creative JumpStart (or CJS) has a theme. This time it was "My home is my castle". Many people explored the word and meaning of home, but I actually was drawn to the word castle. I started seeing building blocks in my head and went for it. The blocks also serve another meaning which I unravel a bit in another post. 

The three blocks also allowed me to not decide what colors to use or what style. I love black gesso, but sometimes I want to create something sweet and pale as well. And when I really let loose, I want an explosion of color! So the three blocks allowed me to dedicate one block to each of these colors or styles. The white, which I'm sharing here, and the black which I'm sharing in a couple of days, follow the same idea, only colors and materials differ. But the most fun to make was the colorful one!

So what you are waiting for? If you haven't "jumped" to the inspiration source yet, now's your time. Get enrolled here (link)!

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Paper Garden, N*Studio, Posca

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