Behold - I once was a pirate! - Creative Jumpstart

Behold! Yesterday I shared my tower for Creative JumpStart 2019 and showed also the white block of the three I created. Today I'm sharing close ups of the colorful block. I share all the sides of the block here and some detail shots as well. All of the sides have similar elements but also something unique.

Two of the blocks in the tower were three-dimensional, but this one I kept quite flat purposely. The whole tower works as a home decor piece, but this middle block also has another purpose. It's an inspiration dice. I can't share more with you, so if you want to hear more about that train of thought, you need to enroll to CJS 2019 (link)

I hope these pictures got you inspired for more! You can still enroll to the CJS in here (link) and see how I made the tower and also 30 other videos to jumpstart your creativity! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Posca

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