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Moikka! Here's the last piece of the three blocks I created for the Creative JumpStart tower. Like I wrote earlier, I struggled with the color palette. Not maybe the usual way but I couldn't decide if I would follow the goth in me (black gesso), the romantic in me (white gesso) or go boldly with all my fingers to different cookie jars (all the colors of the rainbow with acrylics). So, my solution was to do them all! I mean, why do just one project when you can do three! 

I've already shared earlier this week the white block with the picture of the whole tower as well (link) and the colorful one (link). Naturally I can't share how I made the blocks and more about the thought process behind them as that's material for the downloadable video at CJS but I can still share the photos of this black block. It's done the same way as the white one, but you may notice that I used different items in this than the white. The blocks differ in size, too, but I wanted the white one to be represent of my softer side with flowers, leaves and vintage print. Whereas the black one is more grungy and mechanical representing the darker side of me. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a jump start to the new week!

Want to know more about Creative JumpStart and join? You still can! Here's the link to get enrolled (link).

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio

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