Embrace Possibilities - Scrap FX

Can you guess what inspired me to make this page for Scrap FX? The page got its spark from a bag of letters and I used them as the main ingredient in my background. As you can see, I treated the letters more like shapes than actual parts of words. Some of the letters lay on their side, some are upside down, what ever fitted the design better.

I started by marking the spot of my photo and then added the letters around the space. To get some detailing on top of the letters I used the "Harlequin" stamp together with acrylic paint. There's also circles drawn through the "Circle Star" stencil in the background.

I used the "Chick" stamp to make a bird embellishment to my page. I also added geotags, a frame and some stars. Each one of these are treated differently. The geotags are colored black and white using India ink felt pen and Sharpie. The frame got a hint of blue with acrylic paint and the stars are covered using Pearlmaker. I also used the filmstrips underneath the photo.

The page is about my younger daughter who is keen on petting animals and really loves them. When we visited a zoo in Berlin the best place to her was the petting zoo part. I wanted to document her love for animals but the page took a turn when I added the stamped title. It became more an encouragement to her, stating that more or less, everything is possible if you put your heart and mind to it.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely day!

Products used:

Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sharpie, 7 Dots Studio, A Flair for Buttons, Design Memory Craft


Ruby red freedom - Prima Marketing

Today I share with you something rare as I did an art journal page! I do those quite seldom as usually I go crazy and experiment with ATCs. But this time I had an idea in my head and turned it into a page in my new journal. If you want to see the cover of that, stay tuned as it's coming later this month! 

I used the Palette Markers for the background but also colored the stamp with them. The background is done with white gesso, Palette Markers and Blending Solution. The gesso is to prevent the alcohol based markers to soak into the paper and blending solution turns the marks into a smudgy color fun! I can't show the sample yet but I'm showing this technique in a coming Ustream show at Artists Live.

The lady in the page is done “Nathalie Kalbach way” - the body is Julie Nutting stamp but the face is from an advertisement. To keep the look coherent I also stamped the garments on top of magazine paper.

Thank you for your visit today!


911232 – JN Doll Stamp Marisol
911256 – JN Doll Stamp Accessories Pants
990558 – A Victorian Xmas A4 Pad
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
961374 – Heavy Gesso Black
576448 – Prima Palette Market Set Brunette
576479 – Prima Palette Marker Set Medium Skin
576455 – Prima Palette Marker Set Jet Black
576462 – Prima Palette Marker Set Light Skin
576424 – Prima Palette Marker Set Blonde
576486 – Prima Palette Marker Set Dark Skin
576516 – Prima Palette Marker Set Ruby
961428 – Soft Matte Gel
962760 – Brush Set 
990572 – Memory Hardware Journal Tall
582067 – Nicco Michio
583446 – A Victorian Xmas Rudolph’s Nose
890995 – Chalk Edger Black Coal
891282 – Chalk Edger Fall Leaf 
962005 – Cling Stamps Don’t Forget to Fly
961992 – Cling Stamps Dream On
962036 – Cling Stamps Trust the Magic

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Love Letters ATC - 7 Dots Studio

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today it's a video time here in my blog as I'm sharing a tutorial I did for 7 Dots Studio.

This time I made some little ATCs in a very romantic mood. The name of the set is “Love Letters” and the names of the individual cards spell out my husband’s name. Yes, I guess I was wearing pink glasses while I was crafting them!

I started with a piece of patterned paper from the Lost and Found collection and immediately started thinking rosy thoughts as I added pink acrylic paint on top with a brayer. I also layered some misting and stamping in the backgrounds of these cards but I guess the main focal point of the backgrounds are the golden damask pattern I made using four ingredients. Want to see how it was done? Please watch the video below! 

Thank you for stopping by today! If you’d ever like to have or swap an ATC from me, please just send a mail to my personal address. You can find it from my blog’s sidebar. 

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Thoughts Keeper: Clear Stamps

Um Wow Studio coordinates:

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Epiphany Crafts, Ranger, Sharpie


Love hearts - A Flair for Buttons

Here's a page I did for A Flair for Buttons and was showed in the company blog already (link).

The page is done about three important persons, three loved ones in my life. In the picture there's my two daughters and their great grandfather. He just turned 90 this year so there's a great span of ages in the picture - 4, 6 and 90.

I started the page with some gesso and mists and then continued to stamping, pencil work and splashes. On top of the mixed media influenced background I then layered the patterned papers and attach the photo on top. 

I wanted the layout to have sweet but kind of old feel to it so I used pinks together with beige and added papers that had old handwriting on them. I also added some tea drops to the mix to get just the right, aged brown shade in there.

The page has many hearts on it. There's the chippies but also the lovely flairs. The two heart ones are from different sets but go so well together. Gold and gray both fit in every page so it was easy to mix these in there. The grey one is from the "Heart Bokeh" set and the golden one from the "LOVE Goil Foil" set.

Thank you for stopping by today! Until next time!

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Prima Marketing, Scrap FX


What if... - Prima Marketing

As always the turn of the month means new challenges! And I don't talk about those coming with autumn or turn of the clock (eek!) but of course the Prima ones! Here's the link to the original challenge post with the PPP and BAP challenges (link).

The PPP board is full of wonderful details and the colors are spot on for those inky blue autumn nights. But let me first share a word about the BAP. As the sketch is by me! I feel so honored and in awe that my sketches are picked for the challenges! And more over I'm overjoyed to see how they are interpret by the DT and by the wonderful people joining in to the challenges! So thank you all so much for those beautiful creations and inspiration! 

But back to my take on the PPP challenge. I decided to do a book cover / canvas this time. The first things that got my attention in the board were the weathered wood underneath the La Rochelle Antique Trinkets and also the leather on the left. The feeling of the board also turned my thoughts to times long gone. 

So I rummaged through the Finnabair Ephemera pouch for inspiration and decided to use one of the pictures from there as the focal point. I used Chalk Edgers together with the Oil Pastels to turn the pale wood into weathered one and also included the wonderful leather like paper from the Memory Hardware collection into my piece.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely start to the new week!

Materials from Prima Marketing:

962883 – Finnabair Ephamera pack
572938 – Wooden ATC Not Too Shabby 
990404 – Leather Paper
583651 – Paper Doilies
960582 – Resist Canvas 12x12 Checkered 
990725 – La Rochelle Antique Trinkets 
582746 – Paper clips
961107 – Mechanicals Pendants 
569617 – School Memories Wooden Buttons
961992 – Cling Stamp Set Dream On
961367 – 3D Gloss Gel
814328 – Oil Pastel Crayons
890995 – Chalk Edger Black Coal
891077 – Chalk Edger Old Road 
962760 – Brush Set

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sakura


Orvokkibergen - 7 Dots Studio

Hello there! Happy Sunday everyone! Here's a page I created for 7 Dots Studio and there's a video, too, so please scroll all the way down!

Autumn is really in the air at least here in Finland so it’s good to think back to the summer and spring. Near our house there was this unbelievable meadow style piece on top of a rock. The whole bolder was covered with pansies! They started blooming during the spring and lasted long into the autumn.

My girls loved climbing up there and picking up some of the flowers to take along home. The title of the page is “Swinglish” – Finnish and Swedish mixed together as the place got named really quickly “orvokkibergen”. The beginning of the name is Finnish meaning pansy and the end Swedish meaning mountain.

I chose the colors for the page from the photo and mixed the green from “Lost and Found” to purple from “Soulmates”. There’s also a few details from the “Yuletide” collection. For more detailed materials info please see the 7 Dots Studio products listed below.

I also recorded a little vide for you while working on the page. Hope you like it! Until next time!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sharpie, Epiphany Crafts, Teippitarha


Bloom girl Pin Spin - Prima Marketing

It's Thursday and the weekend is soon here! Can't wait for Sunday as I have a day off and then it's going to be play time in the space where the photo is taken! But today I'm sharing a project from last month actually. Here's the link to the original post in Prima's blog (link). There's a fabulous canvas by Song in there with a video tutorial so be sure to stop by and see how she creates it!

The post is about Pin Spin using Bloom Collection created by Jamie Dougherty. The plan is that there's going to be a monthly series of the posts turning a favorite Pinterest Pin as the source of inspiration to a project.

I chose to go with a card I had pinned (link). I was inspired by the different textures and color swatches in it. I layered different papers and mediums in the background and mimicked the white dots using a stencil and Modeling Paste. I tried to get different layers and feels to the background.

I started to color the Bloomgirl using Chalkboard paint as the first layer. On top I then added shading and colors using the Prima Palette Markers. Her hair is done using thread and the embellishments include stamped flowers, Prima blooms and also a few Archival Cast pieces turned into blooms. 

I had so much fun doing this piece and now it's hanging in my craft space! Thank you for your visit today! Hope to see you again tomorrow!


980191 – Bloomgirl Jing
980269 – A4 Watercolor Paper Pad
847449 – Royal Menagerie A4 Pad
814328 – Oil Pastel Crayons
576455 – Palette Set Jet Black 
576547 – Palette Blender 
576523 – Palette Set Dolled Up
576462 – Palette Set Light
576448 – Palette Set Brunette
576431 – Palette Set Auburn 
576516 – Palette Set Ruby
576424 – Palette Set Blonde 
576509 – Palette Set Emerald 
962760 – Brush Set
961374 – Heavy Gesso White
961350 – Modeling Paste 
961428 – Soft Matte Gel
577148 – Chalkboard Paint Sand
582975 – Stencil Décor 
961299 – Bubbles Stencil
573812 – Color Bloom Precious Stone Mist 
582067 – Nikko Michio Flowers
583309 – Royal Menagerie Flowers 
941567 – Archival Cast Flaming Hearts Ex Votos I
583033 – Posey Trim

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger
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