House of Iron Men - Prima Marketing

Can you believe it's July already? The turn of the month also means new challenges and the reveal of the July BAP and PPP challenges in Prima blog (link). This month the sketch is by Jennifer Snyder and it's great for summer pages! This page is my very first as the team member, so exciting!

I was inspired by the watercolor style paint touches in the sketch and used watercolor pencils in my page. I used just one photo in my own page, but cut it in three parts to mimic the three photos of the sketch. There's also touches of scrip as in the sketch and some hand drawn lines as well.

The page, or the topic, itself was inspired by my father and grandfather who I both consider to be iron men of some sort. My grandfather was over 90 when he still was cutting down trees and loading them to tractor by hand. It was pure strength combined to a life time of experience at work and when I tried to help it felt that I was more in the way than helping. My father on the other hand has had health issues but he's tough, persistent and has a great view for life so I admire him very much.

So the title refers to me being of the same blood, of the same house and contains a wish that I would have the same stamina and spirit when I’m older.

I've had a few questions about how to follow my blog lately so I thought to explain it a little. There's an icon on the left sidebar that's shaped like arches, the common RSS feed kind of thing. If you click that a Feeds Burner site opens and from there you can choose the way you want to follow my blog. You can add it to your Feedly for example. From the same site you can also subscribe my blog straight to your email if you prefer to read it like that.

On the other hand if you have a Blogger account and want to read my blog through that, you can add it to your list in the Blogger's control panel by clicking the link "Add" underneath your blog feed. Just copy and paste my blog's address (paperiliitin.blogspot.com) to the correct field and you'll have it added to your list!

Please don't ever hesitate to mail me or message me on the Facebook if you have any questions!

It's a pleasure and honor that my blog gets visited! Thank you so much! 

Materials from Prima: 

Sunrise Sunset: Sunburn (960025)
Engraver: 6x6 Pad (845643)
Something Blue: 6x6 Pad (813512)
Watercolor Pencils: Basics (576714)
Mica Powder: Gold (962524) 
Heavy Gesso White (961442)
Cling Stamps: Coffee Stains (580247)
Clear Stamp: Messy (961893)
Mounted Stamp: Move Me (962173)
Stamp’N’Add: Angel Wings (892494)
Alpha Canvas Large White (569792)
Alphabet Stickers: Tea Thyme (559021)
Archivist: Chipboard Stickers and More (579098)
Honeycomb Stencil (961268)
Mechanicals: Numbers (960261)
Mechanicals: Gear (961053)
Mechanicals: Washers 1 (960346)
Junkyard Findings: Jeans Buttons (891640)
Junkyard Findings: Mini Typo Bulbs (891541)
Seashore: Say It In Crystals (573201)
Say It In Crystals (551544)
Chalk Edger: Old Road (PM891077)

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Happy Mail - 7 Dots Studio

Might today be a happy mail day? Don't you just love to have an actual letter or at least an envelope without a bill? There's the hand-made happy mails like ATCs and cards and then there's the kind of happy mails I'm hugging in the picture - the parcels with some new play things! This page to celebrate those kinds of days is created for 7 Dots Studio together with a tutorial.

Oh and talking about 7 Dots Studio, you have checked out the new collections, haven't you? There's two by DeeDee Catron called "Lost and Found" and "Yuletide" and one by the owner of 7 Dots, Tusia Lech called "Verano Azul". Be sure to check those out, they are amazing! And if you happen to live in Finland or be here during autumn, we're playing with the new collections in my workshops!

But now to the page. As much as I love happy mail I also love layers! I usually combine both dimensional and flat layers in my pages. So in this pages, like in many of my layouts, I created some flat layers to the background using various mediums and then added dimension with the paper layers and embellishments.

I recorded a little video of the steps I used to create the page. I sped the video up but even in real speed it wouldn’t have taken too long to watch – this was an easy, breezy, quick layout! Even if you use mixed media touches in the background, the process doesn’t have to be long. Just some extra time for drying!

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you liked the video and got some inspiration out of it! 

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Illumination: Clear Stamps 1

Um Wow Studio: Starry Night Flair

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Prima Marketing, Um Wow Studio, Garn und Mehr, Ranger


Inspire - GDT Prima Marketing

Hello and happy start to the new week! About a month ago I had an amazing privilege to play with the May Special Delivery Kit from Prima Marketing. I honestly thought that I had published the pages in my own blog already but it seems that I still hadn't. Now there's a new kit to be ordered and played with, but I still thought to share these creations. Yesterday I blogged the other page and today is the time for the other. An altered tea cup I also did I already published in the blog (link)

Can I just say that I love this photo? I guess you recognize the talent I'm with, it's the sweet Ania aka Finnabair. I had such a great time a year ago when she was teaching in Finland. It's always a pleasure to meet her and to talk with her and of course, take a workshop with her! She's also such a huge inspiration and creative power that I wanted to capture this photo in a layout. The title says "Inspire" as that's what she really does. In so many levels and ways!

I started the page by choosing a bit darker paper as my background and then used the Mica powders from the Finnabair line to make my own mists. And boy was I pleased with the end result! I mean just look how the blue pops from the darker paper! I actually fell in love with the effect so much that I have since then scraplifted myself a few times! 

I continued the background with a few pencil lines and some stamping. On top I then added the papers, embellishments and some thread. To make them match the background better I also added some mist on top using a grey and the Mica blue one.

Thank you for your visit!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Cherished Moments - GDT Prima Marketing

I had an amazing privilege to play with the May Special Delivery Kit from Prima Marketing the other month. I honestly thought that I had published the pages in my own blog already but it seems that I still hadn't. Now there's a new kit to be ordered and played with, but I still thought to share these creations. The other one today and the other tomorrow. If you want to see the current kit, please visit here (link). And there's a video with Cari making a layout with the current kit on the Prima Ustream channel (link).

But back to May kit and this page. The kit was filled with soft colored goodies and had a vintage charm to it. Well, it was named "Time Capsule", so it's a bit telltale. The vintage feel and the name turned my thoughts to days past and I created this page with a childhood photo. That's me in the stroller there. 

I have no memory of my own about this trip to Stockholm and the old city, but I do remember seeing the photos a bit older. Nowadays if we visit Stockholm and have a day to spend there a must is the Skanssen park and taking a photo on a certain spot, the towers of the Nordic Museum in the backdrop - as such a photo was taken on this trip where the photo is from. It's kind of tying generations together especially as my grandmother isn't with us anymore.

I used only limited amounts of mediums in this page on purpose. I tried to highlight the kit and what you can do with it without a big arsenal of paints and mists and stuff. So there's just some chalk ink through a stencil, some pencil swirls and some stamping and a few flicks of mist in there. Yes, that's four mediums already, but you could use just one ink to stencil and stamp and replace the mists with diluted ink or watercolor.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant start to the new week!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tiger


Unfamiliar Flowers ATC

Hi there! Hopefully you've had a wonderful week! Tomorrow it's Friday and then weekend, yay! Today I want to share some ATCs with you. These are actually done for a workshop sample. I made them for Norway (when I had the workshop in Egersund) and now they have traveled in Finland with me. Next time they will be in Turku!

The cards have layers of paper and different medium and they are so fun to do. The inspiration behind these is a poem by Edith Södergran called "Ihmeellinen meri", wonderful or strange sea. There's a line in the poem that goes freely translated "unfamiliar flowers glow on the shore". That's why the cards have different flowers on them and a butterfly.

Thank you so much for your visit!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Tattered Angels, Ranger


Art doll - Craft Stamper

Hi there! Today I'm sharing a project that was published in the May issue of Craft Stamper. The doll was inspired by both Trish Latimer and Denise White but also with the mixed media brooches I did some time ago.

I'm not sure all of you know that I'm a seamstress by education. I did that trade for a number of years but now have moved on to a completely different branch. I have both a sewing machine and an interlock machine, but nowadays they get dusted very seldom. So it was great to do something combining the new and the old me. 

Now that I have taken the first plunge on the subject, I already have improvements on my mind! I think I need to get the sewing machine out more!

Thank you for your visit today!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Carabelle Studio, Prima Marketing, Tattered Angels, Wow Embossing Powders, Tsukineko, Design Memory Craft, Ranger, Talens


Thankful jars - Canvas Corp Brands

A few weeks ago my daughters started their summer vacation so little presents for the day care teachers were in order. This time we did pancake jars together. The dry ingredients for apple cinnamon pancakes are inside the jar and the card holds the recipe for them. If you'd like to try out the recipe, I've included it below. As you can see we also made some roses to decorate the jars using Hama beads and a embroidery pattern.

These jars also thankful for another reason. They are my last project for Canvas Corp Brands. I'm really thankful for the time I got to design for the company and showcase the three different brands that make the Canvas Corp - Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels and 7Gypsies. So thank you for the bottom of my heart for all the support, trust and assignments! I'm sure to follow the Creative Studio blog still to keep up what the great team has in store for inspiration!

When another post ends another one continues. The new 7 Dots Studio regular design team got announced a few days ago and I'm so happy that I can continue with the brand! There's also a few new designers announced so you should take a peek on the company blog to see all the wonderful, super talented people in the team! Please follow this link (link)

Thank you so much for your visit today! Wishing you a lovely week!

Apple cinnamon pancakes

in the jar:
4 dl flours
1 dl sugar
1 tl salt 
8 tl cinnamon 
2 tl  baking powder 
2 dl dried apples (in cubes) 

needed for the dough: 
4 dl sour cream (Nordic kind)
2 eggs  
4 rkl oil or melted butter  

Mix first all the dry ingredients together and then add the sour cream, eggs and oil. Mix until smooth. Heat a pancake pan and add a touch of oil or butter so the dough won't stick. Scoop a spoonful of the dough to the pan and bake until golden brown. Serve with vanilla ice cream or fresh apple jam. 
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