Black box - a workshop piece

Hi there and happy Monday! It's a start of a new week and I want to share with you a project that we're going to do in Seinäjoki later this month. There's still a couple of spaces left in that workshop in case you got interested (link)

Heippa ja pikainen sananen myös ihan suomeksi - tässä nimittäin vähän ideaa siihen, mitä tullaan Seinäjoella tekemään ensi viikon puolella. Muutama paikka on edelleen vapaana, joten klikkaa täältä lisätiedot (linkki)!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Epiphany Crafts


Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! Iloista vappua! 

Today we've celebrated May Day here in Finland. During the week it was still actually snowing but luckily today it's been sunshine and warm weather! Just perfect for picnic and celebrating the spring! 

The photos on top are my takes on the Prima Lanties. Two staged photos, other one a bit more masculine and other more for celebrating spring that goes swell for today. If you want to see more Lanties and how Prima team decorates their home with them, please see this post in Prima blog (link)

Wishing you a great start to the new week!


Rustic wedding card

Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Today I want to share this card with you that I did after a co-worker's request. She asked for a rustic looking wedding card. The couple in question are both working in university - the lady in Finnish department and the man in history department as a conservator. She also told me that the couple had just bought an old house together and made a wall using old, weathered planks of wood. 

I don't normally do cards and even more rarely do them after a request but the specs my co-worker was sharing immediately put the gears in my head spinning so of course I had to make my vision into a card. And luckily she liked the end result as well!

I made the pieces of wood loosely with the directions of Elena's show in Artists Live (link). The golden heart is made using Wow mold and hot glue and then painted with Finnabair acrylics. The earth and dirt is made using the Rust Pastes and black gesso. I tried to mimic an archaeological find with the heart. The paper layers underneath the heart are verses from Kalevala and Kanteletar, the first being Finnish national epic and the second it's sister book. The top most one reads (without the trochaic tetrameter): Two is always fairer, two is likely to be better, the fish in the sea are in pairs and the birds in the sky also. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder


#TBT post - More 2 Love

Hello there! I'm starting a new series in my blog called "#TBT post". I was talking to some friends about blogging and what one of them was saying was that bloggers don't use enough the material they already have - that is the old post. 

So as I've noticed some new readers to my blog (welcome!), I thought to share every Thursday a post I've actually done earlier. I show the project, share why I want to show it again and probably will add some info from the original post as well. I'm trying this out at first so let's see how it goes.

For the first #TBT post I chose this layout I've did for Mixed Media Place. Here's the link to the original post, blogged January last year (link).

The page was created for a discount post - all the products from category "Pens and Pencils" were -10%. I used a pencil in a number of ways in the page. That's also the reason why I chose to re-blog this. As it's a humble, inexpensive tool, but there's so much you can do with just a single pencil. You can draw, trace, color, make title and much more. I tend to use several mediums in my pages, but it's sometimes fun to limit your choices and experiment with a fewer tools. You don't have to have a big arsenal of mediums to make fun layouts.

Underneath is some text taken from the original post - a tiny bit of info about the pencil itself and also some words about the ways I used pencil in the piece.

The pen is mightier than the sword! This awesome craft tool dates back to the 16th century England and has been used ever since. The first pencils were just chunks of graphite but later a way of mixing clay and graphite was invented to produce the core of modern pencil. This also made it possible to make softer and harder pencils, just by changing the ratio of the two ingredients in the core. You can also change the darkness of the markings by the amount of pressure you are using - they can vary from light touches to pitch black especially with a soft pencil. 

There's a number of ways using a pencil. You can doodle with it, draw and write, of course. You can sketch, trace a stencil and color. What you can also do is use it for frottage technique - rub a pattern of an embossing folder for example like I did in my page. Just place something with a raised pattern underneath your paper and rub the surface of the paper with a pencil or equivalent and the pattern will appear. You can also find the tracing, doodling and coloring in my page. Did you also notice the way I added the title? The other part is written with a pencil and then cut off and the other is written straight to the page itself. 

I find doodling on a layout very soothing and also an important part of my process. I usually make doodled rings around the vocal point and then finish the page with smaller doodlings like hearts, stars or just little circles. A pencil is one of my favorite crafty tools and if you haven't tried one for a while, now's a great time to start! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Materials from Mixed Media Place: 

General Pencil - Layout Graphite Drawing Pencil - 1 pc Cardstock - Eco - 12x12 - 285gsm 7 Dots Studio - Domestic Goddess - Proudly Handcrafted Glimmer Mist - Red Velvet Prima - Vintage Vanity - 2.2x2.5'' Clear Stamp - Circles Prima - Vintage Vanity - 3x4'' Clear Stamp - Book Archival Ink - Jet Black Prima - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Harlequin" Prima - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Stars" Prima - Mechanicals Flowers x10 Prima - Mechanicals Numbers Scrapbook Adhesives - 3D Foam Squares Mini - 308 pcs Faber-Castell - Mix & Match - Essential PITT Artist Pens - Black Glue Magic - 45 g in a tube

Materials: Tattered Angels, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Ranger, 3rd Eye, Teippitarha


Angel of Music - Prima Marketing

I really adore all the Finnabair ”art babies” but one of my new favorites is the Sculpture Medium! Like I wrote yesterday, the product inspires me so much and makes me try other things.

This is the third art doll style canvas. I've blogged the two previous ones I did for CHA previously. The first one yesterday (link) and the second a bit earlier (link). They were similar in their size, about 12" high but I went to a larger scale this time. This piece stands 20” tall. 

These projects are really fun to do, but really hard to photograph! Somehow the faces suffer the most when the 3D project is translated into 2D version. The close-up above shows the face better than the big picture.

The faces are interesting to make as at some point in the sculpting the material just reveals a character inside and wants to then turn into a being. When my daughter saw me working on this piece, she immediately reserved it for herself. That made me so honored!

I titled the piece “Angel of Music” as I included some music elements in there and even more because the whole time I was constructing the piece, a song of that title was playing in my head!

I urge you to have a go with the Sculpture Medium as it’s so much fun and so easy to use! Just let your imagination soar! 


963019 – Sculpture Medium Clear
814991 – Paper Clay 
963040 – Heavy Body Gel
961398 – 3D Matte Gel
961435 – Soft Gloss Gel
961350 – Modeling Paste 
961442 – White Gesso 
963231 – Metallique Rich Turquoise Acrylic Paint
963118 – Metallique Deep Waters Acrylic Paint
963057 – Metallique Ancient Coin Acrylic Paint 
584252 – Watercolor Confections The Classics
941734 – Relics and Artifacts: Rising Spirit III
963385 – Mechanicals Mini Knobs 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps
960322 – Mechanicals Mini Flowers
961046 – Mechanicals Leaves 2 
963323 – Mélange Art Pebbles
962715 – Glass Glitter Midnight Blue
572105 – Wire Thread Ivory 
922214 – Pink Paper Poppies & Peonies 
SA-002/1-15 – Mulberry Roses
564216 – Circular Lattice Stencil
962760 – Brush Set 
963880 – Silicone Brush 2”

Materials: Prima Marketing, Scrap FX


Happy spring canvas - Prima Marketing

Hi there! She's my very first one. My first fairy or doll canvas. She was the other of two canvases guesting yesterday at Finnabair's blog (link)

I used white Sculpting Medium here and kept the whole canvas quite light and spring like unlike her pair which I blogged earlier (link). Where she is happy, the other one is sad and where this project is light and pastel colored, the other one is black and dark tones. The delicate touches of color in this project are made with Mica Powders and Oil Pastels.

The Sculpting Medium really opened a new door for me and added something fresh to my choice of mediums. It pushed me to try new things and I really like to do these kinds of projects! And the fun thing is that now that I've done three canvases, they seem to get better! Where this first one a bit stiff and awkward looking the third one is way better.

When thinking about a project to do, with this firs one, I had a vision of an elf-like creature holding an alarm clock. Unfortunately I didn’t have any old alarm clocks in my stash nor did the drift stores have proper ones so I altered my original idea a little. This fairy got a spoon next to her so she can spread joy with it.

Wishing you a joyous day!


963026 – Sculpting Medium White
962975 – Modeling Paste
962951 – Heavy Gesso White 
962982 – 3D Gloss Gel
962999 – Soft Gloss Gel
961596 – Glitter Set Luminous
961572 – Glitter Set Mardi Gras
961671 – Glass Beads Crystal 
963323 – Art Pebbles
963095 – Art Alchemy Brass Hardware
962807 – Mica Powder Black Cherry
962814 – Mica Powder Vintage Pink
962500 – Mica Powder Green
814328 – Oil Pastels
584566 – Stencil 6x6 
583033 – Magnolia Trim
586737 - Box Flowers Rose Gold Kiss
583330 – Royal Menagerie Helena

Materials: Prima Marketing


Leap back in time - 7 Dots Studio

"In motion" is the challenge in 7 Dots Studio. How would you interpret it? You'll have until May 19th time to participate and be in for the draw for winning the "Fortune-teller" Collection Kit and two stencils!

The rules are simple, as always - just make a project inspired by the theme and use at least one 7 Dots Studio product in it. Then make a post about the project linking back to the challenge and adding the inspirational circle and then link using the linky tool. 

I interpret the theme in my page two ways. There’s the frog in the picture which leaps and the title “Leap back in time”. As the photo reminded me about how I was crazy with frogs as a child. In our cottage, I would scour every ditch in search of frogs and then watch them for hours – or try to catch them. I even set up a “frog club”. So the page is referring not only to the jumping frogs but the way time is always in motion. 

Panta rhei.


Illumination: Clear Stamps 2

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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