Flower ATC

Hi there! How's your week started? Today I'm sharing a couple of ATCs I made as a workshop sample for the coming workshops in Belgium. I was asked to create a bit lighter cards compared to the darker ones I have in the workshop picture so I made these. Not totally pastel still, but a lot lighter!

Talking about workshops, have you noticed the side panel and the workshops there? Next one is at Kokkola in about a week and then there's another one coming to Turku on the same date as the one that's already full. I'll post about it again, soon. And there's one seat left in Kokkola! See furter info from the links at the sidebar. Kursseista puheenollen, Kokkolan kurssilla olisi tilaa yhdelle ja Turkuun on tulossa samasta kurssista kakkosversio, sillä ensimmäinen on jo täynnä. Lisätietoja sivupalkin linkeistä!

I'm also planning my workshop timetable for next year and I have to say I'm so grateful that I'm able to do that! So if you'd wish a workshop with me, please don't hesitate to mail as the 2017 months are going fast!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you sunshine! 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sharpie


Mixed media pencil case - Craft Stamper

Hello and lovely Sunday! Here's a little something I created for Craft Stamper magazine, more over to an article "Gelli Plate Patterns" in April 2016 issue. The article was about using Gelli Plate with acrylic paints and creating a one of a kind piece of fabric. 

This piece had a few sources of inspiration. First was the awesome workshop Nathalie Kalbach and Birgit Koopsen held in Turku last year. I've owned a Gelli Plate for some time, but it's not been my great love. What I learned during the workshop is that for one, it's all about the layers and two, my Gelli Plate was too big for my use. So after that I bought a smaller one and I've done a lot more printing since then!  

Other source of inspiration for the piece was the ongoing textile trend. At least I have noticed textiles and fabrics popping up here and there in the course of the last couple of years. Naturally there's a huge amount of mixed media artists working solely with textiles but to my eyes there's more and more mixing things up going - adding different materials and trying out new things in the big field of mixed media blog world.

I had so much fun doing this piece! Not only playing with the Gelli Plate but also sewing the little pencil case. At first I was trying to think how to sew the case, but then I thought not to be silly and use the variety of sewing tutorials available on the net. I actually then followed this one (link) with a few minor differences.

Thank you for stopping by today and wishing you a lovely start to the new week!

Materials: Stampendous, Gelli Arts, Ranger, The Crafter’s Workshop, Prima Marketing, Talens


Black and red notebooks - Scrap FX

Hello there! Today I'm sharing a couple of notebooks I did using ScrapFX supplies. All of the notebooks have similar layers and techniques, but the chippies and embellishments are different.

I used similar colors in each one as they are gifts to be given on the same occasion. There's a bunch of people traveling to see our favorite band in August and these notebooks are for that company. Each one of them has a black background, painted with black gesso and then mist, paint and PanPastels on top in pinks, blacks and reds.

Each of the books has a dimensional stenciled background to create texture. I used Modeling Paste for that. What the books also have in common, is the use of the year chippies - 2016. The other chipboard shapes and embellishments vary, but I used the year in each one.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope I have inspired you with these notebook covers!


Materials: Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, Pan Pastels


Innocent fan - A Flair for Buttons

Once upon a time we had free smoothies at work. Everyone could take one and taste. After that I then thought to buy one, a different flavor because of like giving it back to the brand. And after that I was hooked! So that was at least in my case very successful campaign. Because of that one free one I have bought dozens of the same brand!

Like I said in my last post, I have recently done more and more pages about myself and the events that concern me. I guess that continues to be the case even more when my kids get older and they have things of their own and want to document things in their own way.

For this page I was inspired by the color of the smoothie I’m holding in the photo. I chose to go with a turquoise background though but used pink patterned papers in the layers and pink details to embellish. That’s why two of the three flair buttons also have pink in them. The rose one is from the set “Vintage Spring Flowers” and the triangular one “Sherbert Triangles”. The one saying “happy” in the right bottom corner is from “Hello Spring” and it’s orange instead of pink.

Glad to have you here today – hopefully you found inspiration from my page! Wishing you also a great weekend!

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Sodalicious, American Crafts, Sharpie, Ranger


No sunny skies - 7 Dots Studio

If you look at outside today in Helsinki, the title is totally wrong! The sun has been shining from an almost cloudless sky today. But I'm referring to something else with the title, to my favorite quote, because that's the topic of the new 7 Dots Studio challenge. Will you share your favorite quote with us over at the 7 Dots Studio blog?

I didn’t include my favorite quote in my project but it was inspired by it. Quote I say but it’s actually either just a word or a whole song. I’ve done a couple layouts about the subject as well, but as the song is really meaningful to me, I chose to go with it again. I somehow feel really connected to that song, I feel that I can relate to it at some level.

This journal page is inspired by a Finnish song by Oskar Merikanto called “Myrskylintu” – “Stormbird”. I would love to link you the song here but I still haven’t found a recording of a version that I would love. The first time I heard the song it was live during a theater piece and I haven’t found a recording that would sound as awesome. I love to sing it myself also and was singing it while I was pregnant with my two daughters and the song would always come them down, but there’s no recording of that either and never will be. But if you really, really want, I can sometime sing it in Finnish during a workshop! Just kidding.

I guess you can see the power of the song has over me also by looking how many projects it has inspired - here's a link to one of them (link). It always gives me goosebumps and I feel empowered by it.

If you want to read the lyrics, I included a very free translation of the whole song here underneath. The original lyrics are from a poem written by Kasimir Leino, you can find the Finnish words for example here (link).

When the storm is roaring and the waves are singing 
and splash against the shore, 
when the pine trees are bending and the spruces bowing 
and the sea foam is sprays as it hits the rocks, 
I then take a delight in 
flying across the air with the greatest joy 
and sing about nature, the world and the strive of men.

When the wind is whistling and masts are chanting
and you can hear the breeze singing in the hawser, 
oh, then I also join the choir,
and the storm accompanies us with its rioting.
That storm blows away the dark clouds,
and shows the clear blue sky,
and the weather changes and wind calms down
and the sea reflects the shores.

Others like calm nature,
the lark's song and serene evening time,
I enjoy myself when the storm is roaring
oh, that's when you feel young and lithe again.
Thus churn the foam, you Ahti of the waves
and let the notes of the tempest ring!
- I shall fly across the air singing
and race against the wild winds!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Soulmates - Squares Mask
Homegrown - Clear Stamps
Destination Unknown - Word Stickers 6x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Um Wow Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sakura


Discover - A Flair for Buttons

Long time no see! Sorry I've been missing in action for a few days as I've been crafting like silly before the summer vacation. Today I'm sharing a page I did for A Flair for Buttons. You can see the original post here (link) in the company blog.

When I started scrapbooking most of my pages were of my daughters. I wanted to document their new skills and their interests. Now that they are a bit older I have noticed that I’ve started more and more make pages about me. This page is about a discovery but also about my favorite band.

Last winter my favorite band had a tour around Finland. When they played in their home town I thought that there might be a chance they sing my favorite song. The lyrics of that piece are based on a Finnish book which is written with verse. I printed the lyrics out and memorized them on the way to the gig. Then I put them to my purse and forgot about them – even though they didn’t play that song on that gig but on another one later on.

So when I needed that purse during spring I found the lyrics and it was a happy surprise. I took a selfie with the lyrics and ordered a print so I could document the happening later on. Now was a perfect time to get that story documented.

I mixed two sets of flairs in my project. The “noted” one is from “Minimal 2” set and the two butterfly ones are from “Vintage Butterflies”. Their colors and airiness fit the page perfectly even though they may not be in line with the theme.

Thank you for your visit today!

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Markering, Ranger, Teippitarha


Summer Treat - GDT Elizabeth Craft Designs

Hi there and sunny summer time! Today I'm sharing another guest project for Elisabeth Crafts Designs. You can see the original post here (link) at the company blog.

In my first guest page the topic was my older daughter so just to be fair I wanted to have my younger daughter as the star of this page. My inspiration for this page was the die set “Banners”. When I started to look at the rounded banner it turned into an ice pop in my eyes and I thought to make a fun summer page.

If you want to follow my process, please look at the step pictures below. Let's get going!


1. Start by making a piece of patterned paper. Use freezer paper or something similar, thin paper. Make a monoprint with acrylic paints and Gelliplate, use "Bouquet" embossing folder to remove some of the paint from the printing plate, like a stamp. Print also a tiny piece of white cardstock, you'll need it later. Remember to clean the folder with water soon after use!

2. Adhere the 6x6 adhesive sheets to the back of your paper and then tear the freezer paper into pieces. Use a ruler as a guide so you get a somewhat straight but torn edge. Take a 12x12" sheet of the Soft Finish cardstock and use it as your background.


3. Think about your composition and adhere the paper pieces to the background. Cover only a part of the 12x12" sheet so there's white areas still showing. Use a variety of sizes and shapes of the paper pieces.

4. Use the "Bouquet" embossing folder again like a stamp. Add some acrylic paint to your craft mat and use a brayer to get the paint to the folder. Then press the folder to the background thus getting an impression of the design. Stamp around the area where you attached the paper pieces.


5. Use the folder like a stamp once more, this time using ink. Dab the embossing ink to the folder and then press it to your background. Repeat if you want to cover a bigger area. Use white embossing powder and emboss the design with it. Remember to clean the folder again!

6. Now that the background is done, it's time to concentrate on the design, photo and embellishments. Using the "Banner" dies and "Through the Lens Patterned Cardstock Wood" cut several of the banners in the color scheme of your page. Make sure you cut a couple of the round ones with the wood grain pattern.


7. Make two lines of banners using the cut shapes and some cotton twine. Glue the banners in place with the twine between the parts. Staple the lines in place so that they start from the edge of the background and run under your photo. While you have the stapler out, make also patterned paper layers behind the photo and staple the layers together.

8. Attach your photo to the paper layers and then the cluster to the background using foam dots. Cut two "ice pops" from the patterned cardstock you made in step 1. Compose the ice pop by layering the blue part on top of the wood grain patterned big piece and adhere the layers using a piece from the 6x6" Adhesive Sheet. Voilá, you have created an ice cream! Attach the embellishments to your page using glue.


9. Cut two sets of alphas from the embossing folders packaging using the "Alphabet 2 Lower Case" die. Compose your title on top of the banner lines with the letters dancing rather than being on straight lines. Glue the title in place.

10. Stamp the word "Sweetie" from the "Just a Note" stamp set to your background near the photo. Stamp also a couple of ladybugs from the "Ladybug Quartet" set to a piece of white cardstock.


11. Color the ladybugs using watercolor pencils and then cut the bugs loose and use them as embellishments. Scatter the bugs to the page and glue them in place. Add also a red and white flair button to the page.

12. Using white and black pen to add small doodles and the journaling to your page. Think about the composition and how much text you want to add. I chose to draw lines to the left side of my page and add my journaling there.

13. Finish your page with a couple of epoxy stickers. Use the same color scheme you have used throughout the page.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope I have showed with this layout that there's more you can do with an embossing folder than just use them with your die cutting machine! Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Elizabeth Craft Designs:


Printing plate (GelliArts - 5x7" Gel Printing Plate) 
Acrylic paints (Ranger - Dina Wakley - Lapis and Sky)
Embossing ink (Wow Embossing Powder - Clear Ulyta Slow Drying Embossing Pad)
White Embossing Powder (Wow Embossing Powder - Opaque Bright White)
Patterned paper (7 Dots Studio - Verano Azul - 6x6 Pad)
A flair button (A Flair for Buttons - Stripes 1)
Archival Ink (Jet Black)
Epoxy stickers
White twine
Foam dots
Black and white thin marker

Materials: Elizabeth Craft Designs, GelliArts, 7 Dots Studio, Ranger, Wow Embossing Powder, A Flair for Buttons, Prima Marketing, Sakura
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