With great love - Prima BAP July

Happy Saturday! Marsha challenged me to document five days of my life this week and I've been taking photos and writing the posts. They aren't ready yet (as this is the day 4), but I'm hoping to get them into the blog next week. Maybe I should start on Wednesday as that was the first day I documented?  

But today I have a Prima BAP page for you! The topic of the page is my husband and how I adored the way he lovingly built a guitar for our daughters as a Christmas gift. He started from scratch, a piece of wood actually which my father had been saving for a special project. Numerous nights my husband sat either sanding or building the mechanics into it. So the guitar indeed was done with great love.

Above is a picture of the background before I started building any patterned paper layers or adding embellishments. I once again used my favorite background build - masking tape and gesso on the bottom and mists and stamping on top. There's also some pencil doodles and flicks of mist there. 

I used Prima stamps for the stamping and inked the harlequin one with Chalk Edger using two different colors. The more visible texts are stamped with Archival Ink. On the misted layers there's first a watercolor-like, blurry layer of several colors and on top of them a chevron pattern done with a Prima mask.

The sketch had lovely flower shapes that I interpret using Prima wire. I also included some metal embellishments and the glass baubles. The title is done by using two different alphas on sticker sets. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tattered Angels, Talens, Design Memory Craft, Ranger


Heart of Turisas - Mixed Media Place

I've been waiting so eagerly to chance to share this with you! Ever since the piece was finished I've been aching to share, but as it was a DT work, I had to wait until the post has gone live in Mixed Media Place's blog. But now it is and I can blog this canvas!

Music is a big inspiration to me. If a piece of music is to my liking and really has an effect on me I see it in pictures. Sometimes it's like watching a movie, sometimes it's just series of images. The notes turn into colors, lines and visual images. Sometimes the piece always brings the same images into my mind, sometimes it changes during every listening. 

This particular piece was inspired by one of my favorite bands, Turisas. The name is a character in Finnish mythology. In their song "Battle Metal", the lyrics go: "The heart of Turisas was forged by four winds / In a smithy high up in the skies / On an anvil honour, with a hammer of blood The Four Winds pounded". You can listen the song underneath, it's the official video made together with the fans. My mental image of the piece of music was a heart made of metal, rising of debris pounding and red with the flames of the smithy and blood.

I made the heart using styrofoam heart and aluminium tape. I cut small pieces of the tape, layered them across the heart and made the joints visible with a knitting needle. Then I applied black acrylic paint, alcohol inks and glazes to the heart. Finally I melted some embossing powder on top to make the heart seem a bit rusty and have more texture to it.

I used red and black in the background as they are the colors of the band and they also carried out the bloody yet metal feel. The metal nics and nacks I gathered to the background include for example guitar parts, lamps, screws, bottle caps and pieces of an old clock.

So what does inspire you? Do you create what you hear, does music play a role in your creative process?

Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

Materials from Mixed Media Place:

Materials: Tattered Angels, Prima Marketing, Talens, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, Wow! Embossing Powders, Luminarte


I don't belong to you - Mixed Media Place

Mixed Media Place has a new challenge theme for a few next challenges - summer music! The first song is "Freedom" by George Michael. Please check this link to see how the DT was inspired by this piece of music! 

Here's my creation for this challenge. I have to be honest - I remember this song from my youth, but it never was a big hit for me. I guess that's why I was struggling at first to get a grip of the piece. It's a fun song, but somehow it didn't move me. I find music very inspiring, but I have to admit that usually I listen to something very different. 

Instead the images of the video hit me hard, but I wanted to be more inspired by the music itself so I chose to go with the lyrics. Maybe an easy way out? Although I have to admit that the video itself plays a big role in my spread.

The lyrics have a captivating idea - a person doesn't belong to any other than himself. So very true. Even though in a relationship, the other one doesn't one the other. You simply cannot own anybody.  

I used the blue color scheme inspired by the video. I created the coloring using Tattered Angels mists and also Gelatos. This piece was the first I used clear gesso to. It really took me by surprise! I've used to the smooth, creamy feel of the Talens white gesso so the tooth in Liquitex clear one came as a total surprise! It also has quite a different composition otherwise as it doesn't have the similar adhesive property as the white one. But I really liked the feel, when I got over my first shock! 

The profiles in the spread are one of the super models in the video. As I had a vision of two heads talking to each other, I googled a profile picture and flipped it in Photoshop and then printed the pictures. I drew and stamped on to the profiles, too, to make them look more "mine" and more coherent with the page.  

It's really a hot day here in Helsinki today - I think I shall pop some music playing and start creating! What about you? If you have a moment to spear, please join in the challenge! It would be great to see your interpretations! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great evening!

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:


Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Stampendous, Talens, Tattered Angels, Ranger, Sharpie, Design Memory Craft, Liquitex 
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