Sweet Hearts - Prima Marketing Facebook live

Heippa! New week has started and not long before a new month will start! So I'd better share this February Facebook live with you before I announce the next one! 

In the beginning of February I kept a Facebook live at Prima Marketing Facebook page. The topic was some hearty cards with dimensional paper details. Even though I used different mediums in these cards, I wanted a hint of the frugal theme I had going in the first live of the year. You can see the materials list from here (link), the announcement post.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a sweet week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Crossing Paths - 7 Dots Studio

Moikka! Today I'm sharing a piece I made for 7 Dots Studio some time ago.

This sparkling layout got its inspiration from the altered palette I’m holding in the picture. Or rather, I wanted to document the moment and chose to do it with a bit similar layers and embellishments as I used in the palette. 

The man beside me in the picture is Andi Kravljaca, a Swedish singer. While the picture was taken he was the singer of Thaurorod and the photo is taken while I attended their gig here in Helsinki. He had seen the palette in my Instagram and liked it so much, he wanted to buy it. Naturally I then gave it to him as a present when he was in town. And this is actually a second piece by me he has! The first one was an altered guitar body I did when I drew inspiration from a Thaurorod song. You can see that here (link).

As the palette is done using mixed media, metallic acrylic paints and glass beads, I wanted to bring similar elements to my page. I started the page by layering different paper strips and tags to the background. For the dimensional effect I then added some chipboard in there as well. Then I added black gesso and acrylics on top. Next came the paper layers and the embellishments, but I finished the page using some micro beads, glass glitter and regular glitter. If you want to see how I made the page, please see the video below! 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Air Mail – Chipboard 
Garden Party – Word Stickers 6x12 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Teippitarha


Time gone by captured - Mixed Up Creative

Friday! Yay! Are you planning on a creative weekend? If so and you need a booster, can I suggest Mixed Up Creative Academy (link)? There's a vast selection of different courses and workshops available from all price ranges, too. 

This project is something I made quite some time ago and is now a part of Mixed Up Creative Academy's "Vintage" Themed collection tutorial pack

Here's the description of the collection from the Mixed Up Creative Academy site (link). "There's something so romantic about a vintage project isn't there? Old photos, worn textures, shabby faded blooms, crackled surfaces, and aged trinkets. Whether you want to make something meaningful with a family heirloom, capture past memories, or just evoke times gone by, this Themed Collection is for you! Ten timeworn projects, packed with inspiration, ideas and techniques, await you! Your purchase includes lifetime access, as well as video and PDF resources for you to download and keep."

I could have done anything, but this time I chose to do a dimensional mixed media piece. It's inspired by a cabinet of curiosities and is an assemblage of lovely vintage things.

Thank you for stopping by today and have a great weekend! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio


[ówt krì] - 7 Dots Studio

Moikka! How are you today? I'm sharing a layout with you today! The topic of this page is my husband. While my hobby is crafting, he’s into music, especially soundscapes and ambient. In the picture he’s testing a synthesizer in an event we visited some time ago. A few weeks after that, the instrument arrived in our home. The title of the page, [ówt krì] is his music project’s name.

I wanted a layout that’s not too sweet and connects to music. I first chose a bigger pile of papers I could have imagined using in the page but then chose to go with the note patterned one as it’s so clearly music themed. I created layers on top using two different patterned papers from my pile – one with stars (as he’s my star) and a fence styled pattern which I used to decorate the seam between the two. If you want to see how the page was made, please see the video below!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Nature Walk: Songbird 12x12
Fortune-teller: 6x6 pad
Fortune-teller: Clear Stamps
Dreamscapes: Geometry stencil
Paint Chips: Word Stickers 6x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Ranger


Succulents and bees

It's Wednesday, mid-week! Today I'm sharing something I did as a Christmas present to my aunt. Actually my mom asked me to do something with bees and succulents for her as she keeps bees and extracts honey. 

First I made a background for the piece using old book paper and white gesso. I used honey tones in the background adding layers with watercolors and ink. I also cut a honey comb styled piece out of orange cardstock using a Sizzix die. The succulents are made out of EVA foam, similar to the flowers I made for a demo piece earlier (link). Only the shape is different as well as the color. 

I couldn't find a suitable size bee stamp from my stash so I printed the bees instead and then colored them using watercolors. As the final touch to the piece I added some shine and glimmer. For that I used golden Mica flakes and glitter.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Sinelli


King held up a hand - Art Daily Cafe

Hi there! Today I'm sharing my project fro Art Daily Cafe with the monthly theme, color and technique. You can see my original post here (link) and familiarize with the theme, color and technique here (link). The theme is a haiga, color deep red and technique clipping words and texts.

Doing a haiga was new to me as I usually do the steps other way around – first make the picture and then find the words to go with it. To be frank, I didn’t do a haiga this time either as the lines I added to the page are more of a short story than a haiku. 

Like the technique suggested, I first cut some words our of a book. To avoid spending the whole afternoon thinking about the lines, I randomly chose three pages, cut the first phrases out of them and then added some more words from the pages to fill the story. The first line I got was the first in the story as well – “King held up a hand”. That was the source of inspiration to the whole piece. From that line I knew I needed to have a king and a hand in my page.

After arranging the words into the story, I then started my work with the page. I thought it would be funny to use the rest of the pages as the background, so, I adhered them to the journal using Soft Matte Gel. On top I then layered black gesso, red Impasto paint (because of the theme color), white gesso, red pastels, red wax through a stencil, watercolors, pencil work… As you can see, I really was having fun and just playing. After I had the background to a point what I wanted it to be, I then made the layers on top.

First, I added a die cut bottle on top of the background. Why? It was already on my table, it contrasted with the red and made a cool element anchoring the cluster down. I added some random stamping on top to blend it just a little to the background and added a touch of pastel as well. The main cluster I built with a letter card, stamped hand and a piece of bookpaper. The king is a sticker from the Art Daily Vintage Photobooth sticker album, and his crown is done using stamps and scissors. To embellish the page, I added a strip of tape and a rusty gear – and another stamped hand! 

Like I said earlier, I usually work vice versa – starting with the focal elements and continuing with the text. Usually I then make some kind of dada poetry with just random words or a really short story like the one I did here. While I love to work with old book pages in a language I don’t understand for the background to avoid some words popping up in the piece and distracting, I usually pick English for the text part or sometimes Finnish, too. Novels are perfect for this as they have a) a lot of pages to find the words and stories and b) vivid language which then is easy to be transformed into a short story! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Now, go find an old book and start making stories! 


Art Daily Chipboard journal 
Art Daily Carte Postale stamps 
Art Daily Dream without Fear stamps 
Art Daily Wanderlust tapes 
Art Daily Vintage Photobooth stickers 

Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance wax Fire Ruby
Finnabair stencil Dandelion 
Art Basics Soft Matte Gel
Art Basics Heavy Gesso White
Art Basics Heavy Gesso Black
Art Alchemy Impasto acrylic paint Poppy 
Mechanicals Rustic Washers

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pan Pastel, Posca, Ranger


Flower Power - Sizzix

Hello and happy new week! Today I'm sharing a layout I did using some of the new dies from Sizzix's selection. You can see the whole new release here (link) and if you are a Tim Holtz fan you can see the Tim Holtz selection here (link) including the newbies from the Chapter 1 release. 

I started this page by doing a stencil of my own using Thinlits "Cut Out Leaves" die set together with Making Essentials "Stencil Film". I arranged the leaves into a shape of a semi-circle so when I used it twice I got a whole circle. The stylized wreath now guides the eye in to the photo.

Throughout the layout I used colors somewhat picked up from the photo. I mixed teal and turquoise shades to purple. The flower theme is also carried though the layout starting from the photo and continued in the embellishments and background.  

The biggest embellishments in the page are done using Bigz "Bottled Up" die. I cut the bottles from a monoprinted sheet I had in my stash. The flowers in the bottles and around the photo on the other hand are cut from a cardstock I painted with watercolors. The leaves are from Sizzix cardstock. The flowers, leaves and frames are cut using Thinlits "Geo Floral Frame" die set. There's also some more flowers in the page, just barely peeking underneath the layers and in the upper left corner. Those lacy flowers are cut using Thinlits "Bouquet" die

There's just one more die set used in the page and that's Thinlits "Alphanumeric Classic Lower" die set, which I used to cut the title - "Flower Power". The title connects to the photo - it's taken some years ago when I had a flower painted to my cheek. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great new week! 

Materials from Sizzix: 

Materials: Sizzix, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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