Come fly with me - GDT AALL & Create

Tsirp! Come fly with me? That's the saying in this little altered piece I did as a guest designer for AALL & Create. The canvas like piece is actually a lid of a wooden box I altered or used like a canvas in this make. 

I mixed some older and new stamps in this one. The background is done with a new "Eclectic Silhouette" stamp. If you want to see the background before adding the clouds and color, please take a look at my Instagram (link) as there's a sneak peek of the project. The other new stamp set used in this one is "Girlz with Wingz", from which I stamped one of the birds. The clouds and the bigger birds are from a set called "Quirky Birds".

I started by making a collage of stamped paper to the background. Then I gessoed it lighly and after drying stamped the clouds with embossing ink. I embossed them with white powder and then colored the sky with watercolors. The birds are stamped on top of white cardstock and cut loose. The piece is then framed with wire thread from which I created a dangling piece as well. The canvas is like a different kind of dream catcher. 

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Stamps from AALL & Create: 

#69 Quirky Birds stamp set
#132 Girlz with Wingz stamp set 
#113 Eclectic Silhouette stamp

Materials: AALL & Create, Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder, Sinelli


Reflecting Egersund

Hi there and sweet weekend! How are you today? This post has A LOT of projects in it and it's also a trip down the memory lane as I'm sharing pages I did during Louise Nelson workshops at Egersund last month. 

The whole event was amazing! I loved meeting everyone, visiting beautiful Egersund again and especially learning from Louise. I also really loved how all of the three workshops were linked and formed a wholeness. It was wonderful to see the organizers Brit and Linda again and also others who attended the workshops like Linda, Elina, Arnlaug and Katja. It was also wonderful to see Egersund again. Like last time I was there - every time we had a little break, I went for a quick walk. It's so beautiful in there!

During the workshops we did monoprinting, carved stamps and drew portraits. I enjoyed every minute of it! I loved the phase of the workshops and how we could explore things on our own as well. I liked doing the monoprinting but I liked even more the stamp carving! It's highly addictive! 

Underneath you can see some of the stamps I carved during the workshop and you can see them in use in the layouts along this post. For example in the layout above there's the flower in use as well as the lines and in the following layout, after the stamp photo, there's the raven and the "stitch" in use. Luckily I still have some of the stamp rubber left so I can do other stamps when I get the chance. 

The first layout in this post is about a letter home. While writing this, I noticed that I forgot to alter the letters of the title with a white pen! Oops. But the topic is how we sent a postcard home while in London and the girls wrote it. There's a monoprinted background in that one from the workshops. 

The next one also has a monoprinted background along with some stamping. The topic is sweet Tania, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting a couple of times and really looking forward seeing again at Creative World! 

The one below is a special one for me. There's a background I did during the workshop and the crow stamp I carved. I used a line from the lyrics of "Chosen" as my journaling - take a leap of faith if you want to find out. 

The last two layouts have again monoprinted background and some stamping as well. The first one, the one underneath here is made for Miranda who at the moment of the workshops had just lost her house and everything in the hurricane. She's so sweet and lovely, I just had to do a page for her as I was worried about her well being while I was in Egersund.

The last but not least is a page I did of my two girls. The photo is taken while we visited Ateneum, Finnish National Gallery as they had Duckburg versions of the famous Finnish paintings in there. They also had a replica of Donald Duck's car in there where kids could sit. Naturally I needed a snap shot of that and then turn that into a layout. The red details in the page are inspired by the color of the car with the register plate 313. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, A Flair for Buttons, Wow Embossing Powder


Barn owl - mixed media piece on felt

Moikka! Yesterday I shared a lyrebird (link) and promised to share another bird today. So here she is - a barn owl that I gifted to Linda Brun as she helped me travel lightly. Even though we were asked to bring some mediums with us, I was able to travel only with a hand luggage as Linda was kind enough to let me borrow (or actually use) some of hers. 

As I told yesterday, I asked the ladies what were their favorite birds. Louise's was the lyrebird and Linda answered owls. That left me a bit room to maneuver as I could make the decision about the owl I was going to do. As I've always thought barn owls to be really ornate and captivating with their round faces, I decided to do that. 

Like with the lyrebird and the crow, I started by priming the felt piece with clear gesso. Then I painted with acrylics and watercolors on top. To bring some softness to the piece I also used Pan Pastels on it and for the very fine lines I used Posca pens. 

On top again, like the previous two times, came the embroidery with some added tulle and this time also brown felt. I used french knots to give the owl the beaded look here and there but added some backstitches as well. I embroidered little triangles to the background to decorate it a bit.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant upcoming weekend! 

Materials: Pan Pastel, Prima Marketing, Posca, Copic, Ranger, Sinelli


Lyrebird - mixed media piece on felt

Heippa! How are you doing? I'm sharing today and tomorrow a couple of special pieces which were created for creative friends. I attended some fabulous workshops in Egersund, Norway last month. The teacher was none other than Louise Nelson and I loved every minute of the workshops! I wrote some words of the workshops here (link) in a post I'm showing one of the layouts I did during that weekend. 

I have a habit of taking something hand made to the teacher, especially if I meet her or him for the first time. You might remember the crow piece I did some time ago for an Inspired By post (link)? In the comments Marsha encouraged me to do more and I felt like experimenting with the topic a bit more, too. So I wrote to two ladies and asked their favorite birds. The first lady was naturally Louise. She named a lyrebird (link) as her favorite which then lead me to google the bird. What I quickly realized was an issue - I had thought of doing the head of the bird but as the name suggests, the lyrebirds character is the "lyre" - the beautiful ornate tail feathers.

So instead of doing just the head of the bird, I included the tail as well. Or like half of it. I started with clear gesso on felt, then added some acrylic paints, watercolors and Pan Pastels. There's also some stamping in the piece, like in the crow. This I did using my one of my favorite stamps, a script one from 7 Dots Studio. I also drew some details in with Posca paint markers and Copic markers. Last but not least came the embroidery and stitched details. Funnily enough, I really like doing these bird pieces even though I don't like embroidery at all! I added some pieces of tulle to the piece while doing the stitches.

Please come back tomorrow to see the other bird and who it was for! Thank you for stopping by! 

Materials: Pan Pastel, Prima Marketing, Posca, Copic, Ranger, Sinelli


Altered winter hoop - Sizzix

Moikka! Is it winter in your neck of woods already or still going strong with autumn? The weather here in Finland is trying to choose between the two. Some days even here in the south are wintery ones, but most of the time it's still mist, rain and autumn feelings. 

But in crafting I'm kind of orientated to upcoming Christmas and winter-time. Like with this altered embroidery hoop I did using Sizzix dies. If you are in winter and more over Christmas mode already, Sizzix UK has a "Christmas Hub" (link) for all things connected to this season! There's even printable tutorials, so please have a look. 

This project got me by surprise. I was crafting and die cutting and layering and then the piece was done in my eyes and then it hit me. I hadn't used any mediums in it! Can you imagine? I first thought to add some on top, but then decided otherwise. The hoop looked like a balanced piece so why go ruin it. Had I fun making it? Yes! So goals achieved! Even without the mediums which I usually steer towards to and love to use. 

The deer and most of the branches are cut out of Making Essentials cardstock. The delicate mistletoe branches are out of wax paper and the doily out of white smooth cardstock. To see the dies I used, please scroll a bit further down. And if you'd like to win some Christmas dies of your own, enter the giveaway at Sizzix UK site (link)! Open until 16th, read more info from the giveaway site. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great week! 

Supplies used from Sizzix:

Materials: Sizzix, Sinelli


Rakas - A Flair for Buttons

Hi there! It's a new week and a new project to be shared! This is a special layout. It's special in more than one way. First of all, it's the topic, my darling husband, but also where I made the layout and using which products. Because I made the layout during a workshop with Louise Nelson in Egersund, Norway. I was delighted to participate in that workshop! It was a huge treat for me and I think I can use what I learned in so many ways and draw inspiration out of that for months and months to come!

What also makes the layout special is the materials. The stamps I used in the layout are self made! I might have grown an addiction to stamp carving while taking the classes. It's so fun! So if you haven't ever taken a workshop, I highly recommend. There's so much more than learning new things - also meeting like minded people and the different perspective you get of trying something new, speaking to new people and hearing how others create. 

Besides the self carved stamps, I also used some stickers and naturally flairs in the layout. The two love themed are from "Just Hearts 2" and "Vintage Sweetheart". I guess they are easily explained with the topic of my page. The chain patterned flair might be a more special one. It's from "Texture 2" set and represents how my husband is my anchor chain, how we link to each other like loops in the chain and how we make up a chain of generations.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant Monday!

Sets used:

Materials: A Flair for Buttons, Wow Embossing Powder, Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Posca


You + Me - GDT AALL & Create

Hi there and happy Sunday! Last Sunday I shared my first project as a guest designer to AALL & Create and here's my second one! I played with one stencil and three stamp sets in this one. 

I consider myself most of all a mixed media scrapper, so what I immediately saw in the "Growth in Numbers" stamp was a place for the photo. I stamped the pattern a couple of times across the project - starting from making my own washi and adding a cut out flower behind the photo. The embellishments are made using the "For the Record" stamp set.

The photo is from a Prima Marketing ephemera pack and the journaling is from an old book. Freely translated it reads: "- I guess that mommy has told you, that you can't go along strangers in night time, right?". 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great start to the new week!

AALL & Create stamps and stencils used: 

#45 Digital Bubbles stencil
 #118 Border Marks stamp set
#120 Growth in Numbers stamp
#125 For the Record stamp set

Materials: AALL & Create, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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