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Hi there! How's your weekend started? This is my second page for Scrap FX. You can see the very first one here, in my previous post. I was playing with a stencil and stamps in my first creations and this is no exception.

Here I used the Feather Stamps to make the background. I used acrylic paint in a few shades of blue and in white instead of ink and stamped the feathers repeatedly across the background. I also added a touch of mist through the Random Dots Stencil to the background just behind the photo.

This page is made inspired by a quote I found on Pinterest. "Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly." This would apply to both of my daughters but the bluish color scheme I decided to use led my thoughts to my younger daughter.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great Saturday!

Products used from ScrapFX:
Feather Stamps (2013249)

Materials: ScrapFX, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels, 3rd Eye, 7 Dots Studio, Design Memory Craft, American Crafts, Ranger, Fiskars, Stampin Up!


Kursseja Etelä-Suomessa

This post is about workshops in Finland this spring. Looking for the hop? Please follow this link!

Pitkästä aikaa postaus suomeksi, sillä keväällä on tulossa kaksi kurssia - toinen Salossa ja toinen Turussa. Alla lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumisohjeet. Tervetuloa!

"Unfamiliar flowers glow on the shore" - Mulperi, Salo sunnuntai 26.4. klo 9-12

ATCt eli "artistic trading card" -kortit ovat mainio paikka erilaisille kokeiluille. Ne ovat ehkä pieniä kooltaan, mutta niihin saa liitettyä tekniikan jos toisenkin. Tällä kurssilla leikitään Finnabairin Art Mediums -tuotteilla ja tehdään kortteja, joissa on erilaisia kerroksia ja sekatekniikkaa.

Kurssin hinta on 32€ / hlö, johon sisältyy käytettävät materiaalit. Kurssimaksu tulee maksaa etukäteen. Jotta kurssi toteutuu, tulee osallistujia olla ainakin 6. 

Kurssille voi ilmoittautua sähköpostilla osoitteeseen rkovasin (at) gmail.com. Ilmoittautuminen on sitova ja perutusta kurssipaikasta peritään maksu.

"She was wearing summer on her hair" - Klemmarikellari, Turku sunnuntai 17.5. klo 11-15

Ajattele kesää. Jos sinun pitäisi vangita vuodenajan henkilöitymä kankaalle, miltä hän näyttäisi? Tällä kurssilla tehdään kanvas keijumaisesta naisesta sekatekniikan keinoin. Käytämme gel mediumia, gessoa, mistejä ja PanPastelleja. Lopputulos on pehmeä, unenomainen kanvas, jossa on paljon tekstuuria ja elementtejä.

Kurssin hinta on 36€ / hlö, johon sisältyy käytettävät materiaalit. Kurssimaksu tulee maksaa etukäteen. Jotta kurssi toteutuu, tulee osallistujia olla ainakin 6. Kurssi sopii kaikille eikä vaadi piirtämistä ellei niin halua.

Kurssille voi ilmoittautua sähköpostilla osoitteeseen rkovasin (at) gmail.com. Ilmoittautuminen on sitova ja perutusta kurssipaikasta peritään maksu.

Shine Together - Finnabair Creative Team

Hello hello hello! Welcome to Finnabair Creative Team Blog Hop and challenge! This time our subject is sparkle and shine and there's a fantastic price to be won! Please join in!

First of all, make sure you blog hop with the Creative Team. You can see the list of all the blogs aka the team underneath. Please start from our master mind Finnabair and then sparkle along with the yellow brick road of the team. Above in the picture are sneaks of the projects and as you can see from there, you can find some really breathtaking artworks in the hop! Make sure you visit each of the ladies and please leave a comment while hopping from blog to blog!

Riikka (you are here)

We hope you'll feel inspired after the hop and ready to create some sparkle of your own! The rules of the challenge are very simple indeed - in order to be in you need create any kind of project that shines and shimmers! That's it! The Creative Team will then vote on their favorite one. The challenge's open 'till February 8th.

Of course you are interested in what you can win, then. Just take a look underneath! It's selected lovelies from the brand new Finnabair goodies from Prima that were just released at CHA. Just look at those stamps, glitters and pearls!

Please join in and wow us with your sparkle! Underneath you can see my project for this hop and read a little more about it.

Here's my take on the challenge. The main inspiration were the Wednesday Art Recipe posts in Finnabair's blog. Not the recipes themselves, but the way Finn has take the picture of the ingredients using the spoons! I just love those pictures! And as it happened I have some old spoons of my grandfather's, I decided to do a spoon canvas. 

I started by adhering an old doily to the canvas and then layering this and that on top. Many of the bibs and bobs have stories of their own. Like that circular piece next to the Mechanicals gear on the bottom right corner. It's a piece from a perfume bottle that was left in the bottom of a box at work. Somebody had taken the bottle but not this piece, it was lonely, but I loved the shape the minute I saw it. So instead of throwing it away I took it home. Or those two black flowers with beaded stamen - my husband brought me those from a dollar store in US. 

After the 3D Gel had dried I coated some of the metals with clear gesso to give them a surface for the paints stick to. Then I added the mists across the canvas. On top I created shimmer in many ways. First, of course, was with the mists as they were Glimmer Mists and then I added glitter, mica flakes and glass beads in the composition. I also mixed mica powders with Soft Gloss Gel and painted touches of those here and there.

I was tempted to use my favorite color palette in this piece, but I fought the urge and went with a warm palette instead. I used yellow, red, purple and also peach and mixed them together. Now looking at the canvas I'm happy that I went with the warm colors - they go so well to the warm feeling I get when I see the little bibs and bobs with stories joined together.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Please, enjoy the hop and join in!

Materials used:

Prima - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Clear Prima - Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel Prima - Art Basics - Soft Gloss Gel Prima - Art Extravagance - Texture Paste - Gold Crackle Prima - Art Ingredients - Glitter Set - Crimson Prima - Art Ingredients - Glitter Set - Luminous Prima - Art Ingredients - Glass Beads - Plum Prima - Art Ingredients - Mica Flakes - Gold Leaf Prima - Mechanicals - Leaves 1 Prima - Mechanicals Washers #2 Prima - Mechanicals Flowers Large Prima - Mechanicals Roman Numerals Prima - Mechanicals Numbers Prima - Mechanicals - Pendants Glimmer Mist - LED Red Glimmer Mist - Butternut Squash Primary Elements Artist - Pigments - Mandarin Citrine Primary Elements Artist - Pigments - Hot Cinnamon Primary Elements Artist - Pigments - Blushing Rose Primary Elements Artist - Pigments - Cherry Sorbet

Prima Markering, Tattered Angels, Luminarte


Blue spread - Mixed Media Place

Good evening! Today I have something very different for you. I rarely art journal anymore and it's even more rare that I show the pages or spreads I make. But today I share one spread. This one is done for Mixed Media Place using the current, new challenge!

The challenge is all about letting go, about intuitive painting. There's information and the steps explained in the Mixed Media Place's blog but in short you just need to paint without thinking and then look what you can find in your strokes and marks.

Above is the spread after I had just spread the acrylics on there. I used different hues of blue together with white and just smeared the paints around using a brayer and my fingers. I started with the brayer and then added some smudges and dots with my fingers. 

The first thing I saw in the paints was a head of a bull on the left page and I guess that set my mind to Spanish mode as I saw next a matador and the spectators and carnival characters. I doodled the characters using first a pencil, then following the steps in Kasia's challenge painted the rest of the page white and finished the characters using white Sharpie and pencil.

This project was a really fun exercise! The painting part was pure fun but the drawing part scared me at first as I knew that I was going to share my scribbles online. But then I just thought to let go and have fun. The end result somehow reminds me about Marc Chagall - I guess it's the animal profile and the couple on the top left corner that makes me think about his paintings. I think I might do this again occasionally when in need of a creative break!

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used:


Materials: Prima Marketing, Talens, Ranger, Tattered Angels, Luminarte, Sharpie, Design Memory Craft


Soar - Scrap FX

Hello there! Today my first post in Scrap FX's blog went live! Yay! I joined the team from the start of the year and in this first post I was playing with their stencils and stamps. 

In this page I've used the Random Dots Stencil in the background with a few different media. The raised areas are made with modeling paste. I've also added ink through the stencil creating the dark brown patterns and lastly I used a white Sharpie to draw the circles to the background. Repeating the same shape keeps the over all appearance light even though there's many layers and many mediums. 

I created my own patterned papers using the Feather Stamps with different inks. I also cut some of the feathers out of the paper and used them as embellishments. They fit the theme of the page well which is soaring with the new summer shoes.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant Wednesday!

Scrap FX products used:

Feather Stamps (2013249)

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Tattered Angels, Ranger, Epiphany Crafts, American Crafts, Prima Marketing, Sharpie
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