Suomi Finland - a set of ATCs

Hi there! Today I have a set of ATCs to share. And these are quite special ones, they have "sisu". The stamping in these is made using a set from Finnish Korttipaja (link)

Do you know sisu? It's a Finnish thing (and a Finnish candy, too). Like the stamp set says: "Sisu - persistence, perseverance, willpower". I used sisu in two elements in these cards - the titles of course but also stamped to the kraft piece. The white background piece on the other hands got patterning out of a bigger stamp "Greetings from Finland". 

I made the background pieces for the cards first and then added half and half of them to each card. I added some gesso on top together with blue splashes. On top I then made a cluster of patterned paper, stamped title and a Tim Holtz paper doll. 

As always, if you want to swap with me, please send me an email or contact me through Instagram for instance! Thank you for stopping by today! Stay safe!

Ps. There's not a post tomorrow as it's Ascension Day. But on Friday there's a post with a video, as usual! 

Pps. Huomenna liveillään Facebookin puolella ja sitten perjantaina ja lauantaina puolestaan ihan LIVENÄ Kässäfestareilla! 

Materials: Korttipaja, PaperArtsy, Ranger Ink, We R Memory Keepers


The makings of men - PaperArtsy

Hi there and wonderful Tuesday! Today I'm sharing a project I made for PaperArtsy's blog with the theme "Specimen Jar" (link). If you haven't seen the other posts with the same theme, there's seven in total, you really should take a peek! Here's the link to PaperArtsy's blog (link)

Like I wrote in the blog post: "When I first read the brief about the topic, my thoughts went to cabinets of curiosity, but then my train of thought took a strange turn to Dali. An image of "The Burning Giraffe" popped in my head with the bizarre human-styled creatures with boxes. I thought that maybe stacking matchboxes on top of each other and adding some details might be interesting and a different kind of approach to the subject, and then got excited about the idea. Like persons are vessels of their experiences and memories or their secrets and desires." 

I'm not totally sure where the idea of the "box people" in Dali's painting came from. It would be fun to know, right? But that's how my train of thought went - from cabinets to people with boxes. I hope that my take on the "box people" ended up being less frightening than Dali's version! 

To tell you the truth, I first thought another set of stamps for these but were asked if I could work with these instead. And I love the way they turned out! The only thing that got me a bit worried in the construction was the thin necks the characters had. I was fearing that their heads would stay up. But when I took a look at the set and realized that it had balloons and party hats (a roof of a building turned into a party hat) I was seeing circus! And that solved my head issue as I then could make big ruffles to support the thin necks! 

If you want to see more photos and especially a step by step instruction to these, please head over to the PaperArtsy blog (link). There you can see what I used to pattern the gel prints I then turned into clothes for these circus people.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely Tuesday! Stay safe everyone! 

Materials: PaperArtsy, GelliArts, Sinelli, Ranger


Tarinan tärkeys - FB live announcement

Hi there and happy Monday! This post is again mainly in Finnish as it's about a FB live I'm keeping this Thursday. The topic is an altered book cover. You are welcomed to see the live, but just keep in mind that I'm mainly talking in Finnish. If you have any questions, please ask! Maybe I'll see you on Thursday!

Moikka moi! Se olisi suomenkielisen liven aika taasen tulevana torstaina! Tällä kertaa aihena on vanhan kirjan kannen päälle tehtävä työ. 

Laitoin tuossa jokin aika sitten Faceen kyselyä, että mitä haluaisitte livessä nähdä ja sekatekniikka oli se, jota toivoitte. Onneksi sitä onkin lähes aina luvassa! Päätin kuitenkin tässä livessä keskittyä yhteen lempiaineistani eli gel mediumiin ja käytänkin sitä eri vahvuuksina tässä projektissa. 

Tervetuloa siis seuraamaan torstaina klo 20 Suomen aikaa tuonne Paperiliittimen FB sivuille (linkki)! Seuraavan kuvan alta löytyy vielä lista materiaaleista, joita tässä kannessa on käytetty. Livessä tulen todennäköisesti myös viittaamaan tähän PaperArtsylle tekemääni kolmikkoon (linkki), joten laitetaan sekin nyt tähän postiin jo esille. 

Kiitos kun kurkkasit blogiini! Kivaa viikkoa!

(linkit Korttipajan sivuille)

PaperArtsy - Infusions "Rusty Car"
Prima Marketing - Finnabair Mechanicals "Antique Labels"

kirjan kansi
vanhoja kirjan sivuja
vanha lusikka
kuivattu appelsiinin viipale
ohutta narua
vanha nappi


See the World - A.B.Studio

Heippa! Today I'm sharing a layout I made for A.B.Studio. It's made mixing "Follow the Rabbit" collection with "Around the World" collection.

The photo in the page is taken in Norway. It's a stone fence near a tiny church facing the mighty sea. If I'm correct the place is called Varhaug Gamle Gravlund. I've been there twice and I'm mesmerized by the place. The church is so small that only a couple of people fit inside. But outside is a field of green and then the vast horizon. Such a beautiful place! 

I wanted to highlight the greenery so I picked up a green paper from the "Follow the Rabbit" collection and paired it with a neutral one. To add some grandeur to the page I painted the chipboards with a bronze tone. If you want to see how the page came into being, please see the video underneath!

As you could see from the video, I was mixing green with bronze throughout the page. While I concentrated most of the mixed media touches on top of the green paper, you can see those layers better on the white as the final composition covered most of the background! But, that's how I work. It's not totally about the finished piece, but about the journey. That's how I've ended up in the place where the photo is taken, too. On a journey from Egersund to Stavanger. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant weekend! 

Materials from A.B.Studio: 

Materials: A.B.Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger


Less Perfection - Art Daily Cafe

Moikka! Today I'm sharing my take on this month’s Art Daily Cafe theme of “Mistakes v. Perfection” and colour combo of pink and green. You can see the theme post here (link).

My first thought about the colour combo was beach. Somehow the turquoise-like minty green combined with the pitaya pink made me think about soft sands, sunshine and exotic drinks. I even rummaged some seashell shaped die cuts from my stash to be added to the page, but in the end, they didn’t fit to the composition after all. But you can still see the echo of the beach theme in the focal image I chose from the Art Daily sticker pad!

The technique in this one was to highlight the mistakes and not hide them. This made me think how to cause mistakes or guarantee them. I thought that drawing something might cause a mistake or something I’d normally either re-do or hide, so I took a mist, added pink colour to a baby pink cardstock and after drying started drawing leaves on top. And yes, I absolutely loathed what I got! Perfect for this project! Instead of cutting the leaves out and using them as embellishments, I tore the cardstock and used the pieces to back the focal points of the composition. In that they worked marvellously – I really love the black markings on top of the candy coloured background.

I painted the background with my fingers and then added a dimensional pattern on top using Modelling Paste. No actual mistakes there. But I did leave the self-made stencil uncleaned and then cut it into pieces and used as layering material. Not that I would ever cut a bought stencil but this little self-made version out of transparency worked nicely like that.

There’re no more mistakes in the spread to share but I did add elements with stories to it. The main cluster has found ephemera in it. A clothing tag with the twine and two little check-up tickets from products are hiding among patterned papers. The big squares lining the way from the bigger cluster to the other are from another project, left overs given a new life. Maybe you could think it would have been a mistake to throw those items away?

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a nice, warm day! Stay safe everyone!

Materials: Prima Marketing, PaperArtsy, Ranger, Cricut, Lawn Fawn


Book Poetry - FB live recording

Moikka moi! Last Saturday I kept a FB live at Finnabair and Friends Facebook group. During it I created this art journal page. The background is an old book page, which then sparks the whole story. 

If you were unable to attend the live, please see the recording underneath! 

Here's the two pages side by side. Similar, yet different as I changed the composition to fit the vintage photo characters better. If you want to see more details of the page on the right, please see the announcement post (link). In it you'll also find the materials list.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! Stay safe, everyone!

Materials: Prima Marketing, GelliArts, Tim Holtz

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