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It's already Wednesday! Oh my - once again the time really flies! First a couple words in Finnish about a workshop and then I'll write more about today's project, which was published in Prima blog not so long ago. Here's the link to that original post with lots of eye candy (link)!

Nyt viikonloppuna suuntaan Ruotsiin, mutta sen jälkeisenä viikonloppuna, tarkemmin lauantaina 5.11. ollaankin Donnossa, Halikossa kurssin kera. Tällöin leikitään mustalla gessolla ja PanPastels -väreillä ja tehdään teos paletin päälle. Kurssin hinta on 39 € / hlö, johon sisältyy käytettävät materiaalit. Pari paikkaa on vielä vapaana eli jos kiinnostaa niin eikun ilmottautumaan! Lisätietoja tästä blogipostauksesta (linkki) taikka allekirjoittaneelta - laita rohkeasti sähköpostia tulemaan! Osoite löytyy tuolta sivupalkista.

The upcoming weekend I'm teaching in Sweden, in Uppsala and I'm so excited about the trip already! The few words I wrote here above are about a workshop here in Finland - the Sweden ones are all booked but there's a couple of places left in the Finnish one. 

But back today's project, the colorful journal page. Do you have that moment when the project you are doing starts to live its own life and takes a turn to something new? This happens to me quite often and I’m just happy letting the project guide my way in the process. It was the case with the journal page as well – I started by some stencil fun and then stamped the blooms on top all the time thinking, I would use that as the background. But when I started coloring the flowers and adding the paints on top, the project wanted to be more than just a background. It wanted to be the whole project, not just a background - vibrant, happy and standing on its own! So instead of forcing it to be what I wanted, I let it be what it wanted and went with the flow! 

Do you do that, let the project take over and see where it takes you? 


980290 – Bloom Girl stamp Catrina
980313 – Bloom Girl stamp Floral
963231 – Metallique Rich Turquoise Acrylic Paint
963132 – Metallique Wild Fuchsia Acrylic Paint 
963187 – Art Alchemy Metallique Pure Sunshine
963262 – Mixed Media Essentials 
961428 – Soft Matte Gel 
576493 – Palette Marker Set Sapphire
576486 – Palette Marker Set Dark Skin
576516 – Palette Marker Set Ruby
576455 – Palette Marker Set Jet Black
961893 – Messy Clear Stamp 
569792 – Alpha Canvas Large White
582975 – Décor 1 stencil 
584566 – Tile stencil 
980399 – Spark stencil
962296 – Alpha stencil 
962760 – Brush Set 
963880 – Silicone Brush 2” 
960209 – Finnabair Mixed Media Journal

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Peppermint ATCs, take 2 - Artists Live

Hello hello! How are you on this Tuesday? It actually snowed today here in Finland so these snowy projects I have been sharing lately are starting to be actually on time! The snow melted in the ground immediately, but the snow and shine in these cards is to stay.

The cards were made during an Artists Live show some weeks ago and like always, there's a recording of the show available! You can see the recording below or if you want to see the other shows as well, you can always go to Artists Live YouTube channel (link). The live shows are on Mondays at 8pm CET or 2 pm EST. That's 21:00 in Finnish time! The show is on every Monday the same time so once you get the hang of it, it's easy to come back every Monday!

As you could see from the recording I was making some snowy pastel colored ATCs using Prima's Sweet Peppermint collection and a couple of other materials, too. You can see a photo of some of the materials I'm used below and there's a list of the supplies also.

Thank you for your visit today! Have a great day!


White cardstock
White tissue paper 


Hip Hip Hooray Seven - Scrap FX

Hi there! Yesterday I showed my first page with the new Scrap FX collection and today it's time to show you the other one. Where the first page was sweet and romantic, the other one is a bit more modern and colorful. You can see them both naturally here in my blog but also in the Scrap FX blog (link), in the original post.

In this layout I documented my older daughter's birthday party. Each year they can choose a theme or color in which we decorate the room and use that also as inspiration to the food we're going to serve. Last year, when she turned seven, she chose Disney's Merida as the theme. I sewed her a Merida dress, we had blueberry cheesecake (she asked for it) and during the kid's party we for example made witch's brew and the kids got a bear claw pendant as reward.

I chose a minty green patterned paper with dots as my background as it was happy and birthday like. Otherwise I then used dark blue and white, both colors were present in the Merida dress I sewed.

The main element in the background is the word "seven" from the "Milestone Card Seven". I glued it to the page and then painted gesso on top. The first blue layers are made with mist and watercolors and on top there's a subtle pattern made with the "Cool Circles" stencil. The big white numbers in the edges of the page are done with the "Fancy Number" stamps and embossed with white embossing powder. I used the same powder also to coat the "Hip Hip Hooray" chippie.

On top of the "seven" in the background and the "hooray" in the title, there's also one more word in the page. It's one of the hashtag words from the "#party" set. I painted that blue with watercolors and then added white "stitching" on top using a gel pen. The same way I treated also the pinwheel chipboard, which is peeking above the photo.

Thank you for stopping by today! Hope you've had a lovely start to the week so far! 

Supplies from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, 7 Dots Studio, Wow Embossing Powder, Prima Marketing


Story of our engagement - Scrap FX

Sweet Sunday! My two layouts with the new Scrap FX goodies are now published in the company blog (link) and I'll share them with you here in my own blog as well. As I said, I used the party themed new chippies in these, but like always, mixed in some older products as well. The other page is romantic and pink and the other one more modern and blue. So let's get started! 

The first page you can see on top there. It's made about how my husband and I got engaged. We had been together for years and I kind of knew he was going to ask me to marry him. One day we drove to my parent's summer house and without me knowing it, he had then asked my father's permission to marry me - yes, my love is old fashioned in that way.

On the way back home we didn't drive the usual route but instead drove along the coast line. He remembered that I had said that I'd love to be proposed near the sea. Because it was autumn the weather was not on his side - it was dark and rain poured down from the sky. So instead driving to the sea shore, he asked me to marry in the car as the weather was so terrible. The ring was in the glove compartment. 

As we've been soon even married ten years (well, year and a couple moths to go), it was about time I finally wrote that memory down! I used pink and flowery papers in the page and treated all of the chipboards with golden embossing powder. I even created a golden swirl to the background using the "Damask"stencil and gold crackle paste. I also added so pink mist through the "Botanical" stencil, but that's not that visible in the finished layout.

The main embellishments in the page are the two flourishes - the "Doodad J Tails" one vertically and the "Flourish 19 Wing" one horizontally. Near these two there's also two horseshoes from the "Mini Horseshoes" set. Part of the title is also done with a chipboard, the "Engagement Mini". And to finish the lovely feeling there's a heart from the "Lots of Love" set and the word "Love" cut from the "Vocational" transparency. The little circles around the page are drawn using the "Random Dots" stencil.

Thank you for your visit today and please return tomorrow for the second page! Wishing you a pleasant start to the new week!

Supplies from Scrap FX:

Materials: Scrap FX, Prima Marketing, Wow Embossing Powder, We R Memory Keepers


I'm lucky - 7 Dots Studio

Hi there and lovely Saturday evening! I'm sorry the blog has been a bit neglected recently. I've changing my day job and I'm currently working two jobs so there's just a bit too much work hours at this point to keep a steady flow in the blog as well. But luckily the transfer period will soon be over and I can focus on one job again and then have enough time in the day to blog steadily again as well. 

But back to today's project. It's a layout I created to the recent, on going 7 Dots Studio challenge. The theme this time is "Good Fortune and Luck". You can see the challenge details here (link) in the company blog as well as a bunch of amazing projects and even a video! So I urge you to take a look if you haven't already! 

The theme got me thinking how fortunate I am. I have a supporting family and great friends, lovely hobby and warm home. As there seems to be more and more chaos in the world, it’s important to look back and see all the good things there is. I’m also extremely fortunate and lucky to have all these wonderful design opportunities in my life! One can’t be nothing more than grateful!

I went with a green color scheme as that to me connects automatically to luck - maybe because of the four-leaf clover. The background is done using acrylic paint and mist. There's also so stamping and stenciling in there as well as the pencil swirls.

Thank you so much for visiting today! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Homegrown: Clear Stamps 
Soulmates: Squares Mask 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, Teippitarha


Delicacy - Turtle Soup Creative Magazine

I did three layouts for the latest issue of the Turtle Soup Creative Magazine. I've shared two of them already and this one is the third. If you want to see all three layouts together and a big big bunch of other fantastic creations, you can see the issue here (link).

What the layouts have in common is the color scheme. Each issue has its own palette and topics. Naturally you could use just either topic or the colors, but I like to use them both in my pieces. So this time the colors were autumn splendor like - oranges, yellows and a hint of brown, too. Not my usual color palette, so maybe that's why these layouts were so fun to make! 

The topic of the page is like the title suggests - a delicacy but also how eating habits change when the weather turns colder. It's funny how during summer time I crave for cold foods and light ones - like salads. But when the weather starts to get colder and you can sense the autumn in the air, the eating habits change. And during winter time, all one craves are casseroles and stews! So funny! 

But back to the delicacy part and to the photo. Last Christmas I bought some brie cheese and fig preserve to take along to my parents. Even though the plan was to share it with everyone, I guess it was me who ended up eating the most of the cheese. A thin cracker with some dried fruit in it, then a chunk of brie and on top the fig preserve. Oh so delicious! 

Thank you for visiting today! Can I ask, what's your favorite treat? 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Scrap FX, A Flair for Buttons, Sakura, Wow Embossing Powder


Friends in Crime - Turtle Soup Creative Magazine

Hello there and a happy new week! Yesterday it was my turn over at Artists Live and I made some glittering pastel ATCs. You can see the announcement post here (link). The recording of the show is already published in the Ustream channel (link), but I'm having difficulties to upload it to YouTube. Will let you know when it's up there as well! 

This page was something I created for the Turtle Soup Creative Magazine. You can see the whole magazine here (link). Maybe you recognize the persons in the photo? It's me and darling Terhi! The shot is taken when we attended a crop over a year ago and had an assignment during it. We should decorate a letter in pairs or in small groups and that's me doing some doodling while Terhi is doing splashes. If you've seen both of our work, you just know that a project done in co-operation just couldn't exist without those two - we both use them so much in our projects!

I went with a warm, autumn-like color palette, but added some grey in for the contrast. The background is done using watercolors as well as stamping and doodling.

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Tuesday!

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, A Flair for Buttons, Ranger, Teippitarha, American Crafts

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