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Hello there! How are you? Crafty, I hope! Have you been joining in the Sizzix Summer Live Festival? If you haven't yet, there's still time. You can see the schedule here (link). On the other hand, if you are more into self-phased learning, you might find the Sizzix UK Tropical Hub interesting (link)!

But today I'm blogging a summer tag I created using Sizzix dies. I had a rough plan what to do when I started, but it got changed along the way. Let me explain. I thought about using the butterfly cut with "Tattered Butterfly" as my center piece. I colored and cut them, but when I then tried to add it to my tag, it was too big and not complemented the design. So I left the butterflies out to be used in another project. I actually did that already, too, and that project turned way better than if I had forced the butterfly to this tag! 

Above you can see the set of butterflies I created. While working with this tag, I recorded a video. You can see in that, that I try to add the butterfly to the tag more than once. I'm a bit thick headed that way. A list of dies I used is underneath the video. I especially like how the lace looks underneath all the layers - it's looking more like a piece of fabric than a die cut element! The lace is cut using "Intricate Lace" die.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you all the best!

Materials from Sizzix: 

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, Sinelli, Ranger


A dress for Ellen - Mixed Up Creative

Hi there and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Creative, I hope! If you are in a good roll, then here's something you can participate!

Mixed Up Creative Academy has a new fabulous Masterclass called "Fabulous Faces". Inspired by that, there's a challenge over the Facebook group (link) connected to faces. The challenge is simple - just use a face of some sort in a project. The price of the challenge is a place in the new Masterclass "Fabulous Faces"! If you want to take a look, a naturally you want, you can familiarize yourself to the workshop here (link).

I made a sample project for the challenge. I was inspired an art exhibition happening in Helsinki Art Museum and used the title of the exhibition as a quote in the page. The exhibition is of the works of Ellen Thesleff. 

I made the journal page speedily without thinking too much. I chose a sheet previously made during Louise Nelson workshop as my background and went from there. The face I found from a magazine. Ellen Thesleff was an expressionist, so I chose to do a colorful dress for her and added the quote using colorful letters. If you want to see how I made the page, please see the video below!

Thank you for stopping by today! Can't wait to see your interpretation of faces! 


Ps. I'm quite excited about my resident tutor badge, too. Just look how fancy it is!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tape Garden, Posca


Life should be celebrated - Wow Embossing Powder

Sweet Sunday! A couple of days ago I shared some easy peasy cards that I made for Wow! for the Hochanda show. If I saw correctly, those didn't appear in the show, as there was such a huge amount of samples, but this one I did spot! If you didn't take a peek on the earlier post, here's the links to see the shows again! First the 12 o'clock show (link) and then the 5 pm one as well (link)

This project is done using "Basically Wow" set with those basic, "can't go without these" powders. I created an easy watercolor resist to the background, patterned my own cardstock, added some stamped and embossed details here and there and then added a vintage styled photo sticker from the Art Daily -selection on top.

Have a great start to the new week! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Wow Embossing Powder, Prima Marketing


Enjoy - Prima Marketing

Hello there! How are you today? Today I share a little gift project with you! I made this for a blog post at Prima's blog. 

When I was thinking what to do this time, I realized that summer is the season of parties. At least here in Finland there’s not only the graduation and confirmation parties, but also great many weddings are held during summer months and if not anything else, there’s countless barbecue parties or picnics. So, I thought to make something you can use to take a gift to the hostess or as a present! I chose to decorate a box, because that’s something you can fill with anything and make it fit to any occasion. 

I started by adding some pieces of tissue paper to the cover of the box. Naturally you can cover the whole box as well, but just be careful not to collage the box shut. I also took the closing mechanism into account, when I added a velvet ribbon as the decoration to the edge of the lid. I adhered it only to three sides of the box, so that it wouldn’t hinder the hinges from working. 

I wanted the box to have a pearly, pale look. Like something fitting to a Rococo color palette. That’s why I chose to use “White Pearl” acrylic paint in my make but added a hint of color with the Opal Magic paints as well. If you want to the know how I decorated the box, please see the video! 

I also typed some tips connected to this project, but you can use those in other projects as well. They are after the materials list at the end of this post.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a sweet day! 

Tip 1: When decorating a box to be given as a gift, think about the receiver. You can pick the colors she or he likes or add embellishments according to his or her hobbies, but also think about how the box will be opened and closed. If there’s a separate lid, make sure that you don’t end up decorating the bottom part too much or too high up so you can still get the lid in place. On the other hand, if there’s hinges or a closing mechanism, make sure those work after all the decorations! It’s easy to be carried away! 

Tip 2: If you want a sweet, pastel colors, paint the project white and then use older versions of Opal Magic paints on top. That way you get a great shine and just a hint of color here and there. If you on the other hand want more colors, choose the newer additions to the line or use Metalliques instead.

Tip 3: Looking for a hint of texture? Try adding Micro Beads as the last detail! As they come in a variety of colors, you can probably find a color that suits your project. Or then go with metallics as they fit any color scheme! 


A woman with dyed red hair... - Creative Jumpstart

Hi there! I've been saving this little project as I knew this day would come! You can now get jumping on a discount price - right here (link)!

You perhaps remember me being over the moon late last year when I could announce that I was part of the Creative Jumpstart 2019? Well, I still am over the moon that I was part of the fun at 2019! But so can you! Although Jumpstart runs in January as the new tutorials and projects are shared daily then, you can purchase the workshop all year. If you are now on you summer holiday and looking for a little bit of extra boost, then I have perfect news for you. 

Not only that you can still purchase Jumpstart 2019 and get the inspiration, but during the next five days you can do so in a discount price! The workshop is now on 20% discount. So instead of the regular price of $60, it's instead $48! The price is changed to the website directly so you don't need any codes to enjoy the offer. So go ahead, jump, and purchase the workshop while the discount lasts! You can do so here (link).

The theme of 2019 was and is "Home is my castle". I was really inspired by the castle part and immediately thought of a substrate to work on. I ended up altering building blocks. But I also used the same steps of one of the cubes to alter and color this pendant! It's fun and colorful and in this way I always have a home with me. 

You can see the main project in these three posts - the whole tower and the white one (link)the colorful block (link) and finally the black one (link). Or if you want to see me babble with Nathalie, then choose this post (link).

Thank you for stopping by today! Go ahead, jump! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sinelli, Posca, N*Studio


Sweet pair - Wow Embossing Powder

Hi you sweets! How are you today? Yesterday was exciting as WOW! Embossing Powder was showed at Hochanda for the first time! We can't see the show from the telly here in Finland, but luckily you can watch it from your computer. You can see the 12 o'clock here (link) and the 5 pm show here (link). Besides seeing what product WOW! had to offer, the brilliant Marion does a lot of  demos to inspire you! 

The design team made a lot of samples for the show and you can see a bunch of them during the show! I'm so happy and thrilled and I got mentioned and some of my projects were shown! Really honored! 

In this post I share two of those samples I made. These are really simple cards, really showing the "Beach Brolly" embossing set that was in the show. So stay tuned - more to come! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Thursday!

Materials: Wow Embossing Powder, Pink and Main, Sinelli


Be(you)tiful - Wow Embossing Powder

Moikka! Today I share a colorful layout with you. I made it as a guest to Wow Embossing Powder. The inspiration to this page came from the wonderful colors of the WOW! powders - they make such beautiful rainbows! I decided to create a rainbow to my layout twice, once to the background and the other time to the layering paper.

I used my favorite WOW! stamp set in the make. I used it in the background, in the paper layers and also as the title. The stamp set is called "Big Words". I love the sayings in the set, the font and also how the letters are spaced! Really wonderful and handy set to have. 

To make the words visible on the rainbow colored background I used "Bright White" powder, echoing the white cardstock I used as the background. For the layering paper, I did the opposite - used white cardstock as the base and rainbow colored powders on top. 

If you want to see how the page was made, please see the video below!

The layout is about my younger daughter. She's such a beautiful person, but seems that she's bit insecure about herself. So this page is kind of a booster to her. Happy, bright and cute - just like she is! 

Thank you for stopping by today!  

Materials from Wow Embossing Powder:

Materials: Wow Embossing Powder, Prima Marketing, Sinelli, American Crafts

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