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Fri-yay! Yesterday I blogged my first project for April 2020 issue of Craft Stamper, where I had a Masterclass article about Distress Inks. My first project was an art journal page with four of the five techniques in use. 

My second project is actually two projects, two bookmarks. I couldn't decide between cat and dog so I did both. One bookmark for cat lovers and one for dog lovers! Both of the animal stamps are from the "We Are Family" stamp set. Where there was four techniques in the first project, these bookmarks have three. Can you spot those, too? 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great, artsy weekend! 

Materials: Ranger, P13 Paper Products


Home - Craft Stamper magazine

Thursday wishes! Here's something that was published long time ago, in March 2020, in April 2020 issue of Craft Stamper. My topic then was Distress Inks and this and the project I'm blogging tomorrow were a part of a Masterclass article. You might recall that a Masterclass was an article concentration on one product or technique and sharing five different techniques or ways with it. 

I played with the coloring and water-reactive properties of the inks in my article. There's four different techniques here, can you spot them all? I chose a warm, homey color palette for the two projects and used stamps from P13 Paper Products from the "We Are Family" and "Soulmate" collections.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please come back tomorrow for the other project I did for the article! 

Materials: P13 Paper Products, Ranger, Carabelle Studio, Prima Marketing


Edgar Allan Poe - Artful Academy

Hi there! Today I'm sharing a project I did some time ago, but just got published in an Artful Academy workshop! This one is done for an image transfer class called "Image Transfer Techniques" (link). There's different transfer techniques in the workshop with video tutorials by four different people including me.

In my segment I show some different mediums to transfer the image and then create the project you can see here. There's two videos, first video about different quick ways to do an image transfer and then second video about the project itself. In it I used several transfer techniques, but also collaging, layering, embossing... Like a proper mixed media girl! 

The workshop is now available through Artful Academy and it's only 8 €! So if I got you interested about the quick techniques, this project and also an abundance of knowledge from the other tutors, learn more about this collection here (link) at Artful Academy site!  

Thank you for stopping by today! Have an awesome day! 

Materials: Pentart, Prima Marketing, WOW! Embossing Powder, Posca, Carabelle Studio


Pioneer bloom - Seth Apter Creative Team

Moikka and happy Tuesday! Yesterday was really exciting as it was my day at Creative JumpStart 2021! If you are enrolled to the workshop, please let me know what you thought! I'm looking forward seeing what you make! If you haven't yet enrolled, you still can! Here's more information and a way to sign up (affiliate link).

Yesterday I also shared some ATCs I made using one of the new Seth Apter stamp sets. I used "Journal Jargon Eight" (link) on those cards, the same set I used in this card as well. Apart from that set I also threw in some "Journal Jargon Nine" (link) and "Word Strips One" (link) from the new sets. I also used "Spinners" (link) and "Tracks" (link) from previous releases of Seth Apter's stamps. All of the stamp sets are from Impression Obsession.

What the two projects also have together is that piece of type writer stamped cardstock there in the background. I created it for this card but as I had some leftovers, I used those to the ATCs. The flower is made up with a stamped circle and cut border-like strip of book paper, which I then twisted going around the edge of the circle. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful day!

Materials: Impression Obsession, Ranger, Prima Marketing


Felt ATCs - Seth Apter Creative Team


Hello and happy Monday! Last Wednesday I was live at "Crafting together with all brands" and made some ATCs. I swapped a couple of them afterwards but rest of the lot went to my ever increasing stash of ATCs so I guess I really need to put them up for grabs soon! 

In the lot are also these three which I made using new Seth Apter stamps from Impression Obsession. These cards have been made using "Journal Jargon Eight" set (link). That set consists of different words with a typewriter font. I used the stamps to make a typed looking background piece and also a saying to each of the girls to hold or have.

All of the cards are done on top of thick acrylic felt. I added some stenciling and colors to the background. On top I then sewed the paper and pieces of ribbon. I then adhered a Tim Holtz paper doll to each card along with the word. To finish the set I stitched around the edges of the card with different color embroidery thread. 

I'm thinking of holding on to one of these, but the other two are up for grabs or swaps! Please send me an email should you want one! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great, artistic week! 

PS. It's my day today at Creative Jumpstart! I'm so eager to see what you like about my take to the theme "Storyteller". If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, please see this earlier post (link) or go directly to Nathalie Kalbach's site (affiliate link) to find out more and enroll! 

Materials: Impression Obsession, Prima Marketing, StencilGirl, Ranger, Tim Holtz, 14 Craft Barn, Sinelli


Magic Realism - Art Daily Cafe

It's Friday! Today I'm sharing my first 2021 post for Art Daily Cafe! May the year be filled with wonder and creative experiments and enthusiasm. January theme is by Inna Bronnikova and involves books and fairy tales. You can see the theme post here (link)

I often use old book pages in my crafts. As I’ve probably said before, I adore their color, scent and the fact that they open a way to countless different worlds. As the theme specifically talked about fairy tales, I started by pulling out some old children’s fairy tale books I’ve received. They only have a couple of pages inside them, but I really like the covers and the illustrations. They are by a famous and loved Finnish illustrator called Rudolf Koivu. I decided to dare to use one of the pages and cut the illustration loose. I used rest of the page as collaging material for the background. 

I added several layers to the page before adding the illustration on top. There’s a couple of different shades of green in there, some stamping, some doodling, some splashes. Even though there’s a lot of layers, the whole page didn’t take that long for me to finish. I liked it, I liked the quote cut from the book (“Many wondrous things got Tutta and cat to see along the journey.”), but somehow the page seemed too easy, too fast and too flat. It also lacked the “magic realism”, which came to my head when thinking about fairy tales for adults – an idea which came from the quote of the month by C. S. Lewis: “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” 

Magic Realism is a literary genre. The stories seem to be in the modern world, but then something breaks the pattern, there’s some magical elements added to the plot. Like when a trickle of blood flows from a building, passes streets and terraces to the kitchen of Ursula at Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” or when the cool photographer Mikael finds an injured troll by his doorstep at Johanna Sinisalo’s “Not Before Sundown”. You can read more about it here (link). So, I wanted the piece to look like “normal” at a first glance but then something unexpected to pop out with another look. I pondered about adding some wings to the horses, but they seemed not to fit so instead I added a butterfly wind to the right corner, kind of reminding myself about the idea. 

So, I decided to have another go. Again, I started with paints, book pages and layering. I added some doodling, stamping and stenciling. This time I chose a photo of a lady as the centerpiece and made some wings to her from a butterfly. This now went somewhat with the magic realism idea. 

I decided to show both pages because of a revelation. Part of my hesitance with the page was to do with the fantastic creations other teamies share here. They are so layered, finished and full of details that I felt that my quick pages weren’t “good” enough. But then I thought again. The product line is called “Art Daily” and that’s also the title of this blog. The idea, from what I can gather is just that, creating daily. So, not every piece has to be perfect, required long hours to complete. Both pages were made at night, after a full day of work and family life. So, they are very doable as a daily routine! I hope that this encourages you to do something creative every day. It can be as little or as much you want, but seldom you don’t have 5 minutes to spare for slapping some paint or tape to a sheet. 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Wishing you an artsy new year and a lot of time for being creative in your own way! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Posca, Ranger, Tim Holtz


Tiny mixed media houses - 7 Dots Studio

Hi there! Today I'm sharing some tiny houses with you. I wanted to do something a bit different this time for 7 Dots Studio, so I decided to alter these tiny wooden houses using 7 Dots Studio products. 

My wish was to make the houses connected to winter or even to the Holiday season. I chose papers with pale backgrounds to cover the houses but mixed in a darker grey as well. But the pattern fitted to the theme so well, stars! I coated the blocks with paper, added some stamping to all sides and then made a cluster of elements to the front. The pieces are from the “Dreamscapes” die cut sheet. On top I then chose a wintery word from the “Northern Lights” word stickers. If you want to see the process, please see the video! 

After the paper elements, as you can see from the video, I then added some mediums to make the houses icy and sparkly. I used two different texture pastes on them, mostly concentrating to the roofs like there was snow on the rooftops. I added some sequins and beads, too, to make them more sparkly. As a finishing touch I made some icicles using hot glue. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely wintertime!  

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Northern Lights – Word Stickers 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Sizzix, WOW! Embossing Powder

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