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Sweet and creative day! Today I'm sharing my first video post of 2019 for Prima! I usually make layouts for these posts but this time I decided to do something else – a mixed media canvas. There's actually more mixed media projects coming this year as I think you prefer those over layouts! 

I love to use mixed media touches in my layouts, as you might have seen, but where my true passion lays is altered pieces and assemblage styled canvases. I usually start with flat layers, like in this piece also and then gradually go for the height. I adore black gesso but during last year I kind of rediscovered the tones of old paper and tea again and have been using them since. This canvas is no exception – I start with old paper mixed with Vintage Alpha cards and then add tea tones to the watercolor layer.

My pieces usually evolve around an object. This time that is an old palette knife. What I also like to do is to have something vertical and something horizontal in the creation. Here the palette knife acts as a strong vertical line where as the flowers and other embellishments make up the horizontal axel of the project. 

As you could read earlier and see above, I taped a video while I made the piece. This time I didn’t make separate tips, but if you read the text above carefully, you’ll find some there! I hope you enjoy the project and find it inspiring! 

Thank you for stopping by today! 

Materials used: 584283 Vintage Alpha Card set in a Box , 966683 Swirly Florals stencil , 966294 Art Ingredients Melange Vintage Art Pebbles , 584269 Watercolor Confections Tropicals , 633608 Concentrate Watercolor Taxi , 633653 Concentrate Watercolor Candy , 961466 Art Basics Clear Gesso , 961374 Art Basics Heavy Gesso White , 966378 Art Alchemy Impasto acrylic paint Boudoir Pink , 596781 Color Philosophy Permanent ink Chat Noir , 961367 3D Gloss Gel , 961428 Art Basics Soft Matte Gel , 962593 Art Ingredients Micro Beads Blush , 966188 Art Extravagance Icing Paste Rose Gold , 964825 Art Daily Planner Rusty Metal Clips , 964948 Art Daily Planner Sticker Pad Words You Need , 583088 Metals for Wood Plaque 3960346 Mechanicals Washers 1 , 638030 Spring Farmhouse Everyday Beauty flowers637514 Pretty Pale Neutral Beauty flowers637590 Pretty Pale Sweet Species flowers

Materials: Prima Marketing


  1. Sad to hear you think most people prefer not to see layouts. I adore your layouts and especially enjoyed your Pretty Pale and Midnight Garden layouts. Still like to learn from your stencil work on canvases though.


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