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It's April already! Over the Easter holidays the weather has been really spring like, but today it's snowing! We had several inches of snow coming with harsh wind, almost like a snow storm. Although I love snow, now's not the time for it anymore. I'd like some green grass and blue skies, thank you.

Today I'm sharing two cards I made with Opal Magic paints to Prima's Finnabair at Michaels release. The cards come with a step by step tutorial you can see at the end of this post, but you can also get a downloadable version from the Finnabair at Michaels site (link)


Opal Magic is really appropriate name for these paints. I love the effect they create on light or dark surface, the magic that makes me smile every time I use them! They are perfect for a romantic, soft look on a white or light surface and on top of black or dark surface transform the project into a magical, luxurious one. Especially the gold / purple paint makes me think about “One Thousand and One Nights” tales!

If you want to see how the two cards were made using same Opal Magic paints, please see the step by step below! 

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a great start to the week! 

Step 1. Start by adhering the black and white ATCs to a piece of patterned paper. Use three ATC bases per card as odd number is better than even. 

Step 2. Add a layer of gesso to the cards. White gesso to white one and black to black. Use a silicone brush to smooth and easy application. 

Step 3. Start building your composition. Use the chipboard shapes as your background. Use the 3D Gel as your adhesive. 

Step 4. Paint the shapes with gesso. Again – black for black, white for white. 

Step 5. Make your clusters. Use the 3D Gel as adhesive and layer flowers, metal gears and some thread together. Thread creates a soft, random layer. Again, use three, five or any odd number of elements. 

Step 6. Again, add gesso. If using white flowers, you don’t have to paint the flowers white, but add a touch of gesso to the metals. Paint the flowers black and give the metals a quick brush over with black gesso. Gesso also adheres the thread here and there. 

Step 7. Use the same colors of Opal Magic in your cards. Paint the color first to white surface, study the pearly shine and then use the same paint to black and see how the color changes! Finish with some splashes. 


965556 – Opal Magic Mermaid 
963262 – Art Basics set
599430 – ATC cards black
599447 – ATC cards white
963453 – Mechanical Metal Gears
599454 – Box Flower set 
599331 – Chipboard shapes
963880 – Silicone brush 
848767 – Lavender “My Love in a Bundle”

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