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I'm a bad ambassador... Oh my. Just realized that I haven't blogged my take on the June challenge of 7 Dots Studio and the challenge is already closed! So sorry. But luckily you a) could see the project in the company's own blog when the challenge was announced (link) and b) can join the wonderful July challenge! What a great theme it has - " My Hero" (link)

The theme for the June challenge was "daily routines", a fascinating subject as those everyday moments flee so quickly and usually are underrated compared to celebrations and big life events. But what the life mostly is is the everyday things and the daily routines can be extremely inspiring. 

I have many daily routines and I’m a kind of routine lover. I love when I know what to do and when and that the everyday life is rolling. When thinking of a project to represent a daily routine I first thought about altering a tea cup but then decided to do a “tea bag”. Ha ha, pun intended! 

Tea is something I drink daily. Weekends start with a cup of tea, creating starts with a cup of tea and I usually end my day with a cup, too. I’m usually in too much of a hurry to drink a cup during the workday but sometimes I treat myself with a cuppa there, too. The soft tones of “Dreamscapes” fit the project perfectly. 

Thank you for your visit today! Please share your routine if you feel like it  - I would love to hear! 


Homegrown: Clear stamps

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Ranger


  1. Onpas kiva! Jos oikein ymmärsin niin käytetyistä teepusseistakin näköjään voi luoda näin ihanaa taidetta?!

    1. Kyllä, teepussit ovat loistomateriaalia! Kannattaa pitää silmällä Craft Stamperia syksyllä ;)

  2. I love this! So different, so personal.


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