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I've noticed something - I’m not a planner girl. I enjoy tremendously to see the beautiful planners others make but I just write my work shift to my planner so it’s not pretty in any way. And as I write the work shifts there, so far I haven't seen the point to decorate it that much. I love the idea of a planner and kind of a journal, a diary in there, but I simply don't have the time for that. So I stick to making layouts as a part of my diary.  

Prima has Planner Dies in it's repertoire so the first thing you'd maybe thought that if you aren't a planner person, you don't need those. But there’s so much you can do with the planner products than just fill your planner! So here’s a little spring card done using the Planner Dies and a couple of other dies, too. Can you spot the little polaroid frames for example?

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593261 – My Prima Planner Metal Dies Days 1 
587086 – Confetti Metal Dies Variety 
583996 – Prima Dies Victorian Lace 
847807 – Rossibelle Sweet Souvenirs 
847760 – Rossibelle Wildflower 
847814 – Rossibelle Lucky Charm 
991326 – Sweet Peppermint Sweet Peppermint 
594343 – Love Clippings Flowers Love Clippings 
594442 – Love Clippings Flowers Twinkle in my Eye
590444 – Prima Flowers Hollybrook 
962593 – Micro Beads Blush 
962616 – Micro Beads Berry 
964030 – Glass Beads 1.5mm 
961435 – Soft Gloss Gel 
573904 – Color Bloom Sultry Shimmer Peony 
573775 – Color Bloom Sparkling Pastels Sunshine 
573836 – Color Bloom Vintage Metal Tea Stain

Materials: Prima Marketing

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