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Hello there and happy Saturday! Here's a little something I'll be re-creating live next Monday as I'm guesting in Artists Live! Hope you can join me then! 

Are you familiar with Artists Live? It's a fantastic live show via Ustream (link) every Monday at the same time, 9 pm Finnish time - 2 pm EST, 8 pm CET. The time and place are the same, but what changes is the one who keeps the tutorial, the show. There's a regular team but also guests. The best way to keep on track who's on and what's the subject is to like Artists Live on Facebook (link) and follow the events there.

What I'm doing next Monday is some ATCs with Opal Magic paints and showing why their name "magic" is so appropriate. I'm applying the colors on white and black surface and you can see how the background color effects these paints. As we have an hour to us, I'm thinking of showing the Opal Magic waxes as well. Underneath you find the materials I'm at least using if you want to make the project together with me. 

Have a great weekend! Wishing you lots of creative time!



Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing


  1. These are so pretty. I look forward to the event. Thank you for sharing your fabulous art.
    Hugs from Monica


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