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Sweet Sunday! How's your weekend been? I've been having a crafty weekend and we also visited an interesting exhibition today so I'm ready for the new week!

Here's a little something I created fro Prima showing the Opal Magic paints. If you are familiar with Opal Magic Mica, you probably have some idea how the paints work, too. But where as you get one color with the Opal Magic Mica, you get two in the paints! You can see the original post with more awesome projects here (link) at Prima blog

I really love the effect of the Opal Magic paints. Even if I have used them a hundred times I’m still always amazed by the effect they create and most of all the magic! I also am drawn to their different look - one on white and one on black.

To illustrate that color changing magic even more I created two cards using exactly the same paints and most of the other supplies, too. The big difference is the color of the base – one I painted with black gesso the other with white. 

If you'd like to see in a few short steps how the cards are made, please see the tutorial below. Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a pleasant week! 

Step 1) First, make your composition using some Prima blooms and embellishments. Use a piece of watercolor paper as your background. Adhere everything with gel medium and let dry.

Step 2) Paint the cards with gesso. Use black for the other and white for the other.

Step 3) Then apply the paints. See how different the cards look and they are both done with same paints! On white surface the Opal Magic is a romantic, pearly shine and on top black it bursts into color!

Step 4) Finish your cards with some additional details. Lace and crystals for the sweet look and Glass Beads and crystals for the metal look. Use a slightly bigger piece of patterned paper to mount the cards.


963668 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Pink Blue 
963644 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Violet Green 
963606 – Art Alchemy Opal Magic Blue Yellow 
847739 – 8x8 Watercolor Paper Pad 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
961459 – Heavy Gesso Black 
583262 – Norma (resin faces) 
590024 – Flower Bundle White 
PE-067-41/1P – Light Grey 100 pcs 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
960346 – Mechanicals Washers 1 
963323 – MelangĂ© Art Pebbles 
583026 – Trim Plumeria 
961688 – Glass Beads Licorice 
991579 – Sweet Peppermint SIIC 
847784 – Rossibelle 12x12 Nostalgic 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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