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A new week and the second day of the new month also! Lots of new DT works to be shared! I'm starting with 7 Dots Studio. This month I wanted to use “Destination Unknown” for my projects. I like how the dark, vibrant turquoise is mixed with the softer tones in the collection. I did two pages this time, using the same collection in both but the topics are very different. I'm sharing the first page today.

This page is about my tattoo. I have two tattoos, both are made by same person. I first took a bigger one on my neck and just a few weeks later took the other one, the one shown in the picture. I get to explain that a lot as it’s quite visible even when I’m working.

My blog is called Paperiliitin which in Finnish means a paperclip. As my blog and my hobby has become such a big part of my daily life, I thought to show it, too and asked Kaloian to tattoo a paperclip. Really simple and clean, just like the design I have on my neck.

I started the page with a “Nature Walk” background but used many elements of “Destination Unknown” in my page. I also threw in some “Thoughts Keeper” as well. Background has mists on it and stamping with a stencil.

Once again, let me express my gratitude of you visiting! Thank you! Have a great week!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio:

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Um Wow Studio, Tattered Angels, American Crafts, Ranger, Design Memory Craft


  1. Ihana tatuointi! Sopii sinulle erinomaisesti! :)

  2. I love this and I love the tattoo but I have to ask why you chose paperclip for your blog name :D :D I love the colours and the teal looks wonderful. Another stunning layout.

    1. In Finnish it's a kind of wordplay meaning also "to add paper" - so that's why it's Paperiliitin :D
      Thank you!


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