Lady in blue

Hi there and sweet Wednesday! Today I'm sharing a first of a set of three. I was asked to create some big pieces for my work and I was given more or less free hands to do what I want. So I did a triptych inspired by the company logo and colors and turned them into ladies. Here's the first one - blue and a square. 

Each of the pieces has a theme for the embellishments of the crown. The blue one got her crown out of paper, scissors and pens. The backgrounds are made with similar style to each piece and each lady has a halo styled shape around the head, done using either white wooden pieces or a ring. 

These canvases were so much fun to make! I was a bit hesitant and scared about the sheer size - 60x80 cm per piece, which is about 24x32", but I took that as a challenge. And I really enjoyed working such a size! 

Please be back tomorrow and on Friday to see the two other canvases I did! Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Sinelli, Pan Pastel, Carabelle Studio

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