Barn owl - mixed media piece on felt

Moikka! Yesterday I shared a lyrebird (link) and promised to share another bird today. So here she is - a barn owl that I gifted to Linda Brun as she helped me travel lightly. Even though we were asked to bring some mediums with us, I was able to travel only with a hand luggage as Linda was kind enough to let me borrow (or actually use) some of hers. 

As I told yesterday, I asked the ladies what were their favorite birds. Louise's was the lyrebird and Linda answered owls. That left me a bit room to maneuver as I could make the decision about the owl I was going to do. As I've always thought barn owls to be really ornate and captivating with their round faces, I decided to do that. 

Like with the lyrebird and the crow, I started by priming the felt piece with clear gesso. Then I painted with acrylics and watercolors on top. To bring some softness to the piece I also used Pan Pastels on it and for the very fine lines I used Posca pens. 

On top again, like the previous two times, came the embroidery with some added tulle and this time also brown felt. I used french knots to give the owl the beaded look here and there but added some backstitches as well. I embroidered little triangles to the background to decorate it a bit.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant upcoming weekend! 

Materials: Pan Pastel, Prima Marketing, Posca, Copic, Ranger, Sinelli


  1. Your felt birds are absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful gift to your friends!

  2. Ihana. Pöllö on voimaeläimeni.

  3. Upeita lintutauluja. Tästä pöllöstä pidän erityisesti.


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