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Hi there! How are you? Can you believe it's Friday already? I honestly thought that I had shared this layout with you already when showing a glimpse of it during the Facebook live but it seems that I haven't. Well, better late than ever!

If you don't know which "live" I'm referring to, please check this post (link). I was honored to do a quick Facebook live this week for Prima using Impasto paints, which I have used in this page as well.

I like to take photos of my family and especially of my two girls, but I love so much the shots they have taken of each other! They had a small digital camera of their own and those pictures taken with that are so precious! There’s a lot of just black screens and the focus is usually off, but the pictures capture something magical – their own world, the one they share. 

In this layout I used the Impasto paints in my background in four ways. The first layer is done using a silicone brush and just painted and mixed two colors randomly with it. After drying I then added another layer through a stencil using a sponge (the red dots) and after that another stenciled layer, this time with palette knife the layer stayed raised and 3D. As I can’t finish a project without splashes the fourth way are the splashes. As Impasto paints are heavy body ones, you need to dilute the paint a bit to get the splashes.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you an awesome weekend! 


964566 – Impasto Paint Raspberry Pink 
964559 – Impasto Paint Poppy Red 
964511 – Impasto Paint Snow White 
964542 – Impasto Paint Pumpkin 
992040 - Love Clippings - All of Me Loves All of You 
992095 - 6x6 Collection Kit - Love Clippings 
584382 - 6x6 Collection Kit-Vintage Emporium 
585167 - 3x4 Journaling Cards – Rossibelle 
992125 - 4x6 Cling Stamp - Love Clippings 
589158 - Color Philosophy- Flamingo 
962319 - Elementals - 7x9 Stencil "Grungy Grid" 
961268 - Elementals - 6,5x10,25 Stencil "Honeycomb" 
590024 - Flower Bundle – White 
594428 – Love Clippings Flowers - 2 The Moon & Back 
586652 – Box Flowers Documented Beauty 
593582 - My Prima Planner Stickers – Summer 
593599 - My Prima Planner Stickers – Travel 
587345 - SIIC – Rossibelle 
582326 - SIIC - Royal Menagerie 
963897 - Art Basics: Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1"

Materials: Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons

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