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Hello! Sorry for my absence! Yesterday was magical, though. I got asked to do a Facebook live for Prima and naturally I said yes even though I'm a bit sick with the flu still. It was a wonderful thing and I played with some Impasto paints and did some fun ATCs. I forgot half of the things I thought to say, but I hope you still can find inspiration from these cards and the short FB live. 

I used a piece of cardstock I had painted black with Heavy Gesso as my base and made the backgrounds using different colors of the Impasto paints. They are really heavy body acrylic paints so you are able to work with them in different ways. Underneath you can see the recording of the Facebook live. Please remember it's my first one ever!

Underneath you can see both sets I made - the married couple was done as a sample for the live show and the kids I did during the show. The texts in the cards are made with little sayings stamps in Finnabair's stamp sets. 

Like always, the cards are up for grabs! So if you'd like to have one, please mail me! The email address is on the side bar. 

Thank you for stopping by today! It really means a lot that people visit my blog <3 nbsp="" p="">

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger

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