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I have a Friday treat for you! I was honored to guest in the Nathalie Kalbach's Artful Adventures Stroll Challenge online event. Each day the event had a challenge theme, a word to depict in a photo or project format. Some days the event had guest designers, like I was, and in other days Nathalie had self prepared a demo or a tutorial. The whole event was a prequel to launch of her book. And what a fabulous book that is! I'm also honored to have a copy and I've devoured almost the whole book now. It's splendidly written and a true source of inspiration.

But back to the project I did for my guest post. The word on my day was "growth". When I first thought of the word it immediately made me think about spring and the plants growing and life bursting out after the winter. The words then connected to green for me. So when I head outside to take photographs I not only took photos of nature, plants and marks of spring but also of green things I found in my neighborhood. With those photos I made the collage you can see below.

We live in a park kind of part of the city so there’s smaller and bigger parks around and trees, grass and all things green. But what always amazes me is how nature will find a way – there’s a dandelion growing out of asphalt, there’s grass emerging from a wall of rock and moss covers cement and statues. This was my first idea when doing the project – nature and the city.

My second idea was to make a project that actually grows. So I did a simple version – a pop up card like piece.

The third thing that has growth in this piece are the layers – first there’s a simple stamped piece of paper. On top I layered some stenciled tissue paper I did with watercolors. Then Archival Ink stamped pieces and acrylic paint. The mediums and designs grow from the subtle, translucent to more bulky and solid.

In my project the city is green and even starts blooming. Nature grows life everywhere. If you want to see how I made the project, please see the video below! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful start to the weekend!

Materials: N*Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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  1. Loved you project and video - thank you Riikka! So good to have had you!


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