See with your heart

Moikka! (Finnish for hello) Here's a little something I did some time ago in a workshop. It started as a workshop sample in Salo, but I think I added the last finishing touches at home with the pearly Pan Pastel. The piece combines some of my favorites - black gesso, Pan Pastels and Prima Marketing goodies.

In this piece I used a set of resins and placed the eye on top of the heart thus giving the palette its name. There's also some zipper flowers, bottle caps, light bulbs and lace in the piece. If you wish to do something similar, please see where I'm keeping workshops or invite me over! 

You can see another version of the same subject in this Instagram post (link), a palette I recently did in Kokkola while keeping this workshop there. If you want to see the piece in real life, well, I donated it to the shop I was teaching, Ihan Itse.

Thank you for stopping by today! Always a pleasure! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Epiphany Crafts, Pan Pastel

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