Finnabair at Michaels

If you follow me on Instagram or in Twitter you may have noticed a new hashtag appearing in some posts and projects emerging which haven't been blogged. This is all because of something that happened yesterday - Finnabair's art babies, a selection of them, are now available at Michaels! You can see the selection here (link). There's Mixed Media Essentials, Clear Gesso, Microbeads, Glitter Set, Mica set, Rust and Patina paste set and Mica Flakes set.

Naturally this is big news for her and I support her in this new adventure! I'm also happy to say that I belong into a team of people who's there to promote and help with the launch. I love her so much for being so supportive, so friendly and amazing. Thank you Anna for all your lovely words along the years and many many hugs! 

In this post I show two of the projects I've so far shared only in Instagram and details in Twitter. If you want to see the steps to make this blue and sparkly piece, please see this post (link). I've used the mediums that Michaels now sells in both of these pieces. In this blue one I've used glitter, 3D Gloss Gel, Soft Gloss Gel, Mica powder and Microbeads.

Here's the other project. It's done with Black Gesso, 3D Gloss Gel, Microbeads, Soft Gloss Gel, Ruste Paste and Patina Paste sets. For more details of these two, please scroll down! You can see the cassette used in this project here (link) in it's first stage and a short video of making the background here (link)

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely Friday! And if you happen to live near a Michaels, please see the selection they now carry! 

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