Black and white - GDT Artists Live

Hello there and great Tuesday! About a week ago I was guesting at Artists Live and created some ATCs using Opal Magic paints. You can see the announcement post with material links here (link)

As Opal Magic paints, like all the other Opal Magic products as well, work differently on white (light) and black (dark) surfaces, I used white and black gesso in the cards and painted them with same paints to show the magic effect.

During the show I created a whole bunch of cards! The method in these is the same, only the background color changes and effects the whole mood of the card. The light background and the opal shine give the cards a romantic, sweet look where as the dark background really makes the colors shine and the effect with the golden wax makes me think about Persia and orient nights. 

If you were unable to attend the show when it aired live, underneath is a recording from the Artists Live YouTube channel. As there were quite a few Finns watching (thank you!) I speak some Finnish during the show as well - you can hear how my mother tongue sounds like! 

Sorry for the yellowish light on the video! Hope you enjoyed it even so! 

Thank you for stopping by! Oh and these cards are up for grabs! They might be used as samples in a couple of weeks in Version Scrap so I'll pop them to the post after that but you can reserve your card already if you are interested! Just throw me an email and I'll then post one of the cards for you! Ta ta for now!

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing

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