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Hi there! As I mentioned in the previous post, we don't have an Inspired By post today, Marsha and I. Instead we're sharing what we are up to right now. Here's a link to Marsha's post (link) and in this post I'm sharing some thoughts or sneaks what I'm currently working on.

Yesterday I was at Taavanainen's work space keeping a workshop. We altered hubcaps! I've kept that workshop once before, in United Kingdom, but Taava asked me to do it again. I was happy to say yes as I feel it's really an eye opener for the people attending. We work with several different mediums and I can show that you can use anything! The photo above is of my workshop sample. If you want to see it, I think you need to attend Taava's shop as I donated the piece to her. 

There's more workshops coming as about a week I'm going to Version Scrap. I'm really excited about that! I have some extra supplies coming in and need to start additional kits soon. I mean there's a lot in the kit already, coming directly from Prima, but I want to give a little extra something to all those attending, too. If you want to see what we're doing, please see this previous post (link) with the project photos. To read more about the event and the workshops and enroll, if you haven't already, please go to the Version Scrap site (link)

There's also something exciting coming next month. Unfortunately I can't say anything more just yet. Only that keep your eyes open! I'm very grateful for all guest opportunities that are happening and naturally of the design teams I'm honored to belong to, too. 

But what's on my craft table today? Well, nothing much. Just a couple of broken items that need to go to my mixed media drawers. I was working the whole day today but tomorrow I'm hoping to get creative before work. I also have several projects that need the texts to be written, so maybe I need to do that first before getting my fingers into paints. 

So that's something that's going on here - what about you? 

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