Autumn wreath

As the winter draws closer and closer it's about time to share this wreath with you! And it's kind of on time as the center of the wreath reminds me about a spider's web, so you could do one for Halloween! You only need two frames and a few minutes and then you can hang your wreath the next day (because of the drying time). If you want to make one, please just follow the steps underneath! 

The idea behind the project was to make a wreath with a twist. I wanted to make something else than a round wreath and started thinking what I could use as the base material to create a wreath-like project. As simply altering a frame seemed a bit too easy, I decided to layer and used two simple frames on top of each other. 

Step by step:


Step 1. Take a piece of tissue paper and bring out your gelli printing plate and acrylic paints. Use the gelli plate and make some prints. Mix a few colors for a varied, unique look. 

Step 2. Use the same colors and print also a couple of book pages.


Step 3. Add another layer to your tissue paper prints with stencil. Add the paint through the stencil and create a varying pattern.

Step 4. Paint your frames white if they aren't ready. 


Step 5. Cut or rip the tissue paper in pieces. Use Soft Matte Gel and collage the pieces on top of your frame. Use heavier and lighter printed spots in your project.

Step 6. Weave a web to the other frame. Start by going around the frame and then knot the thread to half way of each previous layer of thread. If you don't know how to go on with the weave, see a dream catcher tutorial. Mix some wooden beads in the mix.


Step 7. Layer the two frames on top of each other. Think about which one to use on top. Use gel medium and adhere the pieces together.

Step 8. Roll up the book pages to cones and use them as decoration in your frame. Use gel medium to glue the cones in place.


Step 9. Add some wooden pearls on top of the cones. If you feel really experimental, add also some dried acrylic paint pieces on top of the pearls. 

Step 10. Finish the piece with some stamping to increase some contrast to the wreath.

By changing the shape or size of the frames you can create different shapes. And if you don't mind the depth, you can even try to layer three or four frames on top of each other! 

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a sunny, lovely day!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, 7 Dots Studio, GelliArts

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