Jalapeno - 7 Dots Studio

Hello there! Another video post today! This one shows me creating this layout I titled “Jalapeno” for 7 Dots Studio. 

The story behind the page is our younger daughter, who is eager to try new things. Well, occasionally anyway. But this time she really wanted to taste a jalapeno. We told her that it’s going to be hot and has a really strong taste, but if you want, then just go ahead! And she bit a piece of the chili and first seconds were ok and then the burn started. You know how it is! Luckily we had milk already poured for her! Because of the burning chili, I added the sticker “she lived” to the layout. As all ended well! 

I started the layout by sewing four tags to the background. Then I started adding different mediums on top and lastly added the embellishments in. Find out which mediums I used by watching the video!

Thank you for your time! I hope I have inspired you!

Materials from 7 Dots Studio: 

Hopefully: Kiss Me
Illumination: Die Cut Elements 6x12
Soulmates: Squares Mask 
Thoughts Keeper: Clear Stamps 

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, A Flair for Buttons, Ranger, American Crafts, Sharpie


  1. So cute! Love the story. Your style is lovely!

  2. Such a pretty layout and you make it look so easy. I really struggle with it. My paper buckles and I hate that. Love the colours and your little girl is so cute.


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