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For a person who doesn't have a clue how to make cards I've been doing quite a lot of them lately! Here's one I did using the Prima coloring book as the main ingredient.

After making this card I totally get the coloring trend! After a long day at work I came home and grabbed the coloring book, the watercolors and a water brush and just relaxed turning the flowers into reds and pinks. I then added some shading to the blooms using watercolor pencils and then cut the design into smaller pieces and made a card out of them!

It's fun how full the card looks even though I added just a few blooms there. The bulk comes from the layered coloring book designs. The pattern is actually an oval shaped wreath or two parts of a wreath, but I cut them apart and layered to resemble a flower bouquet. The background is done using one of the new adhesive rub-ons and foils. 

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585723 – Watercolor Coloring Book
584252 – Watercolor Confections The Classics
584269 – Watercolor Confections Tropicals
576714 – Watercolor Pencils The Basics
576691 – Watercolor Pencils Scenic Route
971434 – Adhesive Rub-Ons
585631 – Golden Girl Foils
572105 – Wire Thread Ivory
847432 – Royal Menagerie 6x6 Pad
847722 – Watercolor Paper Pad 6x6
586775 – Quartzite
586812 – Calacatta
583330 – Royal Menagerie Helena

Materials: Prima Marketing, Sharpie, Kreinik


  1. Ihana, tyylikkään runsas kortti. Kiva yhdistelmä vintagea ja raikkaita värejä.

  2. for someone who doesn't normally do cards this is so absolutely Beautiful, so much beautiful exquisite detail.. This is a card worthy of framing or shadow boxed, I'm Gobsmacked....

  3. Gorgeous! I'm going to go get my watercolours and colouring book right now! (As soon as I finish admiring the new blog posts!)

  4. I have just bought myself a couple of colouring books. I thought it might be fun seeing as though my mojo divorced me. I love how you turned it into a card. So clever and so pretty <3


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