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It's again the 10th of the month and time for the "Inspired by" creation! But what is Inspired by? Every month awesome Marsha and I choose a subject to be inspired by. It can be an idea (link), a word (link), a product (link), a movie (link)a designer (link) or a book (link). Or anything! Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month. You can browse the past "Inspired By" posts from here (link).

This month's theme was decided over a dinner. It was awesome to spend some time with Marsha in Frankfurt and one night I got to join when she, Birgit and Tania went for a dinner. We also talked about the Inspired By in the course of the evening and decided this theme then. It was just "something Wow". With capital in Wow as it's referring to Wow Embossing Powders (link)

I've noticed that lately we have drawn more inspiration about words, concepts or products that movies for example. So maybe we could do that next? Who knows! As we were saying during the dinner, Inspired By is our playground, we can do anything! The theme can be anything and we can interpret it how we want! And it's totally awesome and so freeing. 

But back to today's theme. I absolutely love Wow embossing powders and glitters so using the product wasn't any problem. But then came again the hardest part, to think WHAT to do with those jars of happiness. Of course I could have done a layout or ATCs, but somehow I wanted to push myself a little bit more. I remembered the superb glass bottles Marsha did (link) and decided to try to stay away from paper. But what to use, then. I decided not to force anything and left the project for a while.

During the spring I did a quick spring clean in my "craft room" (aka a notch in our living room) and then I found the metal tags from Finnabair. And immediately I remembered this theme and put the two together. I decided to heat the metal and sprinkle the powders on top without any ink.

So I gathered some of my powders to my craft table and started playing! I gradually built layers with different powders and glitters by heating the metal and the existing layers. Boy it was fun to play! When I had the coverage I wanted, I then added some foil in the piece by using the Prima adhesive rub-ons. On top I then layered clear powder to get almost like a varnish style look. But it looked too pretty so in came some stamping! I heated the clear layer again, inked my stamp and added some script in there. Then I again heated the powder and made the stamped layer smoother. The whole process was just pure play, trying what would happen!

I did three tags and turned two of them into a pendant or a necklace to be precise. I also love the sound they make when they hit together so I recorded a tiny video rattling them. You can also maybe see the embossing layers better in the video than in the static photo.

I'm no jewelry maker so it was fun to see what kind of parts I have in my drawer and just add different pieces together. The big ring is actually an earring part but I guess there's no rules in jewelry making of this sort like there's no rules in mixed media! I quite like the look I managed to create!

But now it's enough about my project! It's time for you to visit Marsha's blog and see what she has come up with! Have a great, inspiring day!

Oh and I or rather Wow has something in store for you! Would you like to have six jars of the powders to yourself? Yes, most definitely you would! So we're having a little giveaway. You can participate by commenting to this post and double your chances by commenting to Marsha's post as well. You have until noon of March 20th to participate and then we raffle the winner. Please make sure that you either leave your email to the comment or have it available in your blog so we can contact the winner. Good luck!

Materials: Wow Embossing Powders, Prima Marketing, Ranger


  1. There is only one word for this... WOW!!!!!!!!!! Wow... So awesome!

  2. I love these. They are just beautiful. I think we all have some type of embossing powers to give this a try. I can see these hanging on the side of a mini album!

  3. wow i like this one and i like Marsha's too ! beautiful Inspired by !

  4. Your tags turned out so pretty and what an awesome project.

  5. I have never read your blog posts before. But I came because I wanted to learn what materials the necklace was made out of. And to find out you and Marsha are having a little giveaway. Thanks for your generosity.

  6. I have never read your blog posts before. But I came because I wanted to learn what materials the necklace was made out of. And to find out you and Marsha are having a little giveaway. Thanks for your generosity.

  7. I love your metal tags. What a lovely rustic grungy look you achieved. Fabulous colors, gorgeous texture...WOW....
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for the generous give-away... Gosh I would love to win.....I can imagine how much fun it would be playing and make something similar too...
    Hugs from Monica .... Spain
    (mamablitger@hotmail.com )

  8. Lovely idea and fantastic result ... also I like very much the noise that the pendants do bumping each other and I think I'll try to do something similar. thank you so much for the inspiration you give us. xoxo

  9. Oooohhhhh....this inspires me to take some old old flat metal pieces and reinvent them. Thanks!

  10. Love the taggy necklace.

  11. Ihanan näköisiä. Ja, joo-o, todellakin mukana arvonnassa. :)

    abackman66 at hotmail.com

  12. Stunning! Thanks for telling us how you do your projects, not just showing the end result. Your ideas are endless. - mustakatti(at)luukku.com.

  13. Yksi sana vain - WOW!
    Mukana ehdottomasti:)

  14. Upeita, ehdottomasti mukana. eija.m.aalto(@)gmail.com

  15. how awesome sandymclean76@hotmail.com

  16. Looks awesome! smac212000-forum@yahoo.co.uk


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