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It's weekend time! How are you planning to use your free time? Or are you working through the weekend? If you are up for some crafty time, here's a challenge you might want to join! 7 Dot's Studio's November challenge is up and the theme is "Vintage". What a lovely inspiration, don't you think? There's some much you can do with it! Here's the link to the original post with a lot of different projects form the DT (link)!

The “Vintage” theme reminded me immediately about the “Cold Country” collection and the old photos there. While rummaging through my 7 Dots Studio drawer I noticed also an almost used sheet of words stickers and thus the idea of the backgrounds for these ATCs were born. 

Each of the cards holds a secret. It was so fun inventing these! The secrets are written with the white pen to the cards but I manipulated my handwriting so that the text isn’t readable. The names of the cards might give a hint – “The Traveler”, “The Lover”, “The Dreamer” and “The Thinker”.

Like the previous set (link), these are also up for grabs! Just send me a mail with your address and I'll pop a card to the mail for you!

Wishing you a pleasant weekend!


Thoughts Keeper: Tags 12x12

Materials: 7 Dots Studio, Sharpie, Ranger, Prima Marketing


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE ... I'd be honored.


    1. Hi Sue - please send me a mail :) I'd be happy to mail you one!

  2. Riikka,
    Oh my gosh, your ATCs' are gorgeous - little works of art - each and everyone! Love them all!


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