Free Stamp Makes - Craft Stamper and something really amazing

Sunny Thursday! If I had some sad new yesterday, today is on the brighter side as I can finally share these projects made for the June 2015 issue of Craft Stamper. There's two cards and a mini canvas but the amazing part is that stamp! I was asked to design the cover stamp for the magazine! Oh boy was that exciting! So I doodled a doll style face stamp with a lot of curls. 

For the canvas I used just the face of the doll and replaced her hair with ephemera. The gallery "Free stamp makes" had a set color scheme so that's why all the projects have the same colors - purple, yellow and orange. 

As the cover stamp is quite small finding appropriate pieces for the hair was a bit challenging as everything was way too big! But I did manage to find some things that made her a good head dress - an old coin, some buttons and a tiny flower.

I also made two different style cards - the other just simple one layer one and the other more like my own style, not that I've made many cards recently. The other card has layers and different media, the other on the other hand just the stamped dolly and some rays. 

Which one is your favorite? 

PS. If you have the stamp and have used it, please leave me a link! I've seen some gorgeous projects using the stamp already and I'm so honored and happy about that!

Materials: Craft Stamper cover stamp June 2015, Ranger, Copic, Design Memory Craft, 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Canvas Corp, Teippitarha


kjjc said...

yay I have that stamp too. Its fab. I hope you are okay.

Riikka Kovasin said...

Thank you :") It's really amazing to see it in real. I'm ok, thank you for asking! :)

lehtipollo said...

Ihan mahtavaa että sait suunnitella leimasimen Craft Stamperin kanteen! Hieno tuli! Käytin sitä ATC:ssa.

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