Underneath water

I rarely share my "just for fun" art journaling pages but I thought to show this one as the inspiration behind is something that gives me the shivers - in a good way. The page is based on a song by Emma Salokaski and on a version she and her choir sung in "Clash of the Choirs" (Kuorosota) program. 

Maybe you are familiar with the concept, but it's some musicians gathering choirs of their own from their home town and then every week presenting a new song. Then the public can vote and one of the choirs is dropped every week until there's the last choir standing.

The song is in Finnish, but I think it's atmosphere will translate without the words. The title "Veden alla" translates as "underneath water". If you wish to read the translation of the lyrics, here's a site with the translation (link). It lacks some of the poetical nature of the original, though. Here's also the link to the original version (link), but somehow to me that choir version is just the most mind blowing.

I can perfectly relate to the host in the end because the first time I heard it in live TV, I started crying. The song and the choir version are just so powerful. I had that playing when I made the page and used many mediums in it.

I started with PanPastels and then added some stamping on there and also doodled a diver with PITT pens. The white spots are done using Sharpie and Big Brush Pen and also flicks of gesso.

Thank you for visiting today! Wishing you a great weekend!

Materials: PanPastels, Design Memory Craft, Sharpie, Prima Marketing, Ranger, Copic

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