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Yesterday it was all about invitation tips. Today the tip part continues but the topic is quite different. Finnabair Creative Team was asked to choose one favorite product of the Finnabair line and share thoughts and tips about the product.

The task was enormous! Not the crafting or the writing part itself, but the choosing! How to choose just one product out of so many great ones?! I think the stamps in the collection are great, the stencils versatile and just think about the new "art babies" - the Mica powders! So there was a great array to choose from! But my choice was Black Gesso. Underneath you can read what I wrote about the dark primer.

"Black gesso is a primer like it’s white cousin. What made me choose Black Gesso before the white one is that the darker one is a more recent find. I've been dreaming about the product some time and when a jar of magic arrived I was so eager to try it out. And the product didn't leave me cold, quite the opposite! 

It’s got a lovely, creamy texture and it has more tooth than the white one. The end result is lovely matte and almost chalkboard style. Black gesso creates an ideal base for pastels, crayons and more and makes the colors seem brighter. It’s also great base for Mica powders showing off their shine and luster. 

It’s also fun to work “the other way around” – bringing in touches of light instead of shadow. Finnabair Black Gesso is heavy body so you can also apply it through a stencil and use it as a dimensional medium."

I made this tag for the post using of course the Black Gesso in it. But I also included some Mechanicals, Glass Glitter and Mica Powders in there. There's even touches of Pan Pastels and the new Prima watercolor pencils in the project.

By the way, do you know what is the base for the flowers in the tag? It's a piece of a house hold item. A magical item that I loved as a child because of it's movement and shine and functionality and shape. Take a guess! 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pan Pastels, Tattered Angels 


  1. Tosi upeaa tuo musta gesso. Kaunis työ.
    Ihanaa viikonloppua sinulle.

  2. You do wonders with black gesso! I love how the colors pop! I have to try it for myself now :)

    1. Thank you Valia! Black gesso makes the colors really pop :)


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