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For the last four days I've shared daily a post about our lives. Today is the fifth and last day. If you want to read the previous posts, please use this tag (link). I suggest you start with Day 1 as it has some info that gives more sense to following days. But welcome to our Sunday!


What a lovely morning - our girls are at home! It was so sweet to wake up when they climbed to our bed and snuggled. After chatting a little there hugging, each of them by my side we got up and turned on the morning cartoons. They were happy to see some cartoons for a while as there's no TV at my parent's cottage. Usually they don't watch it much - just morning cartoons occasionally and a short animation before turning in at evening, before my or my husband reads the bedtime story. 

While the kids watched the cartoons I took out their drawers of clothes and started go through their wardrobe. I have been planning to do that for a week now, but finally got the urge to do it. And it was a good thing I did! Most of the warmer clothes in my older one's drawers could be moved straight to her little sister and most of the stuff in little sister's drawers gathered in bags to be taken to a friend with younger kids. I also got a confirmation to my notion that we need to get the older one a couple of new hoodies and a pair of jeans. No hurry there with weather like this, but they are needed when the autumn comes.


After the breakfast the clock had turned nine and I could put the washing machine on. So I loaded it and then continued going through the kids's clothes. Even though it's Sunday, I really needed to get a lot of washing done! I decided to wash all our duvets and pillows so it's quite a few machines as only one duvet fits into the machine at once.  

I also changed our sheets. Most of our sheets are black or white or mix of both, but last Christmas I bought a dark purple one as it was in double sale. As I had put the pillows to be washed, I then moved the big pillows we usually use just to make the bed to usage and shall be washing them when we get the actual ones back. 

As the temperatures just get climbing, we had some ice tea and cakes and the kids got ice cream. Both of us parents were spoiling them all weekend along - it was clear that we had missed them so much! After that the kids started to play with the doll house and the Legos. It was splendid to hear them chatter along in their room. The house was so quiet without them! While the girls were playing I typed in these everyday posts and then started to prepare lunch.


Have you noticed that when it's hot you don't get hungry? So I just cooked some potatoes and we had cold ham and tomatoes with them. Easy and delicious! As the desert we ate some fresh pineapple. After dinner it was the kids's nap time. Or rather the younger one's nap time, but they actually both fell asleep while listening a story.


While the kids were taking their nap I recorded one video and did two layouts. When they woke up, we had a quick snack and then waited a bit for the washing machine to stop and headed for the nearby park. Kids love it there - to run, to climb, to swing, to build sand cakes... We were outside until dinner time and then headed home. 


The kids went into the shower as they were covered in sand from head to toe and my husband watched over them there. I made crepes and a filling to go in them. Even though we all were hungry and I only made a half a liter dough for the crepes, we ended up having them as the evening snack with jam as well. 

After the evening snack it was time for the little ones to go to bed. I read the bedtime story and then finished the day with editing some photos.

So, there's five days of my life! Thank you for the challenge Marsha! As the fifth person I would like to challenge Mumkaa to take part in the everyday posts! I love the glimpses of her craft space and her attitude to life is so joyous! Thank you all for joining me today!


  1. Oh man, this is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your five days! I've read them all in one go!


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