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Continuing to post the ordinary days of our lives. You can see the previous three posts from this tag (link). I suggest you start with Day 1 as it has some info that gives more sense to following days. So this is the story what we did last Saturday.


As it was just us two at home in the morning, we took it easy. I spent most of the morning hours preparing blogposts and timing them. My husband made some music.

I usually try to time the posts at least a few days ahead, but lately I've been slipping from that. I love the easiness when the posts are timed and ready to go! No stress about remembering to type them in during the day. 


We were invited to my cousin's house for a family get-together so after the easy morning it was time to get ready for the party! As the weather was still very summery, I decided to wear my black summer dress with a belt. I also changed my glasses to contacts so I could have my sunglasses. I usually prefer glasses to contacts but during summertime I wear contacts every now and then as it's much easier to wear the sunglasses then. 



As we hadn't eaten any breakfast yet we left a tad early and visited a coffee shop on the way. We enjoyed a pleasant late breakfast there. We also went to the store to get the stuff we agreed bringing to the party. Everyone was bringing something and I first thought of taking something baked goodies but as I found out everyone else was already doing the same, I said we could bring the drinks. As there were plenty of children and young people there, I just brought a whole bunch of mineral waters and juices.


Then we hopped to the car and drove to the location. The journey took less time that we had thought so we were the first ones there. Luckily soon after my parents arrived with our little cutie pies! Oh, we  had missed them! It was great to notice that they had missed us, too, but not extensively. They enjoyed being close to us parents during the party, but there were no tears or such.  

It was great meeting the family! There was my aunt and uncles and my cousins. When we were younger, we used to meet more often, but now that every one has a family of their own, we get together more seldom. It was so great to see everyone and to talk with them - what's going on in everyone's life and such. 


While the kids enjoyed playing with their second cousins, it was obvious that they were becoming more and more tired. Most of all my first born. So we decided to say our goodbyes and headed for home. We thought it would be good to be at home before bed time so that the kids could tell more about the week they spent in my parent's summer house and get the feel of their own room again. On the way we stopped to get some food. Silly of us parents not to fill the fridge previous night, actually, but I guess we just didn't think straight then.


We ate first at home and talked about our week. I had bought the girls some new Legos and they wanted to build them straight away. My 5-year-old really enjoys building different structures with the pieces, but usually my 3-year-old just wants someone else to build a toy for her and then she plays with it. But now she builded the whole little bear structure herself with some guidance! We were so proud of them both - the older one building the monkey tree all by herself and the younger one actually building herself. 

The kids started playing with their new Legos and then added the older ones to the mix and then turned into playing their favorite game: home. The other one was mommy and the other one the child. After letting them play some time it was quite over their bed time and so we took a quick evening snack and then tucked the girls in. The girls had decided earlier that they wanted daddy to read the bedtime story so I just kissed and hugged them, wished a good night and then returned to the living room. 

I spent the rest of the night going through my mails, updating the Facebook and also blogging. As a little treat to myself, I watched a few Kasia's videos before turning in.

So that was what my Saturday was like! As a part of the challenge I should name a person to do the same every day. That is a person to document her 5 ordinary days and share them in her blog. I'm writing "her" as I already have a person in mind: Taru! She's just a fabulous person and has always so much going on so I think it would be wonderful to know how she does it! 

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