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Hi there! I hope you have had a lovely weekend so far! Today I'm sharing you two easy-peasy cards I created for Canvas Corp Brands using Tattered Angels and Canvas Corp. 

My idea was to make festive yet simple cards. Those kinds you can use in almost any occasion only by changing the colors and the text. I first chose two different Tattered Angels papers - the other one had a subtle texture in it and the other one pearly finish. The two different finish give contrast to each other and create a great detail to the cards. I cut two cards out of the textured one (White Burlap) and punched circles out of the pearly one (Satin).

I misted the cut cards with Glimmer Mist, dried it with a heat tool and then glued the punched circles on top. Then I took another color of Glimmer Mist and misted the circles. If I would have wanted a perfect, crisp edge, I naturally would have misted the Satin circles first and then added them, but as I wanted to have a slight bleeding, grungy look, I glued the shapes first and then misted.


For the other card I used purple in the background (Pop Rocks and Deep Plum) and red on top (Cadillac Pink and Black Cherry). The other card I made with green (Bahama Blue and Key Lime Pie) with turquoise on top (Jack Frost and Trunk Bay).

The key when misting the circles is to keep the bottle quite close to the shape so that the mist is directed straight on to the circle. You should also press the nozzle slightly more gently when doing a big background but not too gently so it won't drip. After doing it a few times, you'll get the hang of the right pressure! And if the first once aren't perfect - the more grungier project! 

I finished both cards with some random stamping and doodling using both a pencil and PITT pens. Lastly I stamped the greetings in there and mounted the misted parts on top a piece of patterned Canvas Corp cardstock. For the green/blue I used a green colored piece and for the red purple a black one.

Thank you for stopping by today! Tomorrow I have again a layout for you!

Materials: Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp, 3rd Eye, Design Memory Craft, Fiskars, Ranger, Stamper Anonymous, Sharpie


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