The happiest time - a YouTube live announcement

Sweet Wednesday to you all! I hope to see you online on Saturday when I'm keeping my second YouTube live and will be re-creating this Valentine!

During the live I start with the background, continue with embellishments and then finish the whole thing with the construction, bringing everything together. I will use different mediums for different elements but keep some things in common to keep the look pf the card coherent. At least that's the plan!

As said, the live is happening on my YouTube channel this coming Saturday, February 10th. The time is the usual 7 pm CET, which means 8 pm Finnish time. If you want to create along side me or just check the materials list before hand, or during, you can find it underneath the next photo. Links go to manufacturer's sites.

Hope to see you on Saturday! Have a great day today and thank you for stopping by!

(links to manufacturer's sites)

card base, envelope, a piece of cardboard
self made heart stamp
sewing thread, paperclips, epoxy dot stickers
folded piece of scrap paper
craft glue, double sided tape, foam tape
paper cutter, scissors, sponge, sewing machine, inking tool

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