Porte de Versailles - a mixed media piece

Hello there! You remember that last week I shared an art journal video with pink and blue? Here's another project inspired by that combo! 

Like I've said before, I often work on a streak, creating several projects during a day. Especially so when I'm filming videos. So, when I get an idea out of something I've done in one video, it usually then translates to another quite quickly. That was the case with these two - I first recorded that "on my table" styled journal project where I combined an electric blue with a pink tone and had this "altered door" lined for next. It could have become anything, but as I felt inspired by the color palette in that previous one, I imitated it in this one as well! You can see my process underneath.

I say I was inspired by the previous project about the color, but I also found inspiration from that decoupage paper I added to the background. It's from A.B.Studio. While the door could have been anything, I kind of wanted to use that decoupage there, so that set the romantic tone. I mean I could have painted the whole thing black and done a sinister looking castle door. That decoupage sheet as well as the previous project then got me to the track of doing this sweet, romantic door. 

I saved the word Versailles there in the project, or rather, placed it in a corner where I thought I might not cover it with layers coming on top. While the pastel colors and the ornamentation might fit to rococo, I don't think there's enough gold in this door to fit Versailles! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Ps. Like I say in the video, there's going to be break in the Friday process videos because of the Easter next week. But not to worry, a week after that a new video is already scheduled to be released! 

Materials: A.B.Studio, Prima Marketing, Ranger

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