Rosy Marie - Matka Luovuuteen

Sweet Saturday! Today I share with you another project I made during the "Matka Luovuuteen" event in August. You can read more about the event in here (link). During the event there was two workshops by Olga Heldwein and two by Aida Domisiewicz. I started last Sunday and Monday with two projects I did during Aida's classes and this weekend I'm continuing with the two projects I did during Olga's workshops. 

This frame or doll was made during the "Queen of Steampunk" workshop. Like the workshop description says, we used many mediums and made layers and the end result was a sculpture-like piece. 

The workshop was a lot of fun - I loved especially doing her hair! It was also see how Olga uses the different mediums and goes on with the composition. I surprised myself and chose a rosy color palette instead of my favorite teal - turquoise - blue -one. But this project didn't want to be blue, she wanted to be pretty in pink! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely weekend! 


Jaana H-V said...

iiik, ihana!

mamablitger said...

Oh dear she is adorable... I LOVE how you let all the fabulous flowers flow out in the lower part. It looks amazing !! And the hair looks awesome. Did you buy a doll wig or how did you start the hair ?
Also I would love to know if you used a ready made frame or did you add the pretty ornaments on the top...? And last question : did you buy the doll or made it from paper clay or somehow else ???
I'm so sorry for all these questions and would be so grateful if you fond time to reply. I'm crazy about this project and would enjoy so much to borrow the idea in a variation of my own if that would be ok with you.
Thank you for sharing your lovely art. It is such a great source of inspiration.
Hugs from Monica.... Spain

Riikka Kovasin said...

Thank you Monica! The project is done during a class that Olga held so I can't share too much. But the hair was made during the class. Both the doll and the frame very ready made, provided in the class kits. :)

mamablitger said...

Hi again Riikka... First of all thank you so much for replying. And yes I understood that you created this lovely project during a class with Olga. Lucky you.... I would have loved to be able to join...sigh... But what I wanted was to know if I would be able to find supplies looking a bit like those you used. But since the doll and hair were provided in the class I guess you dont know where to buy similar or look alikes. I will have to think creative to come up with alternatives....lol... But if you ever hear where the dolls and hair can be bought I will be so grateful if you would tell me....please...
Once again thank you for sharing your fabulous project. I'm so in love with the result of your efforts.
Hugs from Monica..... Spain
( mamablitger@hotmail.com )

Riikka Kovasin said...

I think you can find some kind of doll supplies in some craft stores. Like fake hair and maybe even the heads? At least I've seen those a couple of years back. Or maybe try to search eBay? They have loads of different things there!

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