My love and me - Matka Luovuuteen

Yesterday I shared my first project done during Olga Heldwein's workshops in Matka Luovuuteen event. Today I share the other one, a canvas I did during the "Retrospections" workshop. 

I'm probably sounding like a parrot, but this workshop, too, was so much fun! You probably know that after some time crafting and playing with the different mediums, there's not maybe so many new techniques one can be taught, but instead it's about the idea behind the project, the process and the little tips and tricks. It was like that with this project as well - the little things and the process. This project also got me interested in those straw-like elements I've seen popping up here and there but haven't got to work in my own projects. This proved that more is more! 

The picture in the project is me with my darling husband, taken this summer. I'm telling him how lucky I am to have him in my life on weekly basis. We've been now together over 13 years. We've kind of molded together, go so well together nowadays. I'm also happy that he feels the same way, we compliment each other. 

Sweet day to you all! Thank you so much for visiting! 


Elina Stromberg said...

Tämä kanvas on aivan huikea. Oli mahtava nähdä livenä, kuinka se syntyi ♥. Kiitos luovasta matkaseurasta!

Riikka Kovasin said...

Kiitos järjestäjälle! Ja kiitos seurasta :)

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