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Moikka! Maybe you've seen the most recent Brand Ambassador post already in Finnabair's blog (link), but if not, the theme for the post was this time set by Gayle and it was stencils and Liquid acrylics. What a wonderful topic for a project – stencils and Liquid acrylics! I chose to do an art journal page with these two. 

I started by using the Soft Matte Gel to adhere a piece of tissue paper to my page. Then on top I used my first of two stencils, the “Oriental Wall”, and applied 3D Gloss Gel through it. After letting the layer dry thoroughly, I then took several colors of the Liquid acrylics and added them to the page. I chose vibrant, joyful colors and let those mix together on top of the project. I used a heat tool to speed up the drying and then took the other stencil I used for the project, “Gothic” and applied black paint through it to the page. I also added some stamping to add more interest and texture. 

Only after I had my background treatment ready, I started sketching the character, before that it was just a floating head! I used both a regular soft pencil and a black watercolor pencil to draw the details. I also added a halo to the lady and colored that using Metallique paint. I added some golden touches to the texture as well.

I find working with Liquid acrylics soothing. They act almost like watercolors but are permanent after drying. You can use them to start your project or to finish it. You can build layers or add just a hint of color. I haven’t used them excessively in my projects before, but I think I should start exploring them even more!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a lovely day!

Materials from Finnabair line: 

Art Alchemy Liquid acrylic paint Avocado Green
Art Basics Heavy Gesso white
Art Daily sticker pad Sentiments 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Paper Garden

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