Mary turned her head around - Savvy Supply School challenge ATC

Hi and lovely Friday! I'm currently away attending Suomen Kädentaidot and hoping to see you there, but if you are unable to attend the event in Tampere, you can at least join to the Savvy Supply School challenge! Here's a sample ATC I created as inspiration and was shared on Wednesday at Mixed Up Creatives Facebook group (link). If you don't know what challenge or what "Savvy Supply School" I'm refferring at, please see this post about the workshop and challenge (link)

Some years back I would have introduced myself as a mist girl, but since then I’ve changed my preference. Nowadays I grab watercolours if I want a pool of colour to a project, but if I want to layer and play, I choose acrylic paints. There’s a huge selection of paints available with different prize categories. If you are starting as a crafter and don’t need to worry about the light fastness, for example, the craft quality paints are perfect! They are usually affordable, nicely pigmented and have a lovely consistency for painting. 

The acrylic paints are also very versatile. You can mix your own colours, use them in mark making and apply them using different tools. Just by using different brushes or a small brush and your fingers, you can achieve wonderful effects. And if you add a gel medium to the mix – what a world you can conjure! 

In this card I used the main mediums of the workshop (link) such as acrylic paints and black marker and added only two things I hope you can easily find. The other is a wide, clear packaging tape and other old book page. You can replace the tape with a narrower one or with a piece of sticky-baked plastic. If you don’t have book pages, on the other hand, you try with a piece of newspaper or even an add!

In case you haven't joined the challenge yet, here's a link to the Vimeo post about this ATC (link). As you can see from the picture above, the prize is an awesome one! Not only you get a bunch of wonderful products but also a spot in the workshop!

Thank you for stopping by today! Please, consider joining the challenge here (link)! You have until November 23rd! And naturally, get your spot to Savvy Supply School early enough as the seats are limited! You can purchase the workshop here (link) and please use the code RKSSS20 to get a 20% discount! 

Have a great, inspiring weekend! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Varalusikka 

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