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Moikka! Today I'm sharing a quick journal page I did inspired by an Art Daily Monday card. The card in question had a wonderful challenge I just needed to try out. "Put a black dot in a random place. This is your starting point. Go ahead, let's see where your imagination will take you." You can see the post here (link) at Art Daily Cafe.

You probably think my first dot was the one in the center of the mandala like drawing? But that isn't the case. The first was actually one in the outer rim, I've circled it so you can see in the first picture. It's the third from the right. It was quite fun to draw the pattern and only concentrate to that. 

When I had the pattern drawn, I needed to ponder how to finish the page. I thought I had used a permanent black pen but when I started adding a hint of color on top it became evident that that wasn't the case. But I actually really liked how the ink bled, reminding me of India ink with it's warm tone.

I kept the page quite minimal as the main point was the dot and drawing. I added just a few layers using old book paper under an Art Daily photo sticker and a couple lengths of twine running across the two pages. I picked the Art Daily text stickers at random but they form a story of sorts.  

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Varalusikka

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