Lady in yellow

Salut! Last two days I've been sharing pieces for a triptych commission. First I shared a blue lady (link), then a red one (link) and today a yellow one. There's been a square and a round halo already so naturally the third one has a triangle shaped halo around her head. Her crown or head piece is made of paint brushes, tubes and little bottles of pigment. 

I was really thinking hard about what to make these ladies wear. They needed a little something but not too much to take the attention from the crowns. As they are sort of muses, inspirational goddesses, I felt that some kind of flowing, toga like garment might be the way to go. I guess it was the pieces of Juliette Belmonte (link) that got me thinking of really stylized outfit of rectangles. I used textured pieces of lace and corrugated cardboard for the garment and painted it white to match the halo and bring a neutral tone to the pieces. 

So now that you have seen each one, which one is your favorite? Blonde, red head or the dark haired lady? 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the weekend! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Pan Pastel, Sinelli, Ranger, Carabelle Studio

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  1. Your work is stunning. I love the series of three ladies. Great job!


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