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Hiya! Yesterday I blogged the recording of my Facebook live show from last week that was about Icing Pastes. I mentioned that I created some samples for the show and have blogged some of them already but not all. These ATCs fall to the "not yet" category. If you want to see the recording and see the project I made during the show, please see this post (link) from yesterday

I made two sets of ATCs to be used as samples. There's a set of two cards made on top if transparency and then a set of two cards made on top of vintage alpha cards. 

In the transparent ones, shown on top, I used the Icing Pastes through a stencil mixing two colors together. Then I just added the decorations on top. On the crow ones below I applied some Icing Paste on top of one of the cards and then pressed the two of them together and peeled the two of them apart. And again, after that was embellishing time.

If you'd like to have any of these, please send me an email! The address is rkovasin (a) gmail.com - just leave the gaps away and replace (a) with @. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Wednesday! 

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