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Hi there! How's your weekend been? I hope sunny and crafty! Although it's a bit too hot for my taste here in Finland right now. We usually get summer temperatures around +20 to 25 degrees Celsius and now it's been mostly +30 degrees Celsius. So I'm melting, not equipped for temperatures like this!

Some time ago I had the privilege to teach my first online, in person class! It was such a pleasure to be able to do something like this! Modern technology makes things easy - I was crafting in my own living room, the people attending in their own craft rooms and spaces and we were able to see each other and enjoy a good crafty three hours! 

Clelia, the lovely lady who invited me to this adventure, had done a swell job of putting the kits together with all the mediums and materials for a palette like this so it was easy for the people attending to do the project. And boy did they do magnificent palettes! I loved seeing them and how they turned the projects personal. Teaching gives me so much joy! 

As you can see, we played with black gesso, Mica powders, glitters and waxes to name a few. I shared some tricks I use when creating and talked about the mediums, too. 

If you would like to still purchase the workshop, it's possible through Clelia's shop. Now the kit isn't included in the workshop anymore, but you can get the video recording of the show, where I create another palette and Clelia another one. The workshop is bi-lingual - I speak English and Clelia translates that to Italian. You can see the workshop here (link)

If you took part in the class or consider purchasing it now, please share a link to your creation or tag me in social media! I'd love to see! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I'll share the other palette tomorrow. Ta ta for now!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tape Garden, Sizzix

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  1. Oh dear... it looks fabulous ! What a fantastic texture and the color palette is one of my favorites. Just love this !
    It must have been great fun to teach a class that way. You are very skilled so it’s lovely other people can learn from you.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of art.
    Hugs from Monica. ��


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