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Sweet and delicate Tuesday! I promised yesterday to share the other palette I created in a online workshop today. The first one, the black one was a palette I did during a live online workshop and this white one I did earlier in a recorded workshop with Clelia. The techniques are same, but just the colors differ! And what a difference they make, right? 

If you would like to still purchase the workshop, it's possible through Clelia's shop. Now the kit isn't included in the workshop anymore, but you can get the video recording of the show, where I create this palette and Clelia another one in black. The workshop is bi-lingual - I speak English and Clelia translates that to Italian. You can see the workshop here (link)

The palette is done using gesso, gel medium and modeling paste. For the glimmer and shine there's glitter, glass beads and wax. I used Mica powders as colorants. If you are thinking of getting the workshop and want a list of the actual items and mediums in this palette, please send me a mail and I'm happy to help you out! Naturally you don't need the exact same things and colors, but can use your own stash of embellishments and your favorite colors. 

Thank you for visiting today! Have a great week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tape Garden, Sizzix

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