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Hi sweet people! How have you been this week? You might think that now I've gone bonkers and sharing the same tags over and over again. But no! These are similar - an in fact done the same way as the ones I've shared before - but not the same ones. I did the first ones (link) over at Creativation when I was demoing new Finnabair mediums. Then I got asked to do the same demo at a Finnish event (link) and now I wanted to share it with all you who couldn't attend Creativation nor Leimailutaivas. 

I met a super lovely lady, Clelia, at Creativation. She actually took my workshop there and contacted me afterwards that if I'd be interested in this workshop thing she's starting. I was so honored! I love her drive and especially the idea she has for the classes - so stay tuned! There's more coming! If you want to keep posted about it, here's her shop's Facebook page (link)

But back to these tags. She asked if I could do a live demo through Facebook for her. Naturally I was thrilled and we agreed on doing these tags. So some time ago, after some technical difficulties, I did a long live demo for the first time. You can see the recording of it here (link). The demo is translated into Italian, but I'm doing it in English so you can follow even you don't know Italian. 

So stay tuned for more news! Thank you for stopping by today!


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