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Moikka! It's a new week! Over the weekend there was a new Finnabair Ambassador Cafe at Finnabair's blog (link), did you see it? This time the theme was stress relief, how to deal with difficult situations through art and how to uplift spirit and others.

Creating is my outlet. If I'm really stressed, I just need to put my fingers to paints and I immediately feel better. The creating is my escape to another world, a balancing act from everyday and musts and dos. Also if I'm sad or angry, my first go to is talking to my husband but after that, I start a project. If something even comes from it as it's usually just playing with mediums, I never share it. That project is done totally for me. 

For the Cafe post we were asked to create something uplifting. The idea of this project came from a couple of things. The first was the "Art Jar" - an online event from sweet Eliza (link). I've not done the workshop but the idea of a inspiring jar captivated me. It's like a cabinet of curiosities in miniature form! 

The other inspiration was the song from Sound of Music about favorite things. I started thinking that if you are really sad or need uplifting a one time thing might not do the trick. But if you can have an uplifting thought or some reminder that there's a reason to be happy, it might help. Like the little things mentioned in the song. So I gathered some inspiring quotes from web and made them into a pdf which I then cut to strips and added to an altered Melange Pebble jar. That way you can grab a little bit of sunshine whenever in need!

If you want to use the quotes, too, you can get the file here (link) Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the week and great May Day tomorrow! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger

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