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Hi there and great Tuesday! There's a series of post about the Finnabair mediums going on in the Prima blog - have you noticed? Yesterday's post was all about two pastes, Modeling Paste and Light Paste. Here's a link to that post (link) so you can have a look yourself.

I did two mini canvases for the post. My idea behind these two was to show what more you can do with the paste than just use it as it is and color on top. I made even a shot little video on my process with these two canvases which you can see a bit further down.

My favorite way to use Modeling Paste is just as it is – white. But you can also dye it or use it as a base to create a texture paste of your own. I really love Modeling Paste as it’s so thick and heavy body so it’s perfect for stenciling. The thick paste really makes a sharp pattern.

If you aren’t afraid to get your fingers dirty, the Modeling Paste also makes a prefect snow medium on its own. Just apply with a finger to layers of varying heights to get a natural feel. If you want something extra, add some glitter on top for the sparkling snowbanks!

I hope you liked the video and got inspiration from the few different ideas I was throwing there. And thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day! 

Materials from Prima Marketing:

961411 – Modeling Paste 
962630 – Micro Beads Splash 
594756 – Kimberly Prima Flowers
964399 – Mechanicals Vintage Snowflakes 
963354 – Mechanicals Mini Stars 
960247 – Mechanicals Roman Numerals 
584566 – Tile Stencil 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White 
963118 – Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Metallique Deep Waters 
584269 – Watercolor Confections Tropicals 
961602 – Glitter Set Ebony and Ivory 
961398 – 3D Matte Gel 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Garn und Mehr

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