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Hello there sweets and happy start to the new week! Here's a little snow white pumpkin I did for Prima. It was a part of an autumn post (link) but today there's many more pumpkins in the blog (link). So if you feel like decorating one, you are definitely not short of inspiration! 

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Finland, but harvest is celebrated at least to some extent. It’s an important season to gather the fruits and other treasures nature gives and prepare for winter. My pumpkin kind of mixes the two – autumn and winter. 

My first though was to paint the pumpkin into fall colors after attaching all the elements, but somehow I really liked the harsh contrast of the Memory Hardware pieces against the white surface of the pumpkin and flowers! 

As my pumpkin is a decoration one, I used 3D Gel to adhere my embellishments directly to the surface. But if you use jump rings and attach the baubles to the chain, you could do the same to an actual pumpkin, keep it as decoration for a while and then use it for food!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Materials from Prima Marketing:

990725 – Memory Hardware La Rochelle Antique Trinkets 
992972 – Memory Hardware Parisian Amber Stones 
992941 – Memory Hardware French Regalia Crowns I 
990633 - Memory Hardware - Bordeaux Lumière Antique Chain - Antique Brass 
586669 – Box Flowers - Purity II 
572105 – Wire Thread Ivory 
961374 – White Gesso 
961367 – 3D Gloss Gel 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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