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Some days ago there was a Pin Spin post in Prima blog (link). I really love that feature! It's always fascinating to see how different designers use the Pins for inspiration and I love doing those projects also. Here's what I did for that post. If you want to see my inspiration source, please see this Pin (link) or go to the Prima post (link)!

I love the fallen, colorful leaves during autumn! I love how they radiate color to the gloomy weather and how they rustle underneath the step. Maybe that’s why I found this pin really inspiring! It has the lovely leaves but also the gorgeous stream of light and kind of a foggy feel of an autumn morning. 

What inspired me the most in the picture was the contrast between the hazy, sleek top of the photo and the textured bottom part. So I used the same thing in my project. The top of the autumn canvas is sleek and shiny whereas the bottom is textured and matte. I also included the leaves to the project in two other forms – as in paper and metal. Paper leaves are partly merged with the mediums to the background, partly raised to the surface but the metal one is part of the focal point, the autumn lady.

Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a jolly starting weekend! 

Materials from Prima Marketing: 

961381 – 3D Gloss Gel 
961435 – Soft Gloss Gel 
964542 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Pumpkin 
964559 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Poppy Red 
964535 – Impasto Acrylic Paint Lemon Peel 
964146 – Art Alchemy Sparks Raven Black 
963057 – Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Metallique Ancient Coin 
963576 – Rust Paste Set 
962968 – Heavy Gesso Black 
962951 – Heavy Gesso White 
596958 – Amber Moon Flowers Scarlett 
961046 – Mechanicals Leaves 2 
960391 – Mechanicals Bottle Caps 
961053 – Mechanicals Gears 
962890 – Vintage Ephemera 
962586 – Micro Beads Bronze 
961299 – Bubbles Stencil 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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  1. I love the autumn colors and texture of this piece, so beautiful and peaceful!


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