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Boo! Welcome to a haunted house! This project is done using a wooden house from Michaels as the base (link) and decorated with Finnabair mediums and a few other details. Here you can find all the Finnabair mediums (link) that are in Michaels stock. 

The picture above is taken in daylight and the one below is taken after dark, with a led tealight inside the house. It looked really cool and spooky! If you want to find out how the spook house was made, please see a written step by step below!

Step 1. Start by painting the whole "Church Birdhouse" black with black gesso. Let the paint dry or use a heat tool to speed the drying. Although gesso dries very quickly so when you are done with the painting, the layer should be more or less dry already.

Step 2. Use an aluminium tape to coat the roof and make it look like metal. Cut little pieces of the tape and adhere to the roof. Remember the tower's roof also! The other option is to use a double sided adhesive and kitchen foil - adhere the adhesive to foil, cut into pieces and then remove the packing and add the foil pieces to the roof. Be careful, though, as metal can be sharp! 

Step 3. Paint a layer of black gesso to the roof. Let dry for a while and then rub with a baby wipe to get a stained, weathered look. Remove part of the paint, not totally. Dabbing with the wipe usually does the trick! 

Step 4. Use your finger and dab some Rust Paste to the bottom of the house. Use the two darker colors. Build like a stone foundation to the building. Let dry. 

Step 5. Take some cheesecloth and cut pieces out of it. Rip the pieces so they start to resemble cobweb. Add the cloth and also some white thread to the roof of the building and also the the peg in the front of the house. Adhere using 3D Gloss Gel if needed. 

Step 6. Use dry brush technique and add some "dust" to the project. Take just a little of white gesso to your paintbrush and brush to the house. Concentrate to the edges and textured areas - like the door, the stone foundation and the edge of the roof. 

Step 7. Find a couple of branches and adhere them to the back of the house using 3D Gloss Gel. The gel is gel medium, an art medium, that's fantastic for adhering. The medium takes an overnight to dry but is a bit flexible and very durable after drying - very different from hot glue! Let dry overnight.

Step 8. Finish the project with a led tealight inside the house and start the party! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the weekend! Let the preparations for Halloween start! 

Materials: Michaels, Prima Marketing


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